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I have a voice, I am a voice

what is your personal vision for your life, your community and/or the world

The first time my life ceased to take the path that had been laid out for me was the day my mentor, my hero died. My granddad inspired me to not only thrive to be the first but to also be the best that I can be. The day he died I knew pain and I stopped dreaming. I let life slide by as if I was just a spectator in my own life and it all went downward from then on. I dropped out of university and went on a journey of self-destruction which ended me with a cheating abusive husband. But even as all that happened, I never stopped caring. And I never stopped empathising with other young women in even worse situations than I was. But I got to realise something. I got myself into that situation because I never had a support structure to help me overcome the pain and I never spoke up when I was being abused because I had grown dependant on a man and therefore had given him power over my life and my being. So when I finally found my voice I knew that my future involved providing support structures for those that are hurting and seeing them through their pain, somehow and fighting for the total economic empowerment of women so that they won’t be dependent on anyone who would then have control of their lives and do to them anything they want because they hold all the cards. I want to see a world where women can amplify their voices even louder. I am fighting to see those young women from the rural areas claim a place in society that will elevate them and give them a voice. I am working to see other citizen journalists emerge from rural Zimbabwe and speak out against injustices they are subjected to and let the world know. But above all this, I want to write women stories of inspiration, because it’s not always about the pain. Out of all that pain is born a strength that can move the world so I want to see emerge a generation of strong women who have overcome their pain and grown from it.

Why do you want to be a voices of our future correspondent and how will this help you achieve your vision

I want to be voices of our future correspondent because I have a voice; I am a voice of the future generations. I speak out against the present injustices so my children can walk around with their heads held high. I am the resounding voice of women that find themselves in unfair situations. I write that they may be heard, but I also want them to write about what they are going through. I want to be trained to train them to tell those stories that can never be seen in mainstream media, stories that are seen as not news worthy but it’s their stories and they are not making any news, they are documenting their lives. As voices of our future correspondent I will be able to reach out to the global audience and give my small community an opportunity for growth. I see the pain and I lives amidst the injustices and sometimes I think I am not strong enough to fight anymore but having access to a mentor will give me an opportunity to share the burden and it will give me the support structure that I lacked in the first place. Being able to share my challenges will make the journey all the more fulfilling, but I know that even if I am not a correspondent I still have a support structure on pulsewire that transcends borders, cultural differences and even generation gaps. I have a voice, and I am a voice of the future.


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I am touched by your story.

I am touched by your story. But I am glad you found yourself nad you can be an example to others that all is never lost. Second and third chances are always there, all you need to do is show up and try. give it your best stab and by God something will give.


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Beautiful writing and so much passion in your voice! Love it! :)


Love & blessings,

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I like the part when you say,

I like the part when you say, 'it is not all about the pain because out of the pain is born a strength'. That is very true and I think it rings true of Zimbabwean women who have been through a lot and have emerged stronger. Keep writing.

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a Phoenix !

Hello, CJ:

It is good to hear you speak your truth about things you did that you have learned from. It's also refreshing to me personally that you don't get on your case for those mistakes while still not holding a grudge or having a resentment. It is true that we need other people to help us through death and loss, especially at a young age....yes, college age is still young! I don't "get" how or why people pretend they can "handle" death, when it needs to be engaged with, the process needs in my opinion to be explicit and ongoing. Especially within a family.

Anyway....your writing is very strong and I am enthused by the breadth of your vision.

The phoenix rises anew from its own you!

Good luck,


Speaking my Peace

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Your Voice Rings Out!

Thank you for encouraging women to tell their stories! As you say, "out of all that pain is born a strrength that can move the world." You assert your voice to provide support for those who are hurting and who struggle for independence and self-determination. This is a lovely article reaching out to a global audience. Good for you! Wow! Sharing challenges and seeking solutions is everything!

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