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The city council of Kenya has finally decide to legalize prostitution and set a particular street in the city center where this can be done.Prostitutes in Kenya have never had peace while they work at night,they face harassment from police who ask for money or in exchange they ask for sex,in addition the watchmen who man the various buildings along the streets do not spare the women.It is is sad what this women experience in the streets when the sun finally goes to sleep.The men at the same time most of the time do not pay their dues and the brutality they face at their hands is wanting.

Personally i am glad that it has been legalized so that it is easy for the women who are in this trade.I know I know that many may not agree with me simply because they do not condone prostitution,but before we start pointing fingers we do not know what people go through that might lead them into this trade.It is better that things are done in the open because we know that they happen.The stigma of being a prostitute is huge and burdening.The legalization will spark different reactions from people but a majority will not agree with it.What should be done in addition i think is that health workers should provide condoms to them and free HIV/AIDS testing on regular basis brought to them because many will not get tested willingly.Above all this not forgetting the male prostitutes.Many think that men cannot be prostitutes but they exist.Recent discovery on our streets have unveiled male prostitutes who sell sex to fellow men.

This has been an old trade and just like old habits die hard it is here to stay.


Lylinaguas's picture

This gives me mixed feelings.

This gives me mixed feelings. On the one hand, it may help government curb the increasing number of HIV or sexually-transmitted diseases and protect these women from harrasmment from the police, but on the other hand, how many would really go out and reveal themselves as prostitutes when they have families to protect? You're right, prostitution is an old trade and it goes back centuries. And as long as there are buyers who demand such services, the trade will always be there to exist.

Thanks for posting. :)


MaDube's picture

Mixed feelings too

I am happy that the option to abort has been made available but I am not sure the means through which it has been made available are necessarily the best means available. First creating a specific centre will not get rid of the stigma attached to abortion as everyone will know that these women want an abortion hence leading to their being ostracised. Second, I read an underlying assumption (maybe I read wrong) that most women needing an abortion are sex workers, which is not necessarily true hey. So now if everyone thinks women visiting this centre are sex workers and wanting to get an abortion, I see many women needing to have abortions performed staying away from it and continuing to do the clandestine abortions. If the service was to be made available at every health centre with maternity facilities, because I am sure nurses who can deliver a full term baby can also carry out an abortion then there would be no more stigma and women would feel free to go get an abortion the same way we don/t think twice about visiting a clinic to get a fever checked out.

Just my thoughts...



nnenna hannah metu's picture

its not the answer

Its brings to my mind the ills in the society,i am against legalising abortions and prostitution, this women should be trained on skill and should use that to tend for themselves and their families,i am totaly against prostitution.


irene madara's picture


Thanks all for the comments but unfortunately legalizing prostitution has been retracted,the city council is again saying they will not legalize it reasons why i do not know.I do not agree with abortion being legalized because i believe even a foetus is a human being and every human needs a chance to live.
I still feel that prostitution should be legalized and measures of reducing HIV should be put in place.When it is open it is easier to deal with its stigma and everything that comes with it.

On the other hand abortion is on the increase especially among young women.Times have changed and the generation has changed ,young people as early as age 10 are engaging in sex and being pregnant.You get that by the time a girl is 15yrs she knows every single contraceptive that is available and has used a couple of them.I wonder what happened to the days when we were always told to wait and be ready.Its so sad when you walk in a maternity ward and you meet very young girls who have given birth.It has got to a point where preaching abstinence no longer works all is to be done is to preach safe sex and try and avoid abortion as much as possible

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