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The Dreams and Visions I Pursuit

I want to be the Planeteer. I want to be one of them, who with the power of their rings summon captain planet to dispel the evils from earth. Just like the Planeteers I want my voice to be heard. I want to join them in healing the world from tiredness and illness the world constantly faces.
One of my first visions is to see the world filled with thinkers whom I place on the highest level as I believe that they are ones who being the broad-minded embrace the new ideas and thoughts. They possess the power to discern between right and wrong which allows them to challenge the wrongs accepting the rights. These people dare to speak, speak for change, for people, and for truth. I salute them and would like to see the world triumphing with thinkers who understand and care. It is the light of education that would definitely help grow these thinkers.
Secondly, empowered women marching the whole world, is another vision that I cherish. These women are them, who believe and respect themselves. Women should be supportive to themselves, to each other to establish their rights and positions in the society. They should not be timid by the threatened voices that bark all around. They should not confine themselves to the unjust ideas and customs that are made by the brutal, superstitious and uneducated part of the society. In bringing changes women have to co-operate each other. When there’s unity there will be strength and none could dare to impose injustice and discrimination against this huge allied troop who are concerned and aroused. Starting from the house with mother and daughter, this support should be practiced everywhere among all the women around the world.
Thirdly, corruption free education is one of the dreams that I always pursuit. Today in many places education system seems to face the brutal consequence of corruption where the sole purposes of education are lost by the indifference attitude of the teachers and the students. Without proper guidance these students lose their identity by indulging themselves to unwanted and unexpected doings. Therefore, I no more want to see teachers or students lacking enthusiasm, dedication in achieving one of the highest priorities of life.
And finally, as an environmental science student the one thing that concerns me the most about the environment and the world is the reckless use of limited natural resources. Therefore I aim to join campaigns in stopping ourselves from the reckless use of power and natural resources. We should use resources without wasting them and go green that promises clean environment and less pressure on the natural resources we possess.
The reason that inspired me to apply for the voice of future is that, I find this a wonderful opportunity to amplify my voices to the world having proper guidance and training. I want to interact with all the planeteers from different parts of the world. I want to join them on their campaigns and would also like to have them in mine. Summoning all the planeteers implies the amplification of one single voice that is powerful and would help open the possibilities for changes. The visions I pursuit today would not find real platforms if I do not approach towards them. My sister once told me no one would pay any heed to what I have to say if I do not prove myself competent. Hence it is high time that I should start searching my guides today. Therefore yes, it is the world pulse and the voice of future which not only helped me in joining the community of powerful minds but would also help me in spreading my voices allowing me to have training and guidance. Finally, if I am able to make it through to the voice of future I would not let it go vain instead I would take one step forward in introducing my visions and ideas to the millions who would support, give me feedback, share their experiences and help me approach the barriers and challenges.


loyce's picture

Dear Shire, I like your dream

Dear Shire,

I like your dream of seeing empowered women marching whole world with established rights and positions in society. That is a wonderful world we all was to see.

Follow me on twitter:@livelyloyce

shirefolk's picture

yes all the women around the

Hi Loyce, yes all the women around the world possess the dream of seeing empowered women marching on triumph beating all the injustice and discrimination that are and were imposed. We would love to see such world. However i believe it is the women who has to understand to respect and believe themselves because if they don't then no one will. So thank you. its such a privilege to meet such women like you and you guys really give us the hope that, the world we dream for is not so far. So thank you very much for sharing your visions. Thank you!!


KathyG's picture

Join the Planeteers!

Thank you for a little humor on a very serious topic. We as women hold the ability to have all that you write about. And through the wonderful means of writing like yours we can rally together to achieve these things. Little by little each of us makes a difference. Thank you and good luck!

shirefolk's picture

I am really glad that you

I am really glad that you believe that we women have the power to accomplish what we dream for. Thank you! your words are really encouraging. I am glad to be the part of such wonderful community that is filled with true planeteers with true passions. Thank you once again!


Linda M. Ando's picture

Powerful Vision!

Dear Global Planeteer,

Thank you for your passion and determination to create change for women, the planet, education and humanity, a powerful vision. Yes, it begins with us to be the change we want to see. Keep up the good work and networking with VOF women and other planeteers. Keep faith in your vision!

With Gratitude,

Linda M. Ando

shirefolk's picture

Dear Linda, thank you for

Dear Linda, thank you for your appreciation!! its really encouraging. I am really hopeful of giving my dreams a true colour with the help of such wonderful and brave minds like you people. Thank you once again and thanks for your support!!


jap21's picture

Hi Shirefolk

Please count me on your list of planeteers. If I can guide you in any way, I will be more than pleased.

I love your passion to make change viable!



Jacqueline Patiño FundActiva
Tarija - Bolivia
South America

shirefolk's picture

O wow!! i will be glad to

O wow!! i will be glad to have you as a planeteer in my planeeteer's troop. Thank you very much for promising us the hope and support. I hope with the assembly of all the planeteers our voice will be so strong that nothing can bar our path that leads us to empowerment and prosperity. Thank you!! glad to have you around!!


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