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January 11, 2009


God has enabled me to work with women from the viewpoint of the Bible.
He created the world for His glory and desires to give the best to His children.

Because of decisions that people have made, there have been many bad things that
have happened to people down through the ages. Because of sin, sin warps the way
people think. It also warps their view of God.

This is why Christ, God in the flesh, came to this earth to be with us. He died for our
sins and He rose again because He is God. Each individual person can make a choice
to ask forgiveness for their sin, put their trust in God, and receive the blessings that He
originally wanted for mankind and become His child.

God offers hope through His Word, but it begins with an individual decision from each person.
People all over the world, everyday, from each country, are being born into God's family because
of His wonderful mercy to all. He allows many things to go on because of the free-will of man,
but will save and help anyone who calls on Him.

Everyday I work with women, and I see the joy that comes into their lives when they follow Him.
Even though problems continue, they now know they have Someone, the true God, to walk with
them and to care for them, and who is the Perfect Father and their Saviour Jesus Christ.

I believe that religion is the way man sees God, but the one True God has revealed Himself
through the Bible, the roadmap for life.

When I was 21 my own life was shattered and torn into pieces. God helped me to make a difficult
decision. From that time, with many ups and downs, God has always been faithful and has always
helped me through difficult times. I share this with you because God has helped me to be the fulfilled
woman He wants me to be. There may not be peace and love everywhere in the world, but it is in
my heart and I can share this with others.


jadefrank's picture


Hello and welcome to PulseWire!

It's wonderful that you have been able to turn your life around through your faith in God and can use it to help other women. You mentioned that you work with women every day. In what way do you work with women? Thank you for sharing your personal story of faith.

Warm regards,

myonehoney's picture


My husband is a pastor-missionary helping people through teaching the Word of God
and forming them into small churches. We work with young couples who are having
marriage problems. We share the principles with them from God's Word and as
they begin to practice this new way of thinking, God restores their marriages and gives
them hope for the daily struggles. We work with the couples together and separately,
depending on the needs. My husband helps to teach the men their responsibilities in
society, providing for, loving, and protecting his wife, as well as the family.
I work with the women in their role to be a good companion to their husband, as well
as fulfilling their own personal goals, and taking care of their children. Together we have
seen good results in following biblical principles. I spend time with mothers and their
children, I teach them informally, and we also spend time as couples together to promote
good communication.

Pastor's wife

It sounds like you and your husband are modeling a marriage grounded in respect, mutual empowerment and love, as well as providing the guidance to couples in trouble. I would love to hear about your success stories. I'd also love to hear some of the challenges you and your husband have faced.


Jennifer Ruwart
Chief Collaborator
JR Collaborations

myonehoney's picture


What if someone writes on my post and I don't like what they write, or if they threaten me, how can I block them?

Pastor's wife

jadefrank's picture


Hi myonehoney,

Thank you for voicing your concern. If another member posts content you find offensive, please contact the PulseWire team right away. You can also use the tab at the top of the journal that reads "Flag" and it will alert us that something in the journal, or in the comments of that journal were flagged by you as being offensive or inappropriate.

A group of members in our community had some discussion about this very topic several months back and helped us form a policy around how to handle members who are come across in an offensive, aggressive or inappropriate way. You can read these guidelines here:

I will send an email to the author of the below response as suggested in our guidelines and follow the steps we've worked out with the community. If you would like to discuss this further, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you again for bringing your concerns to my attention. We value you as a member in our community and do not want you to feel uncomfortable here on PulseWire.

Warm regards,

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Sorry to hear false God!


May you please let me to teach you how to spread the words of the real Allah who created you from the clot of blood instead of God doing nothing bad nor good.


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