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A World I dream of

I believe in thinking big so my vision for the future in my community and the world is audacious. Close your eyes and imagine a world where every individual is respected, whether they are a woman, queer, gender queer, currently disabled or currently able bodied, people of colour, from a low income background or not can live lives they choose and be who they are without facing social denigration, the threat of violence or violence itself to control the behaviour and valid life choices of individuals.

Imagine a world where class or colour or caste does not determine a person’s future options. Instead people are valued for who they are and what they do rather than where they came from or what they look like. More than that though I believe in a vision of the future where people are valued as individual human beings, instead of having their worth measured by how much they are able to contribute to the global capitalist economy. I want to see a world where wealth is distributed much more evenly, where the gap between rich and poor narrows instead of becoming ever wider. I see a world in the future where the environment is respected and cared for as being the source of all life on earth rather than just being endlessly exploited for all it can give.

I dream of a world where sexual and domestic violence are not used systematically as weapons against women. I dream of a world where perpetrators, not victims are put on trial and not given token punishments because “she was asking for it”, or “she should have known better”. I dream of a community and a world where there is no set concept of what a woman or a man should be so everyone is free to forge their own path and do what is right for them.
The thought of a world like this is barely comprehensible to many people today but it is this vision of the future that gives me hope. My vision of the future for my community and the world is so huge and all encompassing it requires massive structural change on a global level as well as the smaller but just as important changes required in my community. I do not think that this is possible to achieve in my life time but it is something that I feel is worthy for me to commit my life to. True substantive equality on earth for every human being. This is what I want to live my life fighting for.

So much of oppression and stigma is caused by ignorance and fear. The more we speak out loud about alternative ways of living and different ways of being a woman that are all equally worthy, the more this becomes actual fact. People fear what they do not know and power structures remain entrenched both by the control of information and the threat of violence. However violence becomes a less pervasive threat the more people are exposed to different ways of thinking in a sensitive manner. This is how I plan to do my part to change the world by telling my own story and those of others I am lucky enough to be entrusted with. So that people can open their eyes and see, that everyone is a human being just like any other and we should all be given the same respect and be able to live our lives the way we chose. The voices of the future programme would make me better at doing my part to enact my vision of the world. It would help me hone my skills so that I can be the best I can be in this fight for change. At the end of the day my vision for my own life is to live the change the world I want to see in the world, to everyday do things to help bring it about, and to most importantly do more good than bad so that I can leave this world a better place than it was when I got here.


Stella Paul's picture

Very optimistic

Your post has fine reasons and high hopes and I am sure, these 2 will take you far, far away in life. Good luck my friend!

Stella Paul
Twitter: @stellasglobe

Frans's picture

your post

You write beautifully and compellingly. Keep writing and living the change you want to see. Best, Fran

KathyG's picture

Speak out

Speak out and speak loudly. What a world vision. I join you there. Good luck and keep the faith!

CindyColes's picture

Spreading ideas

I loved your thought that the more we speak out loud about different ways of being a women, the more this becomes actual fact. I agree - dialogue makes a difference!

Thanks for sharing your vision.

Cindy Coles

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