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A letter to Izhar

Aliya Bashir
There are so many names with which I used to address you. Izhar Bhai, Izhaar Sir, Baya, Bhaijan, Sir Ji, Boss, Izu Bhai...
Why don’t you intervene today? Why don’t you ask me why these formalities now? What is stopping you to speak? How can you forget that you don’t have the habit of turning a deaf ear to anyone, not even to those who cannot speak, as nobody can beat you to read the expressions so powerfully?
I know you cannot remain silent for a longer period, So No Silence Please! Your most said tagline.
You know these days every newspaper and magazine is flooded with your praises and grandeur, why don’t you step in and tell them that you don’t like hypes and publicity. After all you are known for downplaying your countless contributions both at personal and professional front.
Do you remember that day when a young boy bumped into your office and before introducing himself, he gave some quick references to impress you. Actually, the boy had the common perception that of media being lucrative, full of glitz and glamour and therefore demands more references over talent. The boy was quite nervous to face the person of such a high stature. But, as he didn’t know you as a person, if he would have, things would have been quite relaxing and easy.
I could see the surprise in his eyes when you passed a joke and said to him, “Gobur kaeti paeth chu, kyah chakh (Boy where from you are, what will you take)? And he said, “No sir! It’s ok.” Bhai, as always you were best in proving as a stress buster and that too when you offered him a biscuit from your favourite Good-day, which always complimented your way of greeting people. And you said, “Normally chu ni yaeti biscuit har kaensi Milan kaenh (Here biscuits are not so commonly offered) and this boy who had come with a serious and confusing mood burst out in a big laughter and started to introduce himself. Nobody on earth could again beat you on your hospitality.
You know that day how we laughed when unexpectedly a middle-aged person, who was not from the journalistic fraternity brashly, called your name “Izhaar- Ra,” from the corridor and I was like what’s that, how can somebody call you like this, especially in an office. Again, to my utter surprise before he could say anything more, you stood up from your chair and walked towards him and gave a big hug to him. You said, “I know you have full list of complaints for not contacting you, but I am sorry.” I failed to understand how you could use “SORRY”, so easily. What I had experienced that mostly it is not easy for people to say, SO-ORR-YYY, even though how much they try, still they can’t! Reason: Some people find sorry so humiliating. But, you were a real jewel. You could do anything. Bhai, apologizes aren’t supposed to be so easy, as most of the people lack empathy. Sometimes it is just pride or ego that gets in the way.
I still remember your quote, “Giving an apology is like being the ‘loser’ and the person receiving the apology is the winner.” But, as always here also you never felt any wrong in taking the ‘responsibility’ and became the donor of heartfelt apologies. I envy those who were lucky enough to be the ‘recipients’.
These turbulent times won’t last as it gives a real pain to see every day you making it to news with people around the globe showing solidarity and sympathy. Because, I know you, even though you are not this time here, but I can see you everywhere, so Why should I believe that you are no more. You are here only. Yes you are. The sky outlives everything. Even this pain is temporary. You are alive. What then if you have some transformation. But that does not mean you are no more.
Thanx Izhar Bhai, for edifying the most complex situations so wonderfully, without any room for repentance!
I am quoting here your favourite quote,
“In the slaughterhouse of love, they kill only the best, none of the weak or deformed. Don't run away from this dying. Whoever's not killed for love is dead meat.”
Your Sister
Courtesy : Rising Kashmir (



Dear Aliya,

This was a very touching story and thanks for sharing with us.

It's like knowing this man through your eyes, and appreciating him for what he stood for- humility, excellence in work, love and compassion. Evidently he lived a great and meaningful life.

May god keep him now in his care.

Urmila Chanam
Humanitarian, having worked with UN and a writer

It takes just one to change many

Urmi yes he has lived a meaningful life without any doubt. Thanx for acknowledgment and sharing the pain. Keep praying for his departed soul dear.
Take care Dear


nasreenamina's picture

Assalamu Aleikum Wa

Assalamu Aleikum Wa Rahmatullah. Ya Allah, my dear sister Aliya .My heart is with you in these moments.Please accept my big hugs and all my love for you from a distance.

It's time to be grateful for his wonderful life, for the blessing of his life,for the teachings and love he left among his family, friends and beloved, keeping in our heart the hope one day we will meet him again; as Rumi said "why think seperately, of this life and the next, when one is born from the last"

We belong to Allah and to the merciful arms of Allah we all are returning.

la haiiu ia qaiiûmu bi rahmatika astagîzu (The Living, in your Mercy I seek my refugee)

I love you sister.

One's life has value so long as one attributes value to the life of others, by means of love, friendship, indignation and compassion

Follow me @DivinaFeminista

I admire your concern Masha Allah. Yes we will belong to Allah Undoubtely and this world is just a trial and live forever in Abode Insha Allah. Yes he will always live in our hearts which is more powerful than the physical being. That is a true honour of knowing him.
Allah Hafiz


usha kc's picture

dear Aliya,, I can feel your

dear Aliya,, I can feel your pain of tragedy. Please have strength to cope this situation.
I can imagine the Izhar's complete picture within your soulful words.
and yes his untimley demise is great loss.

thank you so much for sharing your pain here. I appriciate your courageous heart.

A big Hug from Nepal,,

may his soul rest in heaven.

love u so much sisi.

Aliya Bashir's picture

Usha Stay Blessed

Yes his loss is a big dagger for all the years to come. I am privileged to have friends like you who are always there to encourage and sympathize.
It is so kind of you to pray for his departed soul and please keep on praying whenever it is possible.
Wish you life's best today and always.


mrbeckbeck's picture

Touching tribute

Aliya dear, this is a beautiful tribute to your friend and colleague. I'm sending along my hugs to add comfort to your day. I appreciate that you shared so openly here with all of us, and hope that we can carry on such a compassionate legacy.

Warm wishes,

Scott Beck
World Pulse Online Community Volunteer

Aliya Bashir's picture


World Pulse proved to be a facilitator to reach up such energetic and praise worthy people all out there. And Yes, you are a part of them. Thank You for consolations and concern. Keep praying for his departed soul. Thanx . Your encouragement is appreciable.


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