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Ladies Sorrow (based on facts)

It was a winter month, and still dark when it was 6’oclock. My dream broke up with the sound of door knocking. When I opened the door I was a bit surprised to see two young girls who were participants of our non formal education class I wished them Namaste and asked their well-being but in reply they started crying. I was not much surprised to see them weeping and thought some of might have prevented them from going to non formal education class. I invited them in and asked the matter. One of the sister told that their brother was warned not to go to class from today and also throwaway their course book. The reason for this their brother did not get food in time when he returned from the field because he had to immediately return to “Goth” (place for keeping animals). I asked what was the reason for not being the meal ready in time, they told me that on the other day they had learned a lesson on kitchen gardening, it was already 12 o’ clock when they finished the practical gardening work, then they rush to home, ate their meals and went to forest to collect firewood. It was already late when they came back. However they hurried to beat rice, crush maize, fetch water and put the cooking pot on the stove. Then their brother arrived and looked angry to find the meal yet not ready for him. Mahili was cooking rice an another stove , Sahili cooking the vegetables on the other smokeless stove. Rice was ready to serve, but maize rice was yet not ready. However Mahili asked her brother to wash his hands and sit to eat but her brother sat without washing his hands. Every day they used to ask their brother to first wash hands and take meal and also used to comply, but that day he refused and instead burst in anger “don’t try to teach me your four days knowledge” he roared. Mahili warned him inviting disease if he did not wash hands but her brother was adamant. Mahili felt bad and thought to bring this matter to the notice of her teacher next day. She was woke up from the thoughts when her brother again roared finding husks in the food “ what is the use of reading if you can’t remove the husks from the rice” Mahaili also got her hot reply and said the errors was mainly due to himself abusing the sisters. Then hot argument took place . he slapped Mahili also burst “ what mistake did we do? You never read but we have learnt many things by reading and also doing our work. Then her brother got up and tore apart their files and threw into a dirty pit and warned “ let me see how you will go to the class tomorrow, it is the class which is preventing you from doing work at home properly”
I listened to the sisters complains more seriously and thought whether her brother was jealous of his sisters’ knowledge, because in a paternal society if women are more knowledgeable than the men it becomes unbearable. I said nothing to the sister about my thought but advised them to attend the class anyway. I wanted to persuade her brother in front of his sisters. I learned that their brother returns from Goth at 9’oclock the next day. I assures=d the sisters that they should not worry, notice some sign of hopefulness in their face.
I was feeling sad. It was 8 o’ clock. I started for bathroom but my mind was floating in the two sisters sorrow. I remembered their one song which said get up ladies the time for sleeping is now over “ the next song said “ whole day to spend on the fields and the hills, evening at the household works, never comes the moment of rest in women’s life. True ! the song characterize a true tale.


Jensine's picture

A sad truth, powerfully told

Your story captivated me, I could feel myself at the door with you, feeling the emotions with you as the story of these special girls poured out to you. They trust you so much. I understand that you hear these sad stories often. I want to celebrate you as role model for these girls and being a safe place where they can come. Sending you strength and prayers as you change the world with your words and your teachings!

With respect,

Jensine Larsen
World Pulse

sangeeta shrestha's picture


Hi Jensine,
thank you so much for sending strenght and prayers which has helped me to boost my energy

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