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The VOICE is all we NEED to create CHANGE - World Pulse LIVE 2011

The World Pulse LIVE 2011 (L-R; Jensine, Beatrice, Martha and Sarvina )

Three weeks ago I did not think I would be speaking to the world, sharing my life experience and vision. It sounds like a dream but real. I had never known that there is such a power in listening to our experience, swallowing our pains and focusing them into a ministry and then sharing it out with others.
We are global ambassadors if only realize the power of our voice and that wish we hold so much in our hearts. He who said educating a girl child is educating a nation INDEED was thoughtful, my education and empowerment is changing and empowering handful of people each day here in the United States.
I am learning SO MUCH in this tour, one of the lessons is the power of networking, another is the power of telling our stories, the other is the power of listening and ofcourse foods and cultures.

There is no great harm we do to ourselves than MINDING our business every time we meet "strangers". In the plane yesterday as we traveled from Portland to Colorado I sat next to a young white man named Karl, 22 years of age. He was "minding his business" but I aggressively minded his business too, I sprout a conversation with him and slowly we ended up reasoning together. We shared about life, cultures in Africa and here in US, we talked about the power of interacting with strangers and at the end of the day I got a quote from him saying"the so many problems we have in the world today is because we mind our own business". He went ahead and told me that it is not just an individualism/personal weakness, it is nation(s)/country and global weakness.
While in Portland, we - Martha, Savina and I met so many wonderful people who are now part of our network and roots of global movement and network of women bringing about change.
There is such a power in networking!

Power of telling/sharing our stories

When we analyze our lives closely, we are able to use our experience as a turning point both for our won self and the others who are walking on our shoes or those who risk walking on our shoes. Our stories are our voice, our stories and the global movement, our stories are the FORCES for change. I encourage everyone of us to use our stories to bring about the change we need; positive change gearing towards empowerment, knowledge, economic development, peace and unity, improved global technology.
There is such a power in telling/sharing our stories!

The power of listening
If we listened to ourselves first, we will know what we need and want with our lives. We should not pay attention to evil or harm, we should not listen to hatred and discrimination, we should not listen to guns and booms, we should not listen to things that tend to cause harm to our planet (People, Plants and Animals). We should listen to the cry of the wounded, the small things ignored such as LOVE, PEACE,UNITY,CARE. The world NEEDS WOMEN, GIRLS, CHILDREN who are so often invisible in leadership and authority/decision making -globally. The power of bringing about CHANGE hides in the hearts of the feminists.
If we listen to voices of the people, voices of the plants and voices of the animals solutions will be heard.
There is such a power in listening!

Foods and Cultures
I believe we must LOVE ourselves first. Our bodies are the ONLY gift we have and live for on earth. We should therefore eat what is enough and good for it. It is very interesting trying out foods here in the US, in one way or another there is so much to learn about food trade that can be of economic development to my country Uganda. The culture here I would prefer that the developing worlds copy the construction strategies, technology and conservation of a developed world such as US. There is so much that our government need to do to improve our small rich country.
There is such a power in valuing foods and cultures!

World Pulse LIVE 2011 is opening my eyes to see the world beyond my usual understanding. I feel responsible for all that goes on all around the world but I realize I can do anything and not everything. I have a vision; "If we have education and good health, we are empowered". It evolved from my personal story and life experience that I would love to share with you throughout the World Pulse LIVE 2011. I am inviting you TODAY, come Tuesday October 11 at University of Denver! Come hear it yourself.


Hi Beatrice,
i saw you at the Bioneers conference in san rafael Ca and wanted to thank you for your amazing and powerful work. Your speaking is inspiring and invigorating. I am in awe of the great work you are doing and wish to let you know the positive effect you are making on everyone who connects with you.
keep up the amazing work.
I promise I will not forget Africa .
a giant fan,
Theresa C. Dintino

AchiengNas's picture

Thank you Theresa

Thank you for attending our session at the Bioneers conference, I get more inspired by your comments. It makes me feel that I am changing the way we think and relate to other people. The problems we have in the world today falls around the way we think and relate to others, I believe the voice has much power to change our attitude as martha says; we have one planet to live in, the problems that affects me affects the entire world so we need to embrace each other regardless of country, boundaries colors or races. Together we will make a difference in this world.

Thank you and kind regards,


I believe everybody has the potential to live a better life. Given the Opportunity, Education and Motivation ANYONE can become someone admirable. Nobody is a NOBODY, everybody is SOMEBODY.

Theresa Dintino's picture

the voice is everything!

i am going to write up a report of my bioneers experience of world pulse on my blog. i'll let you know when it is uploaded.

JaniceW's picture

Am so so happy to have met you

You made me laugh, you made me cry and you inspired me! You are such a strong voice for the women in Uganda and I know that you will go on to touch many lives as you did that night in New York. We are indeed all connected and I feel blessed to have made that connection with you.

Best wishes

AchiengNas's picture

Thank you Janice

Thank you for your comment. I appreciate your presence the New York event. It is a huge city and I so much enjoyed walking in the Central Park and also seeing the so many lights and adverts in the times square. It was unforgettable moment for me.
Lets keep the network alive by keeping in touch.

Kind regards,


I believe everybody has the potential to live a better life. Given the Opportunity, Education and Motivation ANYONE can become someone admirable. Nobody is a NOBODY, everybody is SOMEBODY.

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