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International Women's Day 2012- awaken to something new

How do you celebrate International Women’s Day? If someone would have asked me that question a few years ago, they would’ve heard crickets. What is International Women’s Day?

Growing up in the US, I’d never heard of this day intended to celebrate women’s achievements. Honestly, I was disconnected to what previous generations of women had done for me. My schooling focused on regurgitating facts- for example, I may have learned the date women in my country won the right to vote, but I don’t recall conversation around the women who fought for this right- their courage, their hardship, their determination in sticking to what they believed despite the consequences.

There is a lot I didn’t know. I wasn’t aware of the plight of the global woman, nor how our past affects us now. I wasn’t conscious of how the mass executions of women in the 16th and 17th centuries across Europe and America related to me, a young girl growing up in the land of the free in the 1980’s and 90’s. It wasn’t until I was a birthing mother in 2007 tapping into my creative power that I realized it was more than midwives that were burned; it was also the genius of all women. When we are told we cannot trust our bodies or our hearts, we get burned. And daily it continues each time our true voice gets silenced, or written off as lofty girl stuff. But every time we can follow our intuitive, receptive, connected, wise ways of knowing, we bring balance back into the world.

And as we know, the world needs us. The world needs us- girls and women offering their authentic gifts and voices. To change the world to the one in which we envision, we do what we’ve always known how to do- we perceive with our hearts and we trust life. We have been told our whole lives that it is our heads which hold all the power, yet if we get in our heads, we think- the world is a mess, how can I change anything, what can little ole Carrie Lee from Neptune Beach do? In other words, we want to figure it out, and we can’t! But when we awaken our hearts, we see the transcendent opportunity. In my heart, I trust that the crises we face are the opportunities to reclaim our genius, and that is exactly why we are here, facing what we face. Our genius is that we know how to give birth- not only to babies, but to ideas, projects, movements, revolutions! We know how to bring something new into the world. We aren’t here to fix the existing reality, we are here to birth a new one!

In that spirit, I will celebrate International Women’s Day 2012 by joining Women for Women International’s global phenomenon, Join me on the Bridge, that was birthed by the women in Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda. In the middle of a violent war, these women gathered on a bridge that connects their countries to call for peace. In two countries where millions of deaths and mass rape span more than a decade, these women envision a radically different world, and dare me to imagine it with them. Women across the globe will gather on bridges, symbolizing that we can build bridges of peace and hope for the future. We are the engineers and architects of new kinds of bridges- the invisible ones that connect us all. We are the creators of new possibilities. We are opening our hearts and birthing the world we have always sensed was there.

How do you celebrate International Women’s Day? It is amazing to me that my answer has so drastically changed from just a few years ago. Here I am in 2012, celebrating virtually with you all on World Pulse- sisters around the globe, and participating in a movement that inspires us all to believe in the invisible bridges we are building for a world at peace.



Nakinti's picture

Well Written

Dear Carrie,
It is thoughtful and well written. It is true our mentalities change as we embrace knowledge, understand the histories that shape our existence. The 'you' of yesterday may not be the 'you' of today, thanks to continuous education. I also think about the girls/women of the Democratic Republic of Congo, who are undergoing starvation, pain, killings, and so on. I think of that girl child in the DRC who has become a sex object/object of rape. I support the campaign of Standing on the bridge for the sake of these women. May there be peace in the world, i humbly pray.
Thanks for using this strong voice Carrie. keep up the fight.

Nakinti B. Nofuru
2013 VOF Correspondent
Reporter for Global Press Institute
Bamenda - Cameroon

Carrie Lee's picture

Thank you to you too, I know

Thank you to you too, I know your voice will have impact in Cameroon and beyond!
Peace & Love,

Carrie, I love your piece!! I'm sitting here in Ashland OR in a room at the Unitarian Universalist church with 3 other women who are part of our slowly growing monthly PulseWire Action Group. Two of the women are new to our group
and joined PulseWire for the first time today.

Thank you for all you wrote about and I'll meet you on the bridge between hearts and minds of women and girls globally.



Carrie Lee's picture

new ways of connecting

Thank you so much! I read about your PulseWire Action's are birthing new ways of connecting and making a difference.
Yours in creating invisible bridges,

usha kc's picture

Dear Carrie, thank you so

Dear Carrie, thank you so much for sharing your feelings and yes it's evoking.

happy women's day!

Carrie Lee's picture

Happy Women's Day, Usha! So

Happy Women's Day, Usha! So glad we have our community here to celebrate with!

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