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Communicating As VoF/WP Members: A Few Thoughts

My dear Sisters

As we prepare to amplify our - and many others' - voices, I have a few thoughts (sprung out of some observations) on how to better communicate among ourselves. These thoughts are in addition to the very valuable tips that team WP has given.

First, we should absolutely be connected on Skype and Twitter (I am stellasglobe in both) The first (skype) is actually a need of the program VoF and twitter, as we know , sometimes works like a SOS - you are in trouble, send a twit.

But lets not create another group on Facebook. Here is why:

1)The moment you enter a closed group, you are decreasing your chances to be read/reached by others. This is not a good communication policy because your thoughts and ideas will not reach a wider audience.

2) The more you interact in closed group, the less chances you have to make more friends. Also, it means less chance to spark debates and generate support.

3) A closed group is useful when you can not reach the members anywhere else. But in this case, all the members are available right here on WP. If you want to share something exclusive, you can do it here.

4) Also, many of our sisters do not have internet for 24x7 and some are not allowed to use Facebook. Redsbird - our sister in China, for example, can't use FB

5) If our sisters without regular access to Internet log in, they should log into WP and interact here, not in FB group. Because, its a question of better use of their resources.

6) The more we communicate on WP, the better are the chances for other sisters (outside VoF group) to engage, comment and make the communication stronger.

7) WP already has a forum on FB, lets keep ourselves focused on that one page. Otherwise, it weakens the brand value of WP to some extent, and also creates confusion for others about our identity (after all, we want to be known as WP VoF, not just VoF, right?).


zoneziwoh's picture

connected with u already on Twitter

I concur

got you already...on Twitter. once i am sign-up for skype--will definitely connect. my skype name: zoneziwoh

twitter (@ZoFem)

Stay Blessed



facebook: Zoneziwoh

twitter: @ZoFem

usha kc's picture

Stella dear, You are totally

Stella dear, You are totally right for preserving WP values. I did not mean to make WP less value. But as I think, closed group in other networks can also enhance our thoughts /idea. Most of us use FB and other Networks if there too we talk about WP/VOF it's really charms the WP's value. Isn;t it??
I do appriciate all of your thoughts.

love n hug

Stella Paul's picture

Totally Understand

My lovely sister

I completely understand what you are saying and for that, I have a tip: what you can do is, create a group message thread. In that you can add the name of the VoF 11 members. That way, the discussions will stay private, within the group and involve all the members. Anyone can leave the thread at any point if she wants.

If you create a group and if people leave the group, then your discussions will lose their power :( You see?

Much love and a hug

Stella Paul
Twitter: @stellasglobe

Sahro's picture

I agree


Once again, i am very excited about being one of the VoF correspondents!
What a great experience that will be for me and the women in Somalia- yeah, i have told many a soul about this!
I have also just received nice introductory letters from my Editorial Mentor and Midwife! Woow! Thank you.

Great feedback Stella.
I agree that we shouldn't create another group.

My skype: sahroahmed
or my personal page: Sah Koshin

I have Twitter but i dont use it that often (Sahro)

I will add you all.
Look forward to interacting with you all more closely!


WorldPulse Community Advisory Board Member
Globcal Ambassador at:

Stella Paul's picture

How lovely

Its lovely to know of the letter you got from your mentor and editorial midwife. My editorial midwife - Pushpa Achanta is a gem of a person and we are already friends. I have just added my mentor to my friends list. Hope to get to know her well too.

I have added you on skype and followed you on Twitter. I also connected you with a few other WP sister on Twitter. I stated using twitter only recently - is difficult for me too as I always have so much work to do...But its good to be moderately active.


Stella Paul
Twitter: @stellasglobe

Ruun Abdi's picture

What a surprise!

I am so happy for you my dear to be one the VOF 2011 Correspondents, and been paired with my Editorial Midwife! Am so so happyyyyyyy!

usha kc's picture

I got your point sis Stella.

I got your point sis Stella.
ahhhh,, sahro thank you for giving your FB link and skype ID.
We will be in touch there in no time.

Stella Paul's picture

I found you on Twitter

Dear Sister Usha

I found you on Twitter. Even if you don't twit regularly, just keep it noted somewhere. I created my Twitter account 1 year ago, but started using only 2 months back.

Your id is UshaKC2


Stella Paul
Twitter: @stellasglobe

usha kc's picture

hey thanx dear,,, i think i

hey thanx dear,,, i think i created twice so I found other one ushakc 1 hahahahaha fool me.

MaDube's picture

I am sure you can all tell I

I am sure you can all tell I am one of those currently having connection problems. I am surviving on mobile connection but it is not so fast and difficult to load posts. But just to say I agree 100% with Stella and should we need to communicate solely among ourselves then an email thread would be much easier and it is much easier to respond to for some of us with slow connections. Meanwhile you can add me on skype and twitter and i will respond when I have reliable connection. For both accounts my name is dubbydacious. Once again congratulations and for those I havent emailed personally I will do so when it is not such an uphill task (connection-wise) anymore.

Stella Paul's picture

Stay safe

I know how much you are travelling these few weeks Rumbi. Stay safe wherever you are, your work with aplomb and come back soon. You will always add an extra zing to the communication here.


Stella Paul
Twitter: @stellasglobe

mirette's picture

Thanks Stella for initiating

Thanks Stella for initiating this discussion, I'd love to connect with you on Facebook and Twitter as this will make us know each other more and be more engaged.

Here's my account info

Twitter: mirettebahgat

Facebook: mirette bahgat eskaros

zoneziwoh's picture

#VOF11 Twitter List

Dear all, I was just thinking that to keep every one on track on twitter and to ensure that our conversation is read on a single platform, I created a VOF11. The #VOF11 is a listed twitter page and not a twitter account. By just adding #VOF11 to any message twittted, it is possible for each and every one of us to read the messages sent without necessary going to our friend's page. This also will aims to maximize usgae of the limitted 140 characters per message, especially at the moment where somebody got a lot to say but is limmitted because the RT(Re-Tweet) or her/his ability to Copy everybody in a single tweet is consuming all the 140 characters allocated.

I hope this helps. Please, if we are comfortable with this. Can we therefore kindly share our twitter messages by adding the hastag #VOF11 to any of our messages. And also, it is adviceable that we save the search content of #VOF11 to our list setting so that we can receive all latest tweet containing #vof11.

NB: to ensure that everybody reads your message, please add #VOF11 or #vof11 , the capital or small letters doesnt matter. the only issue is to place the letters in their right order; #vof11 = Voice of our Future 2011. The reason for abbreviating is to economize the 140 characters so that a sngle tweet could contain a complete message.

Stay Blessed



facebook: Zoneziwoh

twitter: @ZoFem

Rachael Maddock-Hughes's picture

Thank you very much for your

Thank you very much for your thoughts Stella! I just posted a new journal entry with some of our team's requests in terms of new media. Let me know if you have questions!

Kind regards,


"In every human heart there are a few passions that last a lifetime. They're with us from the moment we're born, and nothing can dilute their intensity." Rob Brezny

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