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Nobel Peace Prize 2011: A Woman's Reason To Celebrate

Finally here comes the big, good news: The Nobel Peace Prize'2011 is given to three women who have done so much for bringing peace upon this big, bad, burning world!!!

Yes! The Nobel Committee has awarded this year's Nobel Peace Prize to three peace crusaders: Liberian President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, Liberian activist Leymah Gbowee and Yemeni opposition leader Tawakkul Karm

All three women have been relentlessly working to promote democracy, security and women's rights in their respective countries. Put together, their contribution has enriched the world otherwise torn apart by preachers of violence. Acknowledging this, the Nobel Committee Chairman Thorbjoern Jagland highly praised all three winners for "their nonviolent struggle for the safety of women and for women's rights to full participation in peace-building work."

The prize money - $1.5 million prize - will be split among the three winners. But the real prize, I feel, will be that each of these women will go on motivating generations of women to be peace and pro-democracy warriors, take leadership roles and contribute to nation building.


Osai's picture

RE: Nobel Peace Prize 2011

The significance of the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize is the recognition of the role women play in peace building & conflict resolution.

You are right that the real value of the Nobel Peace Prize is in the millions of girls and women all over the world who would be motivated to participate actively in their country's transformative leadership.
I would like to add that it would also challenge gender stereotypes & discrimination by motivating more men & institutions to work with women as equal partners in governance, education, peace, justice, family, community building & all aspects of life.

Thanks for sharing!

Best wishes,

Twitter: @livingtruely

Stella Paul's picture

It sure would!

Dear Osai

A gardener,even the most dedicated one can't say how far the scent of his flowers will travel and how many aching bodies and minds would be healed by that. Similarly when a woman leader is honored, the stories are spoken and re-spoken a million times and it will empower others to fight not one or two, but countless evils that surround them. That you and I are already among those women, is quite a reassuring statement!

Thanks for reading through!

Stella Paul
Twitter: @stellasglobe

zacyrus's picture


which says that a woman is always incompetent? this proves women can do extraordinary things and very courageous. They deserve the awards. I hope that they are examples encouargeantes for our struggles.

Stella Paul's picture


Yes, absolutely. They deserve all the accolades. In fact, there are so many more women whose work have gone unrecognized and even overshadowed and I hope in days to come, those invisible embargo will be gone and every woman will get her share of the recognition.

Thanks for reading!

Stella Paul
Twitter: @stellasglobe

choirgirl's picture


Dear, we had the same idea to write a contribution to these women!!
It is amazing and meaningful that three women won such an important prize: an acknowledgment to them and to the feminine power and strength.

Well done!



Stella Paul's picture

Thanks and hugs!

Dear Maria

I totally agree with you; when something so inspiring happens, everyone feels a strong urge to talk about it, share it and pass the inspiration on :) I join you in bowing to these three genius achievers!

Stella Paul
Twitter: @stellasglobe

MaDube's picture

Very true

Spot on Stella. The role of women in peace-buiding and post-conflict-reconstruction is often sidelined and I feel in the two Liberian ladies, that role has been significantly spotlighted and given great prominence. I am inspired by Tawakkul and although I have no political ambitions I am driven by her fight for democracy. Thanks for sharing :-). Been reading your blog, Great stuff!!!

Stella Paul's picture

You are back!

First, let me give you a big hug! Am soooooo happy to see you back. Do you know the Hindu Goddess Kaali? She who is quite an unlikely goddess (dark, 'shamelessly' dressed, standing on a man's body with a machete on her hand, ready to chop off some evil heads)? The story apart, I love to see my friends in that avatar -symbolically of course- always ready to bounce right back and show'em her indomitable spirit. Enjoying imagining you being in that role now.

The Nobel women - I wouldn't care less if they got the award for being good house makers or even toilette cleaners. Really! For me, its a matter of stopping the cycle of ignoring and giving women what they worked their a***off for!

Hugs again!

Stella Paul
Twitter: @stellasglobe

MaDube's picture

I like the imagery your

I like the imagery your description of the great Goddess Kaali created in my mind. I am writing a post on sexual harassment in Egypt and I am venting out my frustration and indeed ready to step on some man's bodies holding a machete and chop off their heads,lol. You always uplift me Stella. Thank you :-)

Zin Zar's picture

Great !

Great !
Those three women are amazing for their attempt .The money they receive is not their value actually the success what they tried is the most valuable one I think.
What do you think of my idea?

Best Wishes!
Zin Zar

The 2011 Nobel Price has been awarded to deserving people, women and children are mostly affected during the period of war.
Women are raped and subjected to all kind of ill-treatment, we really need to commend the women who stand up in such situations.
The young girls should emulate the three women and also learn to stand up and speak-out when things are not ok.

Every woman needs to learn to speak for them selves, and it is a duty of women who are able to raise they voices to teach others, as you may be aware that if you educate one woman you educate a nation.

Stella Paul's picture

Yes indeed!

Dear Lydia

You are right. There will be a future when the Nobel committee will have trouble choosing one/two/three women for an award because there will be hundreds of deserving women!

Stella Paul
Twitter: @stellasglobe

WendyBoneAbroad's picture

Next Nobel Peace Prize

Having watched Tawakkul Karman and her family being interviewed on the Al Jazeera network for some time before she was awarded the Nobel Peace prize, it was immediately clear what a special and fearless woman she is--she completely breaks the stereotype of the "repressed" Muslim woman!. She is a great role model for other young women in the Middle East. I was especially moved by how supportive her husband and family were of her work, and how deeply they worried about her every time she went off to lead another protest rally. Kudos to all families who support their women with love and care!

Stella, I believe you are right that the Nobel committee will have trouble choosing from so many deserving women in the future. Two women in particular I would love to see win the prize are Vandana Shiva for her work protecting the environment and farmer's rights in India, and Somaly Mam of Cambodia, who works to protect women and children from being trafficked in the sex trade. Here's to hoping for next year!


Stella Paul's picture

Hopes keep us going!

Dear Wendy

One thing that this Nobel has done is encourage me to to read and learn more about women all across the globe - by which I mean women beyond the very visible circle. For example, in my part of the world, nobody reads about women in Liberia because there is this idea that all things great happen only in the G8 countries. This Nobel will force everyone to broaden their views and change their learning style!!! Isn't it wonderful?

About deserving future Nobel candidates - there are just so many!! In India, I will give a big vote to Aruna Roy - the woman who forced India to bring in the Right to Information law - a tool that has empowered millions of Indians to access crucial information, otherwise considered classified and held back. This is a revolutionary step towards participatory democracy.


Stella Paul
Twitter: @stellasglobe

amiesissoho's picture

Celebrate them!

Spot on, working to promote democracy, security and women's rights, these are ingredients for peace and stability. I join the world to celebrate them.


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