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Dear Sisters I need your imputs on my first draft!

CORRUPTION AFFECTS WOMEN IN NIGERIA: A Cankerworm that feed on its host!

Corrupt practices exist round the world; it is like a cankerworm that delights in feeding on its host without minding what the host is being through. Corruption is being dishonest for personal gain and in the expense of others, corruption defiles a country.

Corruption in Nigeria
Apart from sports, one other thing that unites Nigerian citizens is the war against corruption. Corruption has been generally accepted as evil and responsible for the nation’s gross underdevelopment. With the high amount of human and material resources abound in the country, it is believed that Nigeria was supposed to be counted among the first twenty industrialized nations in the world.

From every perspective, corruption or corrupt practices has to do with fraudulent activity especially syphon funds that are meant for the general populace for one’s aggrandizement only. Right from the beginning, corruption has been a vermin that has been killing and discouraging Nigeria from moving up or welcoming new innovations. From historical point of view, Nigerian government had in the hands of those who only care for themselves, putting aside the yearnings of the entire populace. Gone are the days when merit, ability, honesty and transparency, as I understand, has meaning in Nigeria government. The likes of Pa Awolowo, Dr. Nnamdi Azikwe, General Murtala Muhammed, Tunde Idiagbon (all of blessed memory) would never be forgotten in the history of Nigeria for being leaders with proven records of achievement
One other lake that waters the roots of corruption in Nigeria is the nation’s wrong social orientation. Human beings are created naturally to be honored and respected. Unfortunately, the contemporary Nigerian society no longer honor citizens based on their industry, intellect, or integrity. People are now recognized based on their movable and immovable assets. That is the reason why a Nigerian would own a fleet of fifteen choice cars and build or buy castles in all major cities of the world. Up till now, no Nigerian citizen has been conferred with national honor for not dipping hands into government purse while in office.

In hospitals and medical centers, patients (who are mostly women & children) are made to buy medication or pay for services which should ordinarily be provided for free. Situations of false scarcity or bottlenecks are created causing panic and forcing patients to not only pay the service providers for items which are available but also show gratitude for the favor done in providing the “exclusive” service.

In the field of politics and decision making, corruption denies women a level playing field necessary for participation on grounds of merit. In the last general elections held in Nigeria, International Federation of Women lawyers (FIDA) came across a number of cases where names of women who had legitimately won primaries in their parties were replaced with those of their male counterparts.

In the education sector in Nigeria, parents are often forced to pay bribes to enable their wards gain admission to education and training facilities. Stories abound of women being asked to give sexual favors in return for pass marks.
It is accepted that better access to justice for women can be achieved through greater representation in the political and decision making process. This is still a problem in most countries of the sub region where the 30% representation of women as recommended by the Protocol is still a mirage.

Ensuring convictions for corrupt practices a number of countries have set up structures to combat corruption – an example is the EFCC of Nigeria. It is however more important for those structures to begin to yield results in terms of convictions of offenders. This will certainly serve as a boost in the war against corruption by reason of its deterrent effect.
It is necessary to show that everyone is subject to the law.

There are a lot of reforms that will help curb corruption in Nigeria and better its citizens but the problem is, there is no political WILL to implement them and the Nigerian citizens’ inability to ask for, and demand greater accountability from their elected leaders isn’t helping matters.

Finally, the keys to effectively managing corruption in any society are honesty and integrity, effective leadership and governance, transparency and accountability, because corrupt leaders cannot wage effective war against corruption.


nasreenamina's picture

Hi, I think the topic is very

Hi, I think the topic is very interesting. What solution would be good in your opinion to decrease or finish the corruption in Nigeria?

One's life has value so long as one attributes value to the life of others, by means of love, friendship, indignation and compassion

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treasureland's picture

Thank you dear.

Like you comment. I will integrate your suggestion.



Stella Paul's picture

Elaborate a little more

Dear sister

I am referring to the second last para where you say 'there are a lot of reforms that will help curb corruption'. I think it will be very good if you elaborate those reforms a little more and choose the one that you find as most effective.

Thanks and best of luck!

Stella Paul
Twitter: @stellasglobe

treasureland's picture

Thank you Stella

Noted Dear.



Paulina Lawsin's picture

Corruption affects women not

Corruption affects women not only in Nigeria.

The section title after the first paragraph is unnecessary.

The sequencing can be causes, effects , what is being done and what more needs to be done.

Congratulations, sister! This tells me I have to write my piece now.


treasureland's picture

Thanks Paulina

Dear, I appreciate you comment.



redsbird's picture

I think this is a good topic,

I think this is a good topic, but the CORRUPTION also AFFECTS MEN, how is the difference?Did women are easy affected by the corruption?

My dear redsbird, I agree that corruption affects both men and women but remember that the MEN are the ones at the hem of affairs, they are the ones occupying most public offices and wouldn't give women the CHANCE for equal representation, that is why I'm lamenting for the ones most affected (WOMEN).

Women should also be given an opportunity to also come in and help in the fight against CORRUPTION.

Not given women an opportunity for equal representation is part of the CORRUPTION we are talking about.

All the same, I will see how I can integrate your suggestion.



I see how strongly you feel about this.And I agree. This is well-conceived and well-written. But it can be even better.
I suggest your overall piece is much more powerful if you can be as specific as possible with each one of your arguments. For instance, it is strong evidence when you speak of FIDA and EFCC, but I don't see numbers or dates to quantify your point. You do a good job of stating the overview and the broader message about corruption, but examples and anecdotes that are very explicit, such as estimates from sources on how much money has been lost on corrupt practices from an outside source, or some tangible report that makes a statement about corruption would only enhance and solidify this piece. A study, a book, a speech, something you can cite and attribute about the level of corruption will make this so much stronger.
Without those concrete building blocks, the story remains abstract. Is there a specific example of a family who had to pay a bribe (no last names used) for education? Can you give an example or name a hospital or clinic where bribes are needed? I think if you went back to each one of your claims and strengthened it with a specific example, this would be 1,000 times more powerful.
Your opinion is valid. What validates your opinion even more is strong evidence that includes observation, statistics, anecdotes, reports, studies, official statements and numbers that back up your ideas. Try to reinforce each claim with factual evidence.
Also if you refrained from repeating the word "corruption" often, it would have more, not less impact.
I hope this helpful.

Michele Weldon
Author, Journalist, Northwestern University Medill School Assistant Professor,
Workshop Instructor, Keynoter, Multimedia Expert

treasureland's picture

Thank you Michele!

Michele, I appreciate your suggestions and will integrate them in my piece.



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