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A vision of practical LOVE!

“How do you negotiate once you’ve offered everything??” This is only one of many quotes I’ve favored while attempting to dip into various women’s – rich in spiritual insight-writings. Elizabeth Gilberts ‘EAT, PRAY, LOVE’ personal life account fueled my evenings with a real perception of practical LOVE!

Witty, brilliantly sought and solution oriented narrations of life paths that are immensely similar yet different to mine. As far as I can remember women and their vivid contributions written or otherwise seemed to cater for my emotional, intellectual and spiritual needs; reaffirmations of black feminine beauty within Maya Angola’s poetry, the basics of black feminism politics and intellect in André lord and bell hooks (ever so revolutionarily) text and prose, Coco Channel’s strength and dependency reflected in a “little black dress”, Virgina Woolf’s depiction of a women’s creative private space, all the way up to Hera and her angry tantrums over male patriarchy …. Even if that particular male was Zeus- God himself!

I’d safely say I’ve been somewhat-as much as my circumstances in life allowed- exposed to female indirect written mentorship in addition to the dosages I gladly received from women around me, which I always found mashed easily and comprehensibly despite the cultural and generational difference between and among those mentors. It was as if all those women despite their cultural, religious and ethnical differences to say the least share a common basis of wisdom, genuine concern and strength.

And now I jump at another opportunity to be guided some more, this time stirring towards measurable goals and concrete well planned outcomes with a thousand other women witnessing, supporting, encouraging and giving me a piece of their minds.

The challenges I encounter and foresee everyday, be them social, cultural, political or otherwise are probably shared by many women within my community. They are -to say the least- hampering the quality of life and choice many women have access to. Those challenges are in my opinion approachable from a number of angles, allowing women to experience some sort of short, mid or long term relief. For all other women who might not posses the opportuinties to seek similar support, who share or might attempt to share the vision of a brighter future and enhanced quality of life, i attempt to undertake this experince for them and for myself.

For four weeks now I’ve been asking my self the same question rather strategically… why, how, what and every other question possible …and I must say I’ve failed to pin down one or many strategic answers that come usually strengthened and equipped with precise impacts and performance indicators that I generally am so experienced in laying out. Everything and everyone comes to mind and so I smile and frown respectively depending on how I feel towards issues and people, and as I keep changing facial expressions I manage to grasp a few and I say out loud; for love.. for wisdom…strength… support… the girl next door… the future… poverty reduction.. social change… solidarity… empowerment…choice… dark skin… gender… politics… god…. Vulgar red nail polish…. Quality sector services…need I go on?

The program offers a number of stimulating support prospects mainly through the provision of a number of mentorship schemes, not only focused on the professional aspect but branching to provide guidance on the personal. Thus I am looking forward to converse, request support, guidance, gain experience all the while sharing with my fellow women here on world pulse my plans, my thoughts for a better personal and a social future.

In anticipation :)


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Thank you for sharing your

Thank you for sharing your thoughts! Finding inspiration and ideas in other people's writing is so important to develop your own writing and ideas. I have found that writing and blogging are great ways to connect with others, share and bounce your own thoughts off others and develop your ideas. I hope you will continue to share your stories and your thoughts here at World Pulse!

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Practical Love

Raga Makawi,

it seems that you have sources of inspiration and you're ready to start a long and difficult journey to spaek up for women. you know what, you'll realize soon enough that it is worthwhile and you will surprise yourself. PulseWire and its community will support you in any project you may desire to undertake.
Never fail to ask for support when you can get it.

You're right when you say: for love.. for wisdom…strength… support… the girl next door… the future… poverty reduction.. social change… solidarity… empowerment…choice… dark skin… gender… politics… god

Kadidia Doumbia

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Thank you for sharing your vision. You clearly want to inspire women and give them strength. As you clearly articulated, the written word is a great way to share and inspire.


Charlene Phung MPH

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