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Brief on Speak, Wide on Sorority


Time is Gold. And the best communication is that one where we can say effectively something without taking so much words.

I believe one of the objective of this program, the reason why we are here and have been selected is because we have a gender perspective and that doesn't mean only writing about women, is especially be aware of the needs of women in every situation and area. We give our best effort out there for women in our community, but, what happen between us? what about other correspondants? have we think about it?

Calls that we access by skype or phone are opportunities to share. And I think everyone present there must to have the same chance to share. Calls are not about ME, are about US. We claim equity and we have to start at home isn't it? Are we correspondant in progress? so, let's apply what we are learning in each day life and when interacting with others.

From my sight that means:

1.- If we know in advance the issue the call or meeting will be about, make a point of what you want to ask and share. Be concrete, put yourself a limit of words or minutes to talk . Apply the rule of journalism: what, who, when, how, why? and remember always there's more people on-line -and in the line- willing to say something as important as you have to say. You're here to sharp your skills as writer and citizen journalist, so be one.

2.- A good way to do it is set in once your points of concern: That will give the chance to the moderator to answer all of them in once, giving you the time you deserve and will set you free from interrup the others. Considere the fact in your own space and time you can extend all what you want, but when you share the space and time with others, mutual respect is important.

3.-Think about it: This program empower women in some of the most in-need countries. That means non development countries; that means different levels to access internet and tecnologies: Some of our colleagues haven't easy access to connection; sometimes work, baby caring,schedules, money, time, makes things difficult. If you have everyday access to internet, be generous. Some correspondants have to borrow pc, or let their activities to come to the call-meeting. For some of them, is the only chance they have to communicate their concerns to the WP team.

4.-Call-meeting are not a space for flourishing ourselves. Is a chance for clearing doubts, share information and show how we are gaining knowledge during this program. Do you really need the 30% of the time to speak about you? Take all what you want to say and set priorities: what my colleagues really need to know? what is essential to say in skype or by phone and what I could write in a post to the group later?

5.-Make math: let's suppose an average call-meeting last 2 hours. The average correspondant online for every call-meeting is 10 - this is just an example- let put out the time WP team talk to us, that's around 30 minutes in total. That leave 90 minutes for 10 correspondant: That means you have 9 minutes. Just that. Because you don't have the right to take the time of others. If you're talkative and can't control yourself, wait everyone has talked and then check if is worthy you speak again, otherwise let the time available for new issues, otherwise listen: A good listener is a good communicator.

6.-Never forget Sorority and be wide in giving it. Is sad to me when a correspondant don't get the good quality of connection or can't be involved cause something happen and prevent her to give her vision and her opinion. Is sad, cause reveals to me even when all of us have conditions to accomplish this program sucessfully, not all of us have it so easy in daily life.

If we have a reason to feel proud to change the world trought the word, first we must give the word to those who don't have it very often. Words must be supported with actions.Being clear, effective and brief is an important action where we can start from to give back the voice to the woman are struggling to have one. And the best, we can begin doing it here, in our group



noreens's picture

Well said, Nasreen

Well said, Nasreen.

nasreenamina's picture

I was touched by your

I was touched by your attitude today. When you choose not to participate in the call because your baby was singing. By the way, I think it's amazing that a little boy is so talented!. I was very touched that you chose keep in silence because you considered that the noise could disrupt the dynamics of the call. I think that our ability to lead change is measured by our ability to choose what is good for most, even if that leaves us out of the spotlight. Thank you for that simple, timely and wonderful lesson

One's life has value so long as one attributes value to the life of others, by means of love, friendship, indignation and compassion

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noreens's picture

Thank you Nasreen. You read

Thank you Nasreen. You read a lot in that short sentence that I wrote during the call. It's all a matter of consideration. I knew the minute I said "hi" he would stick his face on the computer and want to talk too. That is how it goes around here!!
He's not actually singing. It's more like TRYING to sing, because he is not yet speaking very well. He is mixing Arabic with English, but he will catch on soon. If you read my article for this module, you'll read more about him.

Thanks again!

usha kc's picture

you have enveloped all of us

you have enveloped all of us sista. I could not join the talk of yesterday and sure I won't be able to join in comming days too because of the power cut off schedule.

You said it so truly by your heart. : liked it dear:)


nasreenamina's picture

I am sad to hear you won't

I am sad to hear you won't have the chance to join the call tomorrow ( here is still tuesday) . This post was motivated for my reflections after the dinamic of the call of today. I think always is more valuable to be honest. At least,is my option on all situations. I felt bad finding out some sisters couldn't not talk or prevent themselves to talk for not interrupt the development of the call while others used part of the time of all. I felt bad and in some way disapointed. The good new is where are here to learn from each other and this is the chance we have to brighten and improve our skills so when this program end we will be better journalisms and over all, we will be better and more aware-of-other-needs persons.

One's life has value so long as one attributes value to the life of others, by means of love, friendship, indignation and compassion

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Rachael Maddock-Hughes's picture

Thank you

Thank you for your input Nasreenamina.

I definitely agree with you that coming prepared to a meeting is a great way to improve the dynamic. However, I think we also have to recognize that not everyone is as vocal a contributor, and that some people learn (and solve their own questions) by listening to others' experience. We definitely don't expect each person to contribute the same amount of time. However, making time for everyone to ask their questions is also important as you point out. Also, the space of these calls is to share concerns as well as positive experiences or impacts of the program on the lives of the correspondents. Both are very important for our team to hear.

Thank you for starting this conversation!

Kind regards,


"In every human heart there are a few passions that last a lifetime. They're with us from the moment we're born, and nothing can dilute their intensity." Rob Brezny

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