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My beautiful country Serbia

I live on the territory where the existence of Serbs was recorded at the beginning of the 10th century. Serbia is a country situated in central Europe, in the north-eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula. It shares borders with Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, the Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, and Romania. Serbia covers the total area of 88,361 km². The area of Serbia is covered with rich, fertile land in its northern part, limestone mountain ranges and basins in the east, and in the south-east with ancient mountains and hills. The northern part of the country is dominated by the Danube River and its basin. With its length of about 2,850 km the Danube is the second longest river in Europe. With its most important tributaries the Basin has the area of 800,000 km2. The Danube flows through Serbia in the length of 588 km, which makes more than 12% of its navigable area. As a continental country Serbia is connected to the Black See by the Danube and by the Rein-Main-Danube Canal, as well as the North Sea and other countries of the Danube Region, from Germany to Ukraine.
The Danube Region is the most developed part of the Serbian territory today. The biggest cities in Serbia belong to the Danube axis, with the biggest economic potentials and greatest possibilities for the development. At the same time, the Danube bordering regions have the greatest chances for the spatial integration with the neighboring countries, opening the possibility for the advancement and prosperity of the whole Serbian territory. This trend is the consequence of the natural position of the Danube and the importance of the River for the area of the Balkans and Europe in general. The historic facts show the unbreakable connection of the peoples around the Danube (from the ancient Greeks until today), who, throughout the whole history, looked for the possibilities of collaboration and the mutual development on “the Danube Highway”.
To live in Serbia, a country with the history which dates back to the early 10th century, gives an opportunity to be constantly connected with times past. I am fascinated by its history. I have strong feelings towards the country I was born in. Its beautiful nature and rich culture deserves to be promoted.
The Serbs are simple and honest people, who are not able to leave their past behind them. They are good hosts; they welcome all the foreigners that come to Serbia.

I would like to change the attitude of the citizens of Serbia, as well as the atitude of institutions which can help, towards their more convinient usage of the natural resources. The change of attitude can lead to the faster development of Serbia. The richnes of its nature demands better care for the wildlife.The Serbian Government has to be much more active in attracting visitors and educating the young generations about the needs for the positive change.

The neglecting of historical and cultural values, the pollution of the natural resources and forgeting about human rights are all crimes against humanity and the future generations.
I would like to see my country as a prosperous and developed country with happy and educated new generatrions.


Valéria Barbosa da Silva's picture

My beautiful country Serbia

Recognize the history of their country and describes it so knowledgeable and emotional, for sure it's one of the ways forward in the dissemination of educational proposal. Preserving the history and natural assets and promote the continuation of the species. We need to know from whence we came to have more chances to know where we go.

When we value our history and we appropriate in favor of protecting their stories and heritage, we are preserving the memory of our country.

Knew a Little of Their parents now talk a little about you.

Duda's picture

Dear Valerie,

please, accept my apologies for the delay in responding to your e-mail.
Thank you for you comments.

Best wishes,

Dudley I understand, sometimes I have trouble to track all jobs that are posted. In Word Press we have a great opportunity to share issues as relevant. The commitment and quality of work and concern of our friends who tell us with the well-being among people, strengthens us to each reading and gives us the confidence to be walking the best way to peace on our planet.

Kisses and an excellent day. The sun is beautiful here today from my window. I'm in the neighborhood deJacarepaguá - Largo indigo, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil. That he, the sun always enlighten your heart.

Valéria Barbosa

Amei's picture

Beautiful Serbia

I am able to locate Serbia among other nations. Your post have given me a description of your land locked country as i come form an islands nation.

Your post has inspired me to explore Serbia and increase my understanding of this beautiful land locate the flow of Danube River.

Keep writing and looking forward to read about you.

Warm regards

Duda's picture

Dear Amei,

thank you for you comments.

Serbia has a very beautifull nature and rich historical and cultural heritage. It has to be more presented.

Thank you for your encouragement.

Best wishes,

SlavicMuse's picture

Ја волим Србију!

Здраво! Како сте? Зовем се Кики. Ја жевим у Србији. Али ја сам пола-Шкотланђанка и пола-Русинка из Америке. Мој србски је врло лош, али учим полако.

I can vouch that Serbian is a beautiful country. It is one of the most amazing places I have ever been and am blessed beyond words to say I live here now. Today (Jan 28th, 2012) makes 2 years that I've lived here. Serbs are some of the most understanding, hospitable, and tolerant people I have ever met. I am from the US and have never experienced such greatness as I have here in Serbia.

While the history of Serbia is turbulent and constant, Serbs manage to never forget who they are nor their culture and traditions.

Драго ми је!!!

Поздрав из Београда!
Кики / Kiki

Duda's picture

Dear Kiki,

molim Vas primite moje izvinjenje što Vam nisam odmah odgovorila na e-mejl.
please, accept my apologies for the delay in responding to your e-mail.

Bila sam vrlo iznenađena kad sam primila vaš mejl, koji ste počeli sa srpskim jezikom, i to ćiriličnim pismom.
I was very surprised when I received your e-mail in Serbian language, Cyrillic letters.

Nikako ne bi rekla da je Vaš srbski vrlo loš. Neophodno je uzeti u obzir da je vrlo težak za učiti, učite i ćirilično pismo u isto vreme, možda bi bilo lakše da pišete latinicom, a ono što je najbitnije u svemu nemate strah da ga pišete-koristite.
Samo tako nastavite. Ukoliko bi želeli da se dopisujemo na srbskom jeziku, slobodno me kontaktirajte. Bilo bi mi zadovoljstvo.

I know that Serbia is a beautiful country and that Serbian people are very hospitable people, but it is nice to hear that someone else share my opinion.
Thank you for your comments.
Best wishes,

SlavicMuse's picture

Hehe.. hvala puno. No need

Hehe.. hvala puno. No need to apologize though. I do understand life happens. Plus I wasn't sure how often you check the site/your email.

As for my srbski, my biggest problem is a lack of vocabulary. I know a few phrases and a few basic sentences. But this that I write now, is out of my league for now. I am redoing my schedule so that I have more time to really work on my srbski.

I do love the fact you spell it "srBski" instead of "srPski" too... It is the one thing I butt heads with the teachers/tutors I've had. I know how that grammar rule works and srPski should never have existed in reference to Serbs or the Srbski jezik. But that's a different rant of mine, too.

So you live here in Srbija, tačno? Koliko imate godina?

I hope you don't mind... I generally use srblish with Srbi to maintain koji reči ja znam.

Vidimo se!


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