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WHo is the real Actor victim or writer?

Lots of people wrote many books and journal about people's suffering and their struggle but i wonder why still the suffering dont seem to decrease. Is that the people who write about the suffering and pain of others just limit their promises in the words or they are busy selling peoples story for their own sake? The people who were suffering are still suffering but the people who write about them have promoted for their story and awarded for their books and novels. Here my motive is not to discorage writers who writes about peoples suffering but to search the reality about those writer who writes about suffering and those who actually suffered. Many people write about terriorist , underpreviledge and bomb blasting. People decorates the most painful incidents with tears and feelings but, have anyone tried to give the real victim a care and love in the real sense ? Here people are writing about others story but makes me feel really bad when i see those people whose story were written and is being written are in same situation and condition. They had been throught injustice, violence and suffering but is that not too much of unfairness that the person who is writing becoming rich from the persons story but the victims is always the vitcim and never is able to come forward to write her own story by herself?if you ask me i will say its not only unfairness its the worst thing ever can happen and happining.

So here one question is really important " why the victim remain always the victim and die as victim? Furthermore why the story of pain and suffering never ends, why the story get rewarded? the writer get rewarded.... but not the victim? And i can say and give you many proof for this reason but the main reason is that people who knows how to decorate peoples pain with emotionals words just have privillage to use their knowledge and put their thought in the way they like and the most dangerous thing is that they know what type of story can be sold in the market. Yes , you , who likes to read the stories and those people who organize award ceromony to reward the writer why your brain never think to make the real change. The real change i mean the victims situation.Why the books and journal about poor people are buyed most and the writer is rewarded but not the characted of that book and journal.

I feel to write this journal because i can see many people around me who talks great words and whose story can make me as well as the world cry but actually very sadly no-one can see the mask over them. Showing the wound of others they are making people cry and filling their own stomach and pocket but when the actual victim will get benefited is far question, rather here Is actual person is represented in right manner is question for now.

For i beileve in changing the characters bad life into good and happiness not just in selling story.Lets change the lives of people who really have gone through the trouble and voilence by the means we can ,in the mean time we must prevent the hipocrite people being feeded for their stories and think only for their own.The story shoud benefit the victim not solely the writer.Those people who writes on people suffering always may try to search new victim to fit in their story to show as proof and to win the award. My intension here is not and never to discourage writers but just to make sure real person get the real thing. Reward, appreciation , or help whatever name we give and have being given....



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Dear Rojina, You make a

Dear Rojina,

You make a strong and important point. For many, such injustices aren't allowed to be talked about in their societies, so speaking up about it is a major step in the direction of change. But, as you said, we must do more than just talk about these issue, we must take action. Many of the people in this particular community have started their own organizations, petitions, campaigns, workshops, and other initiatives, often despite great risks, to address the concerns of their communities and empower others. We must continue to encourage each other to do the same, and then share with us their chalenges, successes, and impact. Thank you for challenging us to do so!



Life is an Adventure - Dare it.
Life is a Beauty - Praise it.
Life is a Challenge - Meet it.
Life is a Duty - Perform it.
Life is a Love - Enjoy it.
Life is a Tragedy - Face it.
Life is a Struggle - Fight it.
Life is a Promise - Fulfill it.
Life is a Game - Play it.
Life is a Gift - Accept it.
Life is a Journey - Complete it.
Life is a Mystery - Unfold it.
Life is a Goal - Achieve it.
Life is an Opportunity - Take it.
Life is a Puzzle - Solve it.
Life is a Song - Sing it.
Life is a Sorrow - Overcome it.
Life is a Spirit - Realize it.


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dear breese,
Thank for taking time to look on my thoughts.yes i agree with you. My tension here is just prevent those people who enjoy making others sufferng as part of their story to make the story worthy. I believe in change which really can change the victims life and can add the happiness in their face.

dear krishna ,,
thanks for the post.

rojina awale

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