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I Am Living Obama's Inauguration Speech

A world of possibilities. Obama was inaugurated as the 44th US President. Three days later I turn 33. What would I want my 33rd year to be? I am living Obama's Inauguration speech.

Every day when I wake up, I will remember the challenges before me as a person. I will remember the trust bestowed upon me, for I am a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend. I will remember my parents, the many strangers and friends who have held my hand and have made my journey easier. I will remember the countless women around the world who have woken up each morning to do 'what they have to do', hence affording me and others like me what I call the wonder of possibilities!

I will watch out for greed and irresponsibility, and I will make tough choices. I will use my energies for preservation, instead of destruction. And I have said NO to fear. Fear that makes me think that I cannot do it, fear that distracts me from purpose into hoarding and self-pity and protecting narrow interests and putting off unpleasant decisions. I have chosen to live my 33rd year, with Obama, with hope over fear, unity of purpose over conflict and discord. I have chosen to end petty grievances (I have had a few). And expediency is out of the window.

But most of all, I have, on my 33rd year, (though I still be young!) heeded the call to set aside childish things. I have chosen to reaffirm my enduring spirit, to choose a better history, to carry forward the precious gifts that have been passed on to me. For if I don't, what about my daughter and others who depend upon me? During this year, I will EARN - never, even in obscurity, taking things for granted.


On my 33rd Year!
As an African woman, I am all too aware of the problems and the pains of my people. But as Obama says, very often it is those in obscurity who move things. I will do what iI have to do. I will care for those I must care for. I believe in the chain. Someone else will do what they must do, and care for those they must care for. Our energies will meet, and the world will be a changed place.

God bless Obama and his family, and all the people of the world.


Rebecca's picture

Happy Birthday!

In the poem she read on Inauguration Day, Elizabeth Alexander read

"We encounter each other in words, words
spiny or smooth, whispered or declaimed,
words to consider, reconsider."

Thank you for allowing me into your words, tonight. The happiest of birthdays to you!

Auma's picture

Happy Birthday Wanjiru!

I wish you all the best on your 33rd birthday! This is only one day,but has a big mark in your life! It reminds you that you are not as you were (at least if we count by days) last year,and the previous years.It reminds you of how great your mother is...oh,the list is endless.

I did not welcome you on PulseWire earlier,but i should have done so! :>))

I wait for your Migori visit too.Karibu!


Leah Auma Okeyo.

consolata's picture

Living life to the fullest

Your post leaves me with a thist of meeting you. I was reading your post over and over again and you could have seen my expressions,.. all smiles. i am so challenged to start facing life and stop thinking of the fears which sometimes weighs us down. Hope to here more from especially on women issues up there.

wanjirumungai's picture


Asante sana and God bless you. My mum is my god, my hero, my star -and so are all the other women like yourself who continue, day and night, endlessly, ever smiling, ever cheerful. And I am one of them. I continue to pray to the Almighty to give you the strength you need, and to give us an opportunity to meet. When I come to Nairobi, I will come and see you.

Blessings to you, and more,

eva's picture

Endless possibilities

Happy Birthday my sister!

I am turning 25 this year and very happy to have lived to see the inagurations of Obama and Nelson Mandela. Thank you very much Wanjiru for such an inspiring blog post. It only though that positive energy that possibilities become immense.

Warm blessings

Dando's picture

Happy birth day

Believe in your self!
Knowing that what so ever your heart desire God will grant it to you.
Fear is only but the work of the devil as the bible puts it"Fear is a demon"
So never fear anyone as long as you are doing what is right and what makes you Happy!

Be focused, determined and know what you really want.


Jensine's picture

Hi Friend

I am hoping you are thriving and loving your 33 year-old self! I am 34, so only a hop and skip ahead in age. I love your writing and look forward to more. How are you feeling about the ICC Indictment? Things must be even more intense now.
Big hug,

Jensine Larsen
World Pulse

Jensine's picture

Hi Friend

I am hoping you are thriving and loving your 33 year-old self! I am 34, so only a hop and skip ahead in age. I love your writing and look forward to more. How are you feeling about the ICC Indictment? Things must be even more intense now.
Big hug,

Jensine Larsen
World Pulse

wanjirumungai's picture

Thank you...


A bit of ups, a bit of downs. Like a railway track, joy and sadness go together, and I suppose the middleground is the sanest. On 18th February 2009, at 3.00pm the Beijing Juba Hotel in Juba town, South Sudan, was razed to the ground. My room, where I stayed for over a year, was the second to burn. I went to see it burn -- there was absolutely nothing we could save. A policeman at the scene, seeing my pale face said to me - 'Hey, woman, do you look for money or does money look for you?'. That brought me back to my senses, and I have been as happy as a thousand larks. I still thank mercies that the fire did not start at night, because guaranteed, we would have lost more than 50 lives.

But that's another story. Sudan is struggling. Not to belittle the issue of Bashir and his indictment, but many questions arise. When you work in the communities, I suppose day to day struggles of the people you work for are fore... Sudan is a beautiful country, with beautiful and very generous people, but the reality on the ground is painful. 98% illiteracy, lack of food inspite of such huge agricultural potential... you name it.

And yet, like the railway track, one cannot help but notice the very many who are trying to make things right, even in the midst of madness!!!

Keep up your excellent work, and blessings to you.


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