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Walking Naked down the Aisle on your Wedding Day!

My Module 3 Assignment seems to be exciting because of the few words to write!

The Op-Ed I intend to write features on mental disorders that the society has hidden mad women and men in Assylums and homes for fear of mitigation and reprieve from the public.

Mentally ill people rarely are accorded the respect they deserve,should you declare depression,mania to an employer or spouse certain measures could be taken on you.Personally while working with this kind of patients,I have witnessed the devastating separation and pain on families

Such is the grim situation globally that more cases of psychiatry disorders are emerging but cannot be all confined to mental hospitals.

This in mind the Mental Health Chapter of Pyschiatric Nurses in Kenya are looking into expanding health promotion to the communities and educate the public on early diagnosis and treatment and acceptance.This will happen in the month of April during the coming World Mental Health Day which the WHO recognises as an urgent need to be addressed as one of the neglected areas in Health.

I willl appreciate your comments on this


mirette's picture

I would love to read about

I would love to read about this topic Okeny, since the issue of mentally ill people and the kind of life they live in the asylums isn't frequently discussed. I wonder also about the message meant behind the headline?


Okeny-Lucia's picture

Thank you Mirette

Thank you Mirette,the topic itself is a mind teaser.How do sane people see mad people,aha!

I will refine it well enough in my final draft.

Lucia Buyanza
Reproductive Health

usha kc's picture

I am sure it would be

I am sure it would be wonderful to read your final post dear :) great topic!!

Okeny-Lucia's picture

Hey Usha!

Hey Usha,
Thank you dear sister for your concern always.I would be eagerly waiting to hear from you!

Lucia Buyanza
Reproductive Health

ikirimat's picture

Pse be their voice!!

I believe this topic will enable the world appreciate that people with mental problems need to be attended to since they also have needs like others. Please go ahead with the topic.
Pse be their voice!!

Grace Ikirimat

"It takes the hammer of persistence to drive the nail of success."

Okeny-Lucia's picture

Ikirimat I hear you!

Nobody can claim to be sane through out their lifetime.Thank you dear Sister!

The Power of Web 2.0.Looking forward to read your op-ed.

Lucia Buyanza
Reproductive Health

noreens's picture

You caught my interest

You caught my interest already by the title!


Okeny-Lucia's picture

Ahahah Norreens!

Dear Sister,

I think being insane is not an easy task,you can imagine if your closest friend or person,appeared in that state and all along you never knew was insane,ahahahah Laughable but a serious global issue of mental health

Lucia Buyanza
Reproductive Health

Monica Clarke's picture

Mental Health

Yes, a powerful subject and a very important one, Lucia. I wish you well with this subject, which is just so needed to be aired.

I like the idea of your speaking aboutthe advantages of community care as opposed to institutionalisation, especially perhaps addresing the positive side of domicilary care? I know of successful domicilary rehabilitation, where persons can live together in an ordinary home with others or with their families but get the support they need from the state through health care professionals looking after them in their own homes.

You would have knowledge of this, I know, but others might not, so perhaps it might be an idea to speak about it if you can? Rehabilitation where the clients remain part of the community, and the professionals work with them and their caregivers to ensure that not only their needs are met but also their medication is discussed with them to ensure they are part of the team and not just 'receivers' of care?

A tall request, I know, but I also believe that there is such a fine line between mental ilness (often just a label for convenience) and the 'sane', and your article would also be an awareness-raising one. With enough community education, we as a community can accept responsibility for each other, for mental illness is part of our lives, as is physical illness, and we can be educated not to stigmatise those of us who are afflicted by mental illness.

Good luck. I do so look forward to your piece. Your writing is always fresh and incisive and I wish you luck with this important article.

Love and hugs from Monica in France

Monica Clarke, Writer & Storyteller, bringing human rights alive.
I wish you 'Nangamso', that is: May you continue to do the good work which you do so well.
(A blessing from my ancestors, the Khoikhoi, the first people of South Africa).

micheleweldon's picture

Very important subject

I look forward to reading your finished piece on this very important topic. Be sure, as we discussed in the materials, to include evidence from different arenas, such as statistics, studies, anecdotes, observations and expert comments. It is more powerful when you gather evdience to hold up your argument. Also, be sure to provide suggestions for solutions. Good luck!


Michele Weldon
Author, Journalist, Northwestern University Medill School Assistant Professor,
Workshop Instructor, Keynoter, Multimedia Expert

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