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Every Way is not a 'Water Way' ...

I always like to follow a way. A way is a way to your life. A way is a way to your ‘house’ or to your school or to your office. Ways play the role of ‘mediator’ that connects all the communities and its people. Ways are different. Find a way and have your say about the ‘ways’ that you prefer to express your own ideas about your own ways of dealing life matters.

Water ways not belongs to one particular party, one colour, one particular community the truth is that it is an unexplainable creation of this nature and it belongs to all women and men AND ‘CHILDREN’ of this universe.

The ways connect people globally and the people who live this side of a water way can be easily connected with the people who live close to may be along a another water way or a pathway. We can not forget about the ‘sub ways’ they are important too. Main ways shows us the way to ‘sub ways’.

Water way is a way to ‘protection and life’. Water ways show us reminding us the real meaning of ‘unity’ the drops of water can not be separated it come as something ‘holistic’ a pulse and brings ‘life’, our daily bread, happiness. The meaning of ‘water’ is always plural.

We have seen very famous water ways and some water ways are hidden some where in a far away jungle. Some ways are protected and some are polluted. All the ways should be protected and secured for the purposes of future of our children. Some particular water ways have ‘names’ but all those belong to one particular person that is this ‘earth’. The earth consists of all human and inhuman things, the creatures that can breathe and the creatures that can only feel but can not express any ideas to the world.

People like to own things ‘a well of ones own’ ‘a river of ones country’ ‘‘a tap of a particular community or a village’.
You need water to build a way that develops a country or a community. Also you need to block ‘a water way’ to generate ‘electricity’. Electricity is a way to move towards ‘light’. Light is a blocking way of ‘darkness’. Some follow their own ways of analyzing ‘darkness’ and ‘fullness’. In a way it is good to remember all the ways possible to reach to the happy mind called ‘fullness’.

Sometimes you will have to cross a water way to reach to your life way. Life ways have particular names ‘ a home’ ‘a community’, ‘work places’ etc.

Every way is a way to some ‘way’ or sometimes you may find too many ways to reach to your own way.
Ours is a country that owns many water ways. (SRI LANKA)

What is your way of life? Children like to follow their parents the way they see things, the way they can absorb things.
Why is it so important o learn a good way to live? Why is it important to accept the ways that some people follow for to fulfill their ill - wills? I am sure that none of you have any space in your heart for ‘wrong doers’. ‘wrong doing’ is a not a correct way to reach any heart.

Someday …… You may find ‘some way’ to reach to your ‘carrier ways’ or to your dream ways ..

I have my own way of thinking and you have your own ways of thinking. Your way of thinking can be different to my way of thinking. Sometimes ones way of thinking is similar to others’ in every way or someway. Sometimes it connects no way.
One can not be really claimed as to ‘my way of thinking is the most genuine or the wiser way of thinking’ … because a better thinking can not be created alone it is a mixture of thinking realities of all the people we associate with.
One way is a one way that can not be changed in to two ways or to many other ways too. Here I was thinking about the ‘roads’ and its rules.

I think that it is sometimes ‘selfish’ to think that ‘Lord Buddha’s way’ is the one and only way to reach to the universal truth called ’Enlightenment’ but I like to think that way.

You find many ways to reach to your friends, associates, or countries you prefer. The ‘technology’ is a good way to find the best way for development. ‘ WORLD PULSE’ is one of the good ways to find a way to talk to different set of people across globe.

The ‘carts’ are an old ways of transporting commodities and people from one particular way to some other different way of destination of their choices. Cars are both an old and modern ways to reach some where of your choice and one of the very comfy ways too.

We still have foot ways in our country though the development leads to the idea of building highways. Highways are not the only single way we have to reach to your preferred destination in this earth. In this case people have choices selecting their own ways of traveling from one way to the other way of your choice of journey.

Internet or the telephone is not the only way we have for ‘communication’ there are other ways too. Actually some ways of communication are not safe at all but some ways are we can assume as a good way of communication.
A particular way of communication differs to the ways of communication we may know or don’t know. ‘Communication’ is one of the best ways to lead to a good ‘discussion’ aiming to eradicate ‘poor judgments and doubts’ of the people that we associate with.

‘Honesty’ is the best way that I know above all the other ways of maintaining ‘friendships’. let us be friends.

People have different ways of finding or building their own shelter. Some lives in shanties and some others live in different types of shelters and some of those are built using different ways of interior and exterior decorating methods. You can build different ‘entering ways’ to your own shelter or to your own business entity. Both interior and exterior ways of decorating ‘hearts and minds’ should follow the worldly known colour codes called ‘truth’ and honesty’ equally one must learn its fullest meaning or the real meaning of these words.

A mirror is one of the brilliant ways to see through your own changes of life and changes of your inner mind. ‘Mirroring daily’ is a very commonly used ways of selecting the styles of women I like to think. ‘Daily mirror’ is not the only mirror way that exists in this world of newspapers that would help you to find your particular way to the other side or to the all the side of this world full of many ways. Our nation is full of good philosophers, artists, thinkers, writers, and full of good and different newspapers as well.

Protecting a water way is protecting your own child. We should not forget that way of learning our own life. You can change the world only by saving and protecting the living ways of others not by damaging or harming it. Protect the hearts and minds you know and of others that you don’t know even then yours is protected automatically and beautifully.

This is my way of sharing things with all of you and let me know what you think of my way of expressing ideas and sharing them with you. I am sure that you have your own way of saying things to the people across the globe.

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