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Many faces Women Confronting War

“Men Make war, women make peace,” (Turpin, 3) is a wonder full quote which I found from the “Many Faces” Article. The article is talking about how women were affected by war: how they use in war, how they lose their life in war, sexual violence on them during the war, and how can they participate in the war. In this article, author talks fewer than three main titles, such as Women’s Response to war, contemporary debates, and the impact of War on Woman. However, I would like to elaborate my argument on the impact of War on Woman. Jennifer Turpin talks about “Women as Casualties, Women as war Refugees, War time Sexual Violence against Women, Wartime Domestic Violence, and Loss family, Loss of Work, Community, and Social Structure, War Environmental Destruction, and Women, and The Impact of Military Spending on Women” under the title of the impact of War on Woman. I Support Turpin arguments in order to say that women become refugees during the war period and most of them lose their life, at the same time they face sexual violation by men specially, military.
First, author was talking about the women who become refugees during the war time. In the article, she said, “More than four-fifths of war refugees of war refugees are woman and young girls, who also experience additional and often sexualized violence during their fight” (Turpin, 4). This statement clearly shows that how badly women affect by the war and become refugees. Most of the time men take advantage of women during the war time and they totally devastate the lives of young girls. For example, right after the Sri Lankan civil war people become refuges and government put them into camps. This action gave a good chance to Sri Lankan army to fulfill their sexual desire. A young girl was fifteen years old sexualized violence by seven forces and now she is pregnant. She does not have any idea about the father of the child. She is about to abort the baby, but according to the Sri Lankan law, that is illegal. Therefore, what is the solution for women refugees? Above incident is not just an example only for Sri Lankan women refugees, but also for whole world women refugees.
Second issue which the author talks about is Wartime Sexual Violence against Women. When women displaced from one place to another place, most of the time women did not have any security for themselves. “ The United Nations High Commissioners on Refugees ( UNHCR) cites sexual attacks on women and girls by camp guards as a major problem (Vickers 1993)” ( Turpin, 4). For instance, during the Sri Lankan civil war there are lots of young girls who were raped and murdered by Sri Lankan army. Specially, “Statement by NGO, Women against Rape, at United Nations Commission on Human Rights, on average, and a Tamil woman is raped by members of the Sri Lankan security forces every two weeks. The real number is inevitably higher since many cases are unreported. Every two months a Tamil woman is gang- raped and murdered by the Sri Lankan security forces” ( Women against Rape NGO, 2009 ). In addition, in this article, when U.N commission Cambodia questioned, the head of the U.N mission in Cambodia said, “not a puritan: eighteen- year- old, hot-blooded soldiers had a right to drink a few beers and chase after young beautiful things of the opposite sex” (Fetherston 1995:22)” (Turpin, 5) Is he trying to say that the rape by force is a good thing? Do they support the rape as their part of military life? (Turpin, 6). Here, it clearly shows that women can be raped or used by forces? Then what is the point of having army as guards to people?
Now days, Rape become usual at war zones. Most of the time, “Rape has been used as a weapon for ethnic cleaning, using attacks on women to humiliate and attempt to exterminate another ethnic group” (Turpin, 5). I do agree with the above statement because in Sri Lanka, “Security forces are using systematic rape and murder of Tamil women to subjugate the Tamil population. Impunity continues to reign as rapes used as a weapon of war in Sri Lanka” by Asian Human rights Commission. During the war, Sri Lankan government wanted to rape young girls in order to destroy their life. If the young girls are rape by army, then no one will get marry and they are not able to generate their new generation.
There is another key point that author talks about is forced Prostitution. “The Prostitutes are often young girls endeavoring to support their families, or women who need to support their children” (Turpin, 6). Most of the women lose their family and property during the war. Therefore, they do not have any income to survive. In that period, they did not have any choice, so, they used prostitution to survive in the world. For example, after the Sri Lankan civil war most of the young girls were not able to get jobs and most of them lost their whole family during the war. Refer to Tamil win news article paper, a lot of Tamil young girl were cheated by majority of Sri Lanka men and forced to be prostitutes.

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