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What's in a Call? Glimpses of the World!!!

Yesterday -15th Nov’2011 I travelled across the globe, cost free and without leaving any carbon footprint. It happened when I attended a Skype call along with my fellow VoF correspondents and colleagues from WP.

Interestingly, a few hours before the call was to happen, my Internet had a breakdown. And then, when the call started, Calliflower or Skype wouldn’t allow me to call the designated number! Now entered Scott-the-classic-rescuer! Finally, the agony was over and I could hear Rachael reading out of the VoF’s manual. I had missed the first 10 min or so, and yet I could tell it was her. Firm, no mincing of words, yet, very warm, and very reassuring. Yup, it had to be her!

But here’s the confession of a Miss Speedy Bunny: I already had read every manual, saw the wellness video, read through all the modules and all the assignments. So, now on the ‘orientation’ call, I was this restless creature sitting, waiting for the orientation to get over and the voices to pour in.

Finally, at 4.27, (my notebook clock was adjusted to Madrid time) it came. Rachael opened the room for everyone. Then I could hear Treasureisland (deep, booming voice) and it took me straight to Africa. With Redbird I went to interior China, with Lucia and Rumbi I was in Africa again and when Usha called and we could hear only an incomprehensible cacophony, I nodded: yes, this was post war Nepal where things are in chaos and in the middle of that chaos, a woman was trying to create something meaningful.

I wish I could hear others too: colleagues from Nicaragua, Serbia, Palestine and Cambodia - countries that I sooooooo want to visit, but I can’t. For that matter, I can’t travel anywhere. But it’s that wish that keeps me alive. It’s more than wanderlust; it’s a dream to see, smell, taste, know, share, learn, embrace, love, enhance, and enrich.

(This is why I love it so in World Pulse, it helps a prisoner like me escape and be a global traveler, explorer of places and people.)

Back to the call, I was scared that ‘Mr beckbeck’ was never going to speak. But then, thanks to Pat of Thailand who I presume couldn’t join the call but had a question, he did! Gentle and warm (and surprisingly soft spoken) – pretty much like the way we have found him till now.

To sum up, I have been using skype for well over 2 years now. But I never thought that I could ever enjoy a group call - something I absolutely dreaded. Also, I never thought that non-video calls over skype could be fun. But it did. And that’s how I not had a lovely evening – the aftertaste of which is going to stay for a long, long time!



mrbeckbeck's picture

Brightening my day!

Stella dear, this is wonderful!

That call yesterday, and the one today, brought me so many smiles! I was glowing after hearing the chorus of voices from all corners of the world say "bye!" --- Pure Magic!

Glad to be here travelling the world with you...
Scott (or, mrbeckbeck the soft-spoken rescuer, haha!)

Scott Beck
World Pulse Online Community Volunteer

Stella Paul's picture

You are Mr Popular now!

Hehe, believe me Scott, someday you will be mentioned in many autobiographies of many women who you rescued from technical troubles.
I think the call excited all of us because its when we hear the voices, the real feeling of being 'connected' to a worldwide network kicks in.
I just wonder what will happen if one day World Pulse brings all its women in one place -physically! I think it will be total mayhem(with laughs and smiles and shouts and tears). Hehehe, maybe we are better off in the virtual world :)

Will look forward to the next one on 22!

Stella Paul
Twitter: @stellasglobe

Okeny-Lucia's picture

Hahahah pretty gal-Stella

Hey Stella,
That was a first one.I didnt realise you were that far.I only thought you were the neighbour next calling for a discussion.Am so so happy to have heard your voice.See you next time.

Lucia Buyanza
Reproductive Health

Stella Paul's picture

That is how it is

Dear Lucy

That is because we have been interacting for nearly 2 months now and we have so many commons, we are already close to each other. That is good because we can really work together in coming days. Love

Stella Paul
Twitter: @stellasglobe

Nusrat Ara's picture

Glad to read your post. Love

Glad to read your post.



Stella Paul's picture

Thank you very much!

Dear Nusrat

You are always there, reading, commenting and encouraging. That's what makes you my favorite and a real sister. God bless you always!

Stella Paul
Twitter: @stellasglobe

MaDube's picture

Thanks for this Stella. I

Thanks for this Stella. I also almost missed the call. First I do not have internet at home yet. Then when I went to the internet cafe there was a connection problem. then when finally I got connected I had the same problem with Calliflower refusing to connect me through. I was almost 20 minutes late into the call. But in the end it was great to hear all the voices of the wonderful people we are going to engage in the next 5 months. And of course it had to be the 'brave and daring' Stella who opened up the way for the question and answer

Stella Paul's picture

Jealous of Osai

Dear Rumbi
Osai told me she met you and right now I am so jealous! I wanted to be her!

I am glad to know you are back and would love to hear more of your experiences during this marathon tour. Take good rest and have a good weekend. Next week, lots to do! Love

Stella Paul
Twitter: @stellasglobe

MaDube's picture

Dont be jealous :-)

Yes I met Osai in the Gambia. It was so great. I recognised her from her picture on world-pulse and it was the most random but pleasant surprise meeting I had ever had with anyone.But as for you, lovely one, I know I shall see you soon. I can feel it in my bones so do not worry. Soon...

usha kc's picture

heyyyyy sweeety

heyyyyy sweeety stellaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,,,
Than x for the post dear it again made me feel like I am hearing all ofyou.
Problem was same with me too. i missd the almost 30 min. I could not connect first and looked here and there with so much agony and worries.
finally our Rescuer Scott informed to contact him if call not working. then he rescued me too.

wow!!! amazing experience ,,

I was remembeing your cute face when you were speaking with your sweet voice and your laughing,,,,,,,,,

yess waiting 2nd call.

Wow ladies- sounds amazing. I am looking forward to the day when I, too, can participate in the experience! I believe I will look into setting up Skype calls for networking and just plain across the globe socializing so that we can have yet another way of encouraging one another! Until then, I'll work on my jealously issues. : )

Peace to all-

Let us Hope together-
aka: Cali gal


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