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World pulse: A friendship bridge to cross all borders

My feeling crosses the boundary when I meet them in a person. It’s like not other than a dream! Since I registered my name in World pulse it’s in 2009 to till date I made 180 friend to friend list and some have been requested. Among 180 I met 2 of them in a person in person. I met just 2 of them but I feel that I met whole World pulse family
At very first I met is Tuula Fai, few months ago. She is very honest, sweet and caring. I felt so good after meeting her. She is an author, a journalist, a healer and a good person having so honest friendship feeling. Meeting with Tuula fai meant me a lot. She encourages me write, to do things what makes me happy, she pampers me when I cry. Now we are apart but we both do share a lot about our family concerns and that has further fastened us like as a family.
Yesterday was another day I met other caring sister from World pulse and she is Stella Paul She was so busy almost no time but we both made it to meet each other though it’s short hour. I am still feeling her warm hug on my shoulder; I am still hearing her gratifying voice calling “Oh! Usha” after seeing me in dim light at a Resort. We did not care others watching us we just sharing our sisterhood with giving each other continuous hug. We did not feel like we are meeting first time, we sensed like we are familiar since long. We talked about VOF, World pulse and yes obviously about family and this made us felicitous indeed.
I would like to thank to World Pulse. I could not make my life so happiest without such a loving and caring sisters/ friends from across the oceans. It’s like dream to meet, to share personal feeling with persons from the globe in a manner that we are attached from long before. Hence World Pulse is like a friendship bridge to cross the border across the globe.
I hopefully am waiting to meet others too.



Stella Paul's picture

So happy!

Sister Usha

It's almost midnight and I just returned to India. I had a very tough journey as due to technical snag my flight was delayed by several hours. I was so sleepy, I didn't even feel like eating. But then suddenly I thought of checking the world pulse site (strange, huh?) and then I saw your post. And I felt, for an instant, all my tiredness vanished!

I can't believe that we met the first time yesterday. I really feel we have known each other for long,long time. And I know the real reason: in this forum we have shared so much of our pain and happiness and dreams, it has brought us very close.

So, now I have a sister in Kathmandu and here I am sending her one more hug! Love!

Stella Paul
Twitter: @stellasglobe

usha kc's picture

Thank you for letting me to

Thank you for letting me to know you reached safely to home.
hey sis I can not forget the song that we sang together!! "Resham Firiri...................: My daughter also enjoyed a lot and still remeber and talk about you,our song, your hari style, our hug . She is so much happy and excited to put Mehendi. I will put it on Diwalee's holiday.
ok sis have rest dear, convey my regards to Mummy.



Adepeju's picture

So sweet!

Feeling really jealous :-) Always knew there was something about Stella and hugs... I agree with you that World Pulse is a friendship bridge to cross all borders. Much love...

usha kc's picture

Hi Peju,, thank you dear you

Hi Peju,, thank you dear you read this and felt jealous ;) because being jelous means you also severly want to meet each other!!!!!!!!!!!
hope one day we will make it to gud in person.

lots of love sis!

Nusrat Ara's picture

:))) that is great. Love

:))) that is great.



usha kc's picture

Thank you dear Nusrat.

Thank you dear Nusrat.

Paulina Lawsin's picture

Now it's my turn to plan a

Now it's my turn to plan a visit to wherever you are. I like to meet my sisters at World Pulse, too. It will come true, too, soon .

I know the feeling Usha....


usha kc's picture

AAH!! dear Paulina very glad

AAH!! dear Paulina very glad to know about your planning to visit!! thank you so much for your thoughts and reading it.

Ariee's picture


world pulse really bridges people

Astha Joshi

usha kc's picture

baini thanx alot for

baini thanx alot for comments. How are you and where are dear this time?? are you in Nepal for Dashain-tihar???
well, have happy Tihar .

Sarvina's picture

Hi Usha didi, I am so happy

Hi Usha didi,

I am so happy reading your post! I am very excited for you to have a chance to meet World Pulse sisters.




Sarvina from Cambodia
VOF 2011 Correspondent

usha kc's picture

Thank you so much dear

Thank you so much dear sarvina.

take care, hugggggggggggg:)

Okeny-Lucia's picture

Well done

Usha congratulations you have made it real and am glad that you found new cause for your happiness.
Those are real great pictures.
Enjoy being in pulse.

Lucia Buyanza
Reproductive Health

usha kc's picture

Thank you so much Lucia,.

Thank you so much Lucia,.
yess that was the great happy moment to meet them in a person.

have good time.

One of Many's picture

Bravo! Hello, Usha!

I am so excitged to get to know you. My name is Anna and I have just stayed up almost all night to finish an effectiveness evaluation for an amazing course I got to take.
And because I am up so early or late I got to see Rachael's email right away -- I hope you will be pleased to learn we have been matched, along with Vision Mentor Katherine Holt.

I certainly look forward to learning more about you....and first I am going to sleep...a little, before a big day.

This is bound to be an exciting adventure.

And most of all congratulations for being a World Pulse finalist. That means that you absolutely rock and that you get to share your light with so many. Congratulations a million fold!

Love is all there is, and we will let it shine, the three of us,

Baba Anna

Speaking my Peace

usha kc's picture

Dear Anna sister, thank you

Dear Anna sister, thank you so much for congratulating me. It's my great pleasure to hav e your words. I am glad that we are matched for VOF training. I believe that I can enlighen my voice, my willingness with your valuable guidence.

love so much.

by the way have good sleep.

Carrie Lee's picture

So Wonderful!!!

Wow, how incredible to meet your World Pulse sisters!!
I feel so thankful to be a part of this bridge on which we stand! You are right, Usha, this bridge crosses all borders.

usha kc's picture

Dear Carrie, yes, I could

Dear Carrie, yes, I could met them first vertually and then in personally. I admire World Pulse power to bridge!!

thank you so much for reading and giveing comments.


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