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Vision of freedom

Vision of freedom
As a person in the country, I have a vision of freedom for my life. I can read all the books published all over the world without others choose for me; I can write what I am thinking without afraid of be banned; I can speak what I want without worry being arrested. I can travel all over the world without been stopped because I am a Chinese.

As a women in the country, I hope babies will not been abandon because they are girls. I hope all children can go to school regardless girls or boys. I hope all high school students can go to the universities or colleges no matter they are male or female. I hope the promotion is considered by the capability instead of gender. I hope the female can retired as old as the male

As a mother in the country, I draw a picture of the future of my son: when he was born, I needn’t went to Hong Kong to buy a lot of powdered milk because many babies get a kidney stone because of eating Domestic milk powder. I needn’t take trouble to choose a good kindergarten. I needn’t worry that you will be kidnapped on the street. I needn’t worry that your creativity will be killed by the unfinished homework. I needn’t worry your career when you graduated from university.

Unfortunately, we can not run away, because it is the same situation all over the world. Pease and health is the most important things in our life, is the goal many people work for. But we have to face the reality that what we can change is ourselves.

Yes, change ourselves. That is the reason why I take part in this class, why I write journal here in English, I want to change MYSELF. For several years I “lost my innate female wisdom”. I was “losing connection with my physical body as well as the body of the earth”. I was addict to do my job. When I became a mother, I began to self-reflect, if I cannot find myself back, how can I become an eligible mother to accompany my son to grow up?

When I finished assignments every week in spite of the busy daily job and taking time to take care of my little son, it makes me feel satisfied. I write journal in the website and many people listen to me and write comment, I also connect with a member, named May, who is engaged in a documentary job about Chinese female. What a miracle? You connect with people all over the world who pay attention to the same subject. Just as the article “Taking back the wisdom of the feminine” said to create your own women’ support group.

Of cause I want to be one of the correspondents of World Pulse, but I don’t think it is the most important. The most important is that I join in this big family, and when I discover the World Pulse, I make progress at the same time.
When I “Taking back the wisdom of the feminine”, I can do more to change the outside world as a Chinese old saying:” when you are poor, you make yourself perfect, when you are rich, and you can help others”.

Taking about the Vision of freedom, I think that if you can find the freedom of your inner site, can any barriers stop you? Just as Mandela, people can encage his body, not his heart.

If I be a Voices of Our Correspondent, I will tell more people about the World Pulse and translate the main content in Chinese. More female “Taking back the wisdom of the feminine”, more husbands and more children feel positive power. More Chinese female “Taking back the wisdom of the feminine”, more things we can do to change the world.


YAOtieno's picture

Hi Redsbird, I enjoyed

Hi Redsbird,

I enjoyed reading your story and your vision is pure.

Thanks for sharing.


A candle looses nothing my lighting another

roomana's picture

Hi Reds bird i love your

Hi Reds bird

i love your post ,very broad good vission

Roomana Lakho
From , Pakistan

soulhavenlisa's picture

Thank you

Thank you so much for sharing. Your writing was so inspiring. Your son is so blessed to have you as his mother. And yes freedom begins within. Thanks for the important reminder. Sending you many blessings,

sallyreb's picture

You Are Wise

Dear Redsbird,

You have written a beautiful essay. I hope that you continue to write, here on PulseWire and in your journal.

I think I understand when you say, “lost my innate female wisdom”, because that has happened to me too. It is easy to get disconnected from who we are and what is truly of value. For me, having a circle of women friends to talk with and support me has been very helpful.

I hope you connect with others here on PulseWire and continue to write.

All the best,

Sally Peters
Where I was born and where and how I have lived is unimportant. It is what I have done with where I have been that should be of interest. ~ Georgia O’Keeffe

ruthibelle's picture

From Loss To Gain

It's wonderful that you have such a big vision for yourself and your son. And that you've connected with others close to your location on WorldPulse.

Very heartfelt piece.


Stephanie Roth Gurung's picture

Thank you for sharing your

Thank you for sharing your vision, and I'm glad that you have found this time to connect with your inner self as well as with others!


Julie Tomlin's picture

Hello Redsbird, It was so

Hello Redsbird,
It was so good to read your thoughts and your determination to find yourself again in the situation you are in and I really wish you well. I look forward to hearing more from you as you continue this journey.



Phoenixdocu's picture

A poem for change...

I am very touched by your posting and I think I understand exactly what you're saying. It's the power of hope that give us the oxygen to pursue things bigger than ourselves. It's the longing for change that motivate us to act to achieve these goals. Thanks for sharing and keep on striving.


AchiengNas's picture

Redsbird, you are a very

Redsbird, you are a very strong voice. Freedom is a very powerful tool for our inner being and I do love your question"if you can find the freedom of your inner site, can any barriers stop you?", freedom brings peace. I totally agree with you sister. May your vision brighten like a morning star. I am so proud of your voice and will continue to follow you in this journey. Hugs to your son!

I believe everybody has the potential to live a better life. Given the Opportunity, Education and Motivation ANYONE can become someone admirable. Nobody is a NOBODY, everybody is SOMEBODY.

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