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Live Your Life the Way You Want It

The Divine Foundation for Disabled Persons, an organization for and by persons with disabilities set up for empowerment of persons living with different forms of disabilities held an empowerment workshop for women and men living with disabilities in Lagos, Nigeria. The workshop titled “Live Your Life the Way You Want It” held from September 30 through October 2 initially targeted only women with disabilities, the workshop ended up training two men in addition to the ten women initially planned for.

Busayo Obisakin, a World Pulse 2009 VOF Correspondence was the resource person. Busayo is a graduate of Empowerment Institute, New York and presently a Guidance Counsellor at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife in Osun State, Nigeria. Busayo lectured participants on the following: Pathology to Vision; Definitions and Exploring Growing Edges; Personal Power; Inner Soil Test; Affirmation / Visualization; Growing Edges Facilitation; Knowing Ourselves the More; and Creating Our Networks. Participants were empowered on how to take care of their health, family and life issues. Through the three-day workshop, Busayo had an opportunity of coming close to persons with disabilities. She was amazed at the level of articulation and warmth exhibited by participants.Busayo was overwhelmed with joy feeling the warmth, the excitement and appreciation on the faces of participants.

Celine Osukwu, the founder of Divine Foundation for Disabled Persons organized and hosted the workshop. Celine stated that reason behind the initial plan for empowering only women in this pioneer workshop is because women are more in need of the empowering contents of the workshop. Her reason is that the daily challenges which immeasurably weigh women down psychologically are experienced triple times by women living with disabilities. Disabled Persons are more traumatized psychologically than the able-bodied persons. And because the challenges are heightened by disability status, women with disabilities need more empowerment to be able to tackle the peculiar difficulties they face in everyday living. Celine was happy that the goal of the workshop was achieved, it was a huge success.

The Divine Foundation wishes to express gratitude to all pulse wire sisters as well as the world pulse team whose support and prayers motivated the organizing of this important workshop. The Foundation sincerely appreciates Busayo for traveling all the way to Lagos and for spending the time associating with these special people.

The Divine Foundation hopes to organize another workshop for another group of women who are presently undergoing one-year rehabilitation at the Nigerian Society for the Blind in Lagos. These women so much need the empowerment to be able to live their lifes again.



YAOtieno's picture


Hi Celine,

Thanks for sharing. It is always refreshing to read about what other WP members are doing. Glad the workshop was successful.



A candle looses nothing my lighting another

Celine's picture

Re: Thanks

Hi Sister,

Thanks for reading and commenting.
Yes, the workshop was successful.



JMKELLAM's picture



I would love to hear more about this successful workshop. In America we have trouble empowering people with disabilities.

Thanks for sharing the story and pictures.


Celine's picture

Hi Jenna, Tell me, what kind

Hi Jenna,

Tell me, what kind of trouble do you experience in empowering people with disabilities in America?

Here in Nigeria, life is lived on the basis of 'survival of the fittest'. No government is here to give any welfare or any social security. So for one to survive, one has to work hard for survival. You now think of a woman with disabilities who is constantly discriminated, marginalized and deprived in the society with lack of economic and social facilities.

The only ones we have problem with are the ones whose living have been tailored towards alms begging. Once started living on begging, it is extremely difficult to stop him or her.

Waiting to hear your experience dear sister.


Cali gal Michelle's picture

Hi Celine

My heart goes out - having two brothers who are developmentally disabled I am quite sensitive to this topic. I've wondered what happens in countries with no state or national groups that support this often-unseen population.

I think the US has come a long way in accepting, and yes even employing the disabled here. But, just last week, the new owner of a restaurant where my brother worked pointed at him and said, "I do not want THOSE people here". So, without going into great detail, there is quite a wide-spread attitude and action for those with special needs here.

I believe that, for the most part, the lack of empowerment is due to a lack of education. The general population does not know the breadth and width of the disabled, or 'differently-abled' here. So, if they don't know, they can not act.

Let's work towards bringing to light the existence, potential, and INSPIRATION of the differently-abled. Then, we can work towards action.



Let us Hope together-
aka: Cali gal


Celine's picture

Hi Michelle

Thank you so much for your comments.

It is very very hard for the often-unseen population in the developing countries where there is lack of support from both the government and the society. It all boil down to stigmatization. People hardly perceive persons with disabilities as good for anything, except 'objects of charity'. They do not want to associate or have anything to do with persons with disabilities.

In Nigeria, the general attitude is 'give them money. let them get away from here'.

Yes dear Sister, we continue to work towards actions in projecting the potential, existence and inspirations.

Regards to your brothers.


Breese's picture

Congratulations, Celine,

Congratulations, Celine, Busayo, and your team! Amazing work!

Celine's picture

Thank you Breese

Thank you so much Breese.

It was amazing and I am happy.


AchiengNas's picture

Great work Celine

You are going great empowering the people living with disabilities. I do not like calling them disabled because they are able to do anything extraordinary.
Good luck in this vision and I am wishing you the very best in your VOF journey. You are a powerful voice; a voice is not just about writing but also the action, you have both, so sound! Keep up!!


I believe everybody has the potential to live a better life. Given the Opportunity, Education and Motivation ANYONE can become someone admirable. Nobody is a NOBODY, everybody is SOMEBODY.

Celine's picture

Thank you Beatrice for your

Thank you Beatrice for your kind words.
You are perfectly correct when you say they are able to do anything extraordinary. Actually the main concern is the numerous challenges persons with disabilities face in societies. Definitions are never the issues, it absolutely depends on perceptions.

I take a queue in the VOF journey my sister and again thanks for your good wishes and inspirations.


Efe Idehen's picture

This is great and so innovative.

I believe in your strength and I know you will make it to the top.Keep up the good fight and I see you there already. You are special.I volunter to be a volunteer when the need arises to contribute my own quota as a visual artist,in the aspect of creativity in art and craft.


E Idehen

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