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Peace Writer; Every Woman Deserves...

I am interested in being a Voice of Our Future (VOF) correspondent for World Pulse because of my personal experience as a child refugee, where I witnessed war and ongoing violence, firsthand. Being a refugee of wars where human rights were violated, showed me the value of human rights and opportunities such as education that only peace can provide. My ultimate goal is to make a contribution toward resolving international conflicts and the suffering caused by these conflicts to women throughout the world. The VOF aligns with this goal.

My experience as a refugee led me to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Community Studies at UC Santa Cruz. This program focused on social change and social justice. I learned how to assist diverse cross-cultural individuals and organizations through advocacy and how to educate the public in regard to immigration and domestic violence issues. My first encounter working with women’s conflict issues was when I volunteered with a non-profit organization called Committee Against Anti-Asian Violence in the Bronx neighborhood of New York City. Under the umbrella of the Women Domestic Worker project, I supported the media committee, assisted with donor communications, and fund-raising, and participated in various outreach campaigns. Through these experiences, I became committed to resolving conflicts and improving the lives of women. The opportunity to be a part of the VOF would allow me to continue my commitment as an advocate for women.

I continued to help women when I volunteered for two years in the Peace Corps in Costa Rica. During that time, I lived in a small village where I designed, implemented and facilitated grass roots projects. These projects included leadership workshops, girls’ soccer teams and women’s health and nutrition classes. Through sport activities, workshops and arts, the women in my village were able to express their emotions and cope with their experiences as victims of violence and sexual abuse. I appreciate the valuable experience I gained and the strong personal relationships I developed with the women’s group in my village. Through these projects, I was able to connect and understand their struggles, pain and sorrows. I am passionate about working and promoting social change and justice for women and children at the international level, which aligns with VOF.

Due to my Peace Corps experiences, I chose to pursue a Global and International Studies Master’s degree at UC Santa Barbara. The program emphasized living and working in a wide variety of cross-cultural contexts and focused on NGOs and using the bottom-up approach to addresses social justice issues globally and domestically. This opportunity provided me the skills and knowledge to confidently work towards conflict resolution. Working with VOF would provide me an opportunity to continue to put my passion and skills into practice.

I am interested in the VOF because I want to share the innocent voices of women who are victims of human rights violation. In the past, I have had the privilege to write about and to share stories of women; it has been rewarding to witness the impact that these stories have on others. I want to use my writing skills and passion to make change in the world by telling their stories and to inspire others to take up peace making efforts. I recognize the value of compelling writing to help people to understand, care, support and get involved in peace making efforts and to improve the rights of women.

Now that I am fortunate enough to be in a position to help others, I would like to continue promoting social change at the international level with an emphasis on women and human rights. Both my own experience as a refugee, along with the opportunities I’ve been so fortunate to have received, have grounded me and helped me understand the importance of giving back. I earnestly want my work to make the world a better place, one life at a time. I believe the VOF would enable me to further develop my communication skills and ability to serve as a voice for those women who are working hard to effect peaceful change in their conflict-ridden environments.

As a VOF, I would use my writing and communication skills to create a compelling narrative and increase the public’s awareness by promoting the human rights that every woman deserves.


usha kc's picture

Yenly,, you are an inspiring

Yenly,, you are an inspiring woman.Knowing your experiences and feelings can move other!! yss you deserve it to become VOF my best wishes dear.

Yenly Thach's picture

Thank you, Usha!

Thank you, Usha!

You as well deserve it! Thank you so much for your inspiration and support! I truly appreciate it!

Best wishes,

Yenly Thach

Ify Onyegbule's picture

real experience

Dear Yenly,

You have been in the middle of crisis so you know exactly what it means to face challenges. You so deserve this platform to tell your story and that of others. I just wish you the best!



Yenly Thach's picture

Your Kindness!

Thank you, Ify! Your kindness and thoughtful words inspired me! Thank you so much for your effort and support, especially for believing in me! Cheers!

Best wishes,

Yenly Thach

Maggs's picture

Hi Yenly

You got me thinking - how it is that we as humankind got to a point where we had to devise ways to ensure our own rights. It's astounding but such it is and we need to remind one another that we are human first and we should do to others what we want done to us.


Yenly Thach's picture

Love & kindness to all humankind!

Thank you, Maggs!

Yes, if everyone stop and take a few moment to appreciate and understand our humaness, maybe there might be less wars and genocide. This only take one person to show that kindness and behavior to another. We should just pass that on! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment and share your voice with me. I truly appreciate it! Cheers,

Yenly Thach

Claire Leland's picture

One voice at a time

Hi Yenly,

I've read your earlier posts and again am impressed with your extensive experience both domestically and internationally -- and glad you commitment to peacemaking has been strengthened and enriched by these experiences. I agree with what Maggs says above about humankind and with what you say about changing the world one life (or maybe one voice!) at a time.

Very best wishes to you!


Yenly Thach's picture

Thank you, sweet Claire!

Thank you, sweet Claire!

You always put in the right words for a woman to be inspired and appreciated! I do hope to be that voice for many other women out there. They deserve it, and we deserve it!

Best regards,

Yenly Thach

Cali gal Michelle's picture


It sounds like you have much experience to pass down to others and impart to them hope and encouragement. May your true path become clear to you as you continue to pursue goals within human rights.

As a side-note, Santa Barbara is one of my favorite places, where my family comes from. You are blessed to have lived there, even for a short time!

Peace to you, sister-


Let us Hope together-
aka: Cali gal


Yenly Thach's picture

We are blessed!

Hi Michelle,

Thank you so much for taking the time to comment and support me! I truly appreciate your effort and great support!

I do have to say, I truly did enjoy Santa Barbara. However, I have lived in various beautiful places and I have been bless with such great people and friends along the way on this journey call life. I take my struggle and challenge as a learning lesson in life and growth. I do hope to continue to share other women stories and to inspire younger generation of peacemaking efforts. Thank you so much, Michelle!

Best regards,

Yenly Thach

earthwindfire's picture

Peace Writer...

Yenly, Thank you for your submission. Your work and dedication are admirable and you clearly communicate your commitment to ongoing efforts for women who suffer a wide range of abuses and injustices. Your past experiences will, no doubt, bring your vision to the realm of reality as you continue to look into the hearts, minds and situations of the women and children you encounter with your passion and empathy, and educated methodology in implementing change. I wish you continued success. I get the definite feeling that your projects, committees and writing will ripple out to bring change for greater equality to the people whose lives you care about.

Yenly Thach's picture

Thank you!

Thank you, earthwindfire for your support and great effort! I truly appreciate your comment and believe in my vision to empower and inspire women across the globe!

Best regards,

Yenly Thach

One of Many's picture

Passionate and articulate

Thanks, Yenly, for sharing this thoughtful essay! I admire the way you have focused your learning, actions, choices and goals for making a difference for other people. Your essay shows what you have done in order to reach your goal of hearing the stories of other women and telling them. I have been reading a lot about the needs of women and the difference that an education means for shifting the outcomes of girls.

I look forward to learning more about how you want to make a difference politically and on an international level. You certainly have put your education to work so far in developing excellent writing skills. Thank you for sharing with World Pulse! One woman at a time, we will make a difference ~~


Speaking my Peace

Yenly Thach's picture

Thank you, Anna!

Thank you, Anna for your great support and believing in my path to make a difference! Your comment and great effort inspired me! With your compassion and support, I believe in anything is possible. Thank you so much, Anna! Cheers,

Yenly Thach

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