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Every day, 24 hours a day, 365 days out of the year. Far too many women around the world live under constant threat of violence. The UN reports that one out of three women will experience gender-based violence in her lifetime. For the sixteen days between November 25 and December 10, activists and organizations around the world will join together in a coordinated effort to empower violence survivors and advocates, and create safe environments for women year round.

Violence against women can happen anywhere. At home. As part of the violence of warfare. Even through technology. You—the World Pulse online community—have been using technology to tell your own stories and build a vision for a violence-free world. This month, take your story a step further by participating in the Take Back the Tech campaign during the 16 days of activism against gender based violence. The campaign will explore how women can claim digital spaces as safe spaces for women, and use digital tools to hasten the end of gender based violence.

Starting November 25th, You can write on one of several themes throughout the sixteen days, and your story will appear on an interactive map.

Use the tag 16 Days to share your action, story, or testimony on PulseWire!

Visit Take Back the Tech to take action and put your story on the map.

Take Back The Tech



batool's picture


dear friend
if you want to know the real meaning of violence aganist women you should visit iraq espesially the country side you will know how these women suver and what did they see every day of their live
violence from the socity. the family,the men and the also the women
in villeges men neglacted women they agnored them
women dont have right to educate,to choce their husbend, or to worhthe only thing they have is to obey and to do all the men ask them to do
but in city women have more freedom to live their live but not for all women . few of them have chosen the way or the work they loved to do
many women here try to make other women defeted for their rights because if they didint want to change their life no one could
the change must start from inside . we must start changing and n ot ask the other to give us our rights

jocelym46's picture

We must educate women/girls

Women/girls are being socialized by their society and culture to believe that man are superior to women. Also religion has a large responsibility in the problem. Especially in the African culture, women are taught that men are the head and women the neck. This must change NOW. I am currently working on the global issue of human trafficking for sex for the National Organization for Women's 2012 National Conference. If a woman/girl gets and education, makes their own money they can walk away from a relationship that is violent, abusive. My favorite Radical Feminist (Flo Kennedy) said: "a woman without a man, is like a fish without a bicycle". Women need to learn they are still women whether they have a man in their lives. There are good men out there, you don't have to accept the first one that comes along. Or you can be happy without a man in your life. Yours in Global Sisterhood,

Jocelyn "Joyce" Morris
NOW Board of Directors
Co-Chair, NOW Combating Racism Committee

Mary Balikungeri's picture

16 days of activism in Rwanda.

Rwanda is quite part of this campain, this campain reminds all of us here especially Women survivors of rape during genocide, and those who continue to suffer the domestic violence that laws are there for us to engage and challenge if peace is to be achieved. Countrywide forums to reflect on the theme of peace at home, in the world: challenging militarism is being discussed with a special focus on where Rwanda has come from, where we are and the future. This is moment to remind our selves to never again. Of special focus, Rwanda Women's Network, is focussing on its three centres of gender based recovery centres to remember the survivors, to pay them a visit in their safe spaces and to bring them on board on the theme of this year. In the village of Hope, the youth, young women and young boys are having different discussions on the theme, and have a time to play together as a means to connect and learn to leave with each other. From the 6th to 9th December, all forums organised by Rwanda Women's Network will come together to conclude this year's Campaign through a policy dialogue, which also brings policy makers in conversation with the young generation on pertinernt issues of violence against women. For us it a time to network and engage policy makers on issues that concern women and young generation.

Wishing you all the best and yours sister in struggle to end domestic violence.

Mary Balikungeri
Director and Founder
Rwanda women's network

nabwire joyce im amother of four children my parents died's picture

Dear Friend let me tellyou it

Dear Friend
let me tellyou it is better women to be educated because men usual hate those women who not educated and they arenot working their work is just to born babies that is the way men normaly say .iwas beaten untill ifaint why because iwent where that man hes staying with other wife iwas asking weather he can help me with money for food because am sick and children have nothing to eat he told get out iwas beaten and told me who told you to born babies like some some body who is going to the toilet you stupid woman .


man's world

In Nigeria, physical violence i.e men beating up their wives is almost an everyday occurrene with the mentality that it's a man's's a pity but it's true.
A man can afford to be unfaithful to his wife and the normal response is "He's a man" but if a woman does, she's a prostitute..
Either way is wrong but the point is lack of responsibility and partiality...
But there's hope that this phase will pass...
it's the reason why we join hands

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