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Story angle

Hi, dear every one
I am sure many of you have attended the conference call and many of you are going to attend today’s call. Unfortunately I missed it yesterday’s and will miss today’s too as per power cut off schedule.

I would like to share my story angle for feature story.

Third Gender, Cultural violence against woman, and Widow’s re-marry are my choice of topic. Here, I am pretty much interested to give my voice on Third gender’s issues.
Third gender (gay, lesbian, homo sexual, transgender) issues has been emerging as social issue along with democracy is getting matured. Until then they had been scorching inside a corner of home, society or state.
Slowly, after Nepal is declared as Democratic Republic on 2008, people regarded as third gender are showing their courage to speak up for their rights. One by one begun to gather at one place and issue then became new and challenging for society as well as for state.
My deep concern towards third gender instead of other two topics is because very few people have spoken for their cry. They are fighting for their existence without sufficient supports from others.
Personally, it's novel experience for me to study about them, to meet them, to talk with them. Yeah, I am very excited to write on this issue.
Importantly, my feeling went towards them as they are victim of nature's creation and now they are victim by society.

This issue surely old and common in global context but it’s challenging and new for our small, conservative and educationally back warded society. I feel that my voice would give them a little ray of courage.

I will cover: back ground information, their main focus to fight for, their challenges, their hope and ideas for solution.

Dear friends, I would love to get your suggestion on my angles.


Aliya Bashir's picture

Great Going

Dear Usha,
I wish you all the very best to your endeavors. This is such an important issue which undoubtedly deserves the justice as soon as possible and it is great you will give voice to the unheard stories. Your story angle is a mix of so many great ideas and i am quite sure that as during your research and meetings with the people, you would be able to put more context, timeliness and clarity in your story which would not only provide them with a ray of hope but will help them to gain a global platform to raise their voice.
Wish you all the luck dear sister.
Stay Safe


usha kc's picture

hey, sisi thanx alot for

hey, sisi
thanx alot for prompt response:)
yeh, sure I will keep your suggestion in my mind dear.


noreens's picture

Hi Usha, I think it's a good

Hi Usha,

I think it's a good topic to cover especially since your society is so conservative. The issue itself is not so unusual but since it is not talked about in Nepal, then you should be their voice. Violence against women has been covered a lot, and I think third gender is more unusual.

Wishing you lots of luck......

usha kc's picture

Yeah Noreen you are right, I

Yeah Noreen you are right, I also thought same and almost decided the topic. Thank you dear for suggestion.


Duda's picture

Dear Usha,

it would be nice to hear how your society manage with this issue. Serbian society is very conservative. People in Serbia organized big demonstration against LGBT's activities.

Big hug

usha kc's picture

Nepal also is struggling with

Nepal also is struggling with conservative attitude and LGBT's issues are still challenging though the new constitutions is supposed to be inclusive for all gender.
Thank you sis .

Stella Paul's picture

A couple of sugegstions

My dear Baini

I have a couple of suggestions which I believe will help you:
1. Do you remember the lesbian couple's marriage that took place in Kathmandu in 2011? You can cite that example to show how far the Nepali community has come and how changes are now happening. This can be either in your beginning or at the end.

2. The abuse/killing of gay couple in rural districts to show how the community continues to be targeted by people orthodox thoughts. This can either be as a 'flashback' or at the end (depending where you use the lesbian marriage example).

By the way, there is a sex toy shop that has just opened in Kathmandu. I think if you can visit this shop, you can get many interesting ideas like how on one hand people are showing openness regarding sex and yet they are not even ready to allow dignity to people who have sex with same gender.

Best wishes for your story!

Stella Paul
Twitter: @stellasglobe

usha kc's picture

Wow!! what great ideas

Wow!! what a great ideas sista,, yes I know abouth couple's marrigae but I am totally unknown about the Ssex toy shop. Actually I am consulting an organisation working for Third gender's rights and established by them too. i will surely follow you sista. Thanx for it.


nasreenamina's picture

I think is necessary and you

I think is necessary and you are very brave to go out from your comfort zone and put on the table something different. I did it and even when is a difficult issue to receive for the audience, who is not always used to read about the topic from a non-creepy sight, I think is worthy. So go ahead and I will be waiting for your work. Warms Regards

One's life has value so long as one attributes value to the life of others, by means of love, friendship, indignation and compassion

Follow me @DivinaFeminista

usha kc's picture

heyyy Nasreen,, thanx dear

heyyy Nasreen,,
thanx dear for encourging me.


Monica Clarke's picture

LGBT older folks

Hi Usha

I saw a short film last night. It is a programme done by BBC's Community Channel. I hope you can stream it in your area. If you watch just the first third of the following episode (about 10 minutes) , it will give you a very nice idea of how a local authority in London is supporting LGBT older folks to 'come out' (physically and psychologically) and giving them support in the community. Hope you can watch it too:

Good luck! Good subject! Very brave girl!

Love and hugs from Monica in France

Monica Clarke, Writer & Storyteller, bringing human rights alive.
I wish you 'Nangamso', that is: May you continue to do the good work which you do so well.
(A blessing from my ancestors, the Khoikhoi, the first people of South Africa).

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