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Human rights with Current world

Second World War made the whole world aware of human rights. After the big devastation all the countries came to a decision to make some rights for human. According to that there are thirty articles written under United Nation Declaration of Human rights. From that document I can conclude that every human has rights to do whatever they want to do. If the person cannot do one thing it is against his rights. Rights cannot be taken away and that itself is one of the important rights for human. Every human has the all rights which written in UDHR (Universal Declaration of Human Rights).No one has rights to take those rights from others, including the superior power. There are lots of philosophies about human rights. Now I am going to discuss about liberal theory of human rights. Liberal theory defined the belief in the importance of liberty and equal rights. So every human should have equal and freedom to do whatever they want to do. Liberal theory and the right cannot be taken away are similar ideas.
First, when we see the definition of the liberal theory “Liberalism (from the Latin liberalis, "of freedom") is the belief in the importance of liberty and equal rights”. From the definition that we can see equal and liberty are important for human begins. If we compare human rights with liberal theory, both are in the same path. UDHR says that every human should have equality and liberty and liberal theory also based on equality and liberalism as well.

Liberalism is a philosophical tradition that stresses the rights of the individual, the value of “personal freedom or autonomy, and the idea that every human being is of equal moral worth, regardless of gender, cultural beliefs or religion. Liberals believe that laws and public institutions should support people in living an autonomous lifestyle. The term 'Liberalism' is a historical tradition and stems from the seventeenth century, in which time it was used as a reaction to early traditions related to the natural hierarchy of human beings, and was also used as an oppositional defiance towards varying forms of discrimination” ( IAIN12790).
In some cases, those rights can be taking away from a person. These cases give more complicated situation .For example, a person murdered and it proved by law that he is a criminal. The law has right to put him prison. Law did its duty. According to the UDHR the murderer lost his rights to live freely. This situation brings conflict about our rights, but in this case the murderer should go to prison because he took another person’s right to live. So it is very hard to say that rights cannot be taken away from a person.
Liberal theory mainly focuses on liberty and equal. In some cases, this theory also get confuse about its definition. UDHR Article 20 says that everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association. For example, The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam was a group in Sri Lanka. They wanted equality and freedom. They had rights to run their group under UDHR. They could not get the chance to run their group because International and Sri Lanka government destroyed the group. They gave the reason that the group was against the security of the country. On the other hand, there is a group in Afghanistan that group totally against government and they forced people to do whatever the group wants. On that moment why International kept silence? Still that group in Afghanistan makes trouble to Afghanistan people. In this situation Liberal theory does not work. Those two groups built under the article, but only one group banned and destroyed not other group, so in this case there is no equality.

Al-Amin Kimathi was a journalist and killed by someone because he reported news about bomb blast which happened in Uganda recently. According to the liberal theory he has liberty to report and he has freedom to report to people about the incident as a journalist. In this case his rights were taken away from his. No action taken by the government about his murder. Another example, “the boys, some as young as 4, spend long days begging for money, rice, and sugar for their teachers, while they themselves often go hungry and risk vehicle accidents and disease” a line from the human rights watchers article.

All in all, “A right is not what someone gives you; it's what no one can take from you”
by Ramsey Clark. According to his words and above examples shows that what are the rights we got from our birth cannot be taken away from us. On the other hand when we safe others rights and need to apply liberal theory on that time there are some situation comes those rights taken away from human. For that we need to balance the justice.

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