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Women claim respect

It’s so frustrated that every time you wake up in the morning you find out that you are surrounded by various types of stereotypes and gossip against women. This is my situation, and I think this could be the situation of women all around the world. Life is never an easy thing, and for women it is much harder. For hundreds years, we have fight for gaining rights and respect from men in this male-dominated world. However, it is undeniable that so far we have achieved great success in winning equality but this is far from enough.

We still have to bear the inequality, the chains, the despise attack and even the vicious actions against us. It is my personal experience and I also find this could be more or less the same experience for women all around me. We as women are confined to what men defined “feminity” (the standard of being a good woman). We are told to speak and act gently, to take care of our appearances, to value the family life rather than our social jobs, to make sacrifice for the benefits of other family members. It is common to see women behave or try to behave in this way. Housewives give up their social duties and limit their life to pure family chores. Even a lot of career women who after getting marriage and having children completely or partially give up their social jobs to save energy to look after their family.

I am not here to criticize this in an absolute manner. What I am trying to convey here is that women who can draw happiness from being a mom and a wife while simultaneously ignore outside social duties should be respected and valued in the same way. I am not demand women to step outside the society but I hope that even they are confined to domestic chores their contributions should not be undermined when compared to men’s social duties. Both domestic and social duties are important in sustaining a family, a community, a society and the world. So for those women who handle the domestic chores should also be respected as valuable and capable women. There should be no stereotypes like idle mom and gossip against them.

For those women who try to make balance between their social and domestic jobs. We should praise for the efforts they make to both pursue their social values and to maintain their family duties. Whatever the distributions they assign to domestic work and social jobs, it is of necessity to uphold them and support them for they have done things which are meaningful and valuable.

For those career women who decide to quit family, they also need support and respect from her friends, her community and the world. They are being themselves. They should not be criticized simply for they do not conform to what men defined “feminity”. Those women are making incredible contribution in being women against male-centered world and they demonstrate the equal and ever better capacity with men. It is unjust to depict them as “monster” just for they are not traditional.

Based on the previously succinct summary of the three types of women within family and in society at large, I’m trying to give my vision that women should be respected in their chosen road. If they value family life most, respect them and their domestic work for the domestic work is as equally important as the social duties. If women value social duties most, respect them and their social contributions for they are being themselves in performing the same social duties as men do.

To be a correspondent of Pulse wire, I hope that through unite and cooperation, women all around the world could raise the consciences that women are doing very important job as men do. They deserve respect in all way. The voices may be small but this in the future will make a difference. We can change the world by gradually penetrate into male-centered ideologies and society. Through cooperation and propaganda, we can broadcast our views which I believe will bring women a better future.


usha kc's picture

Dear Wendy,, it's good to

Dear Wendy,, it's good to read your article . We both have same thoughts, same issue,same voice regarding inequaty between man and woman. you will find it in my post to if you see.
now my voice is not only mine it;s now ours.


Wendy Xie's picture

thx, sister!Let's work hand

thx, sister!Let's work hand in hand and one day we can make a difference!O(∩_∩)O~


Beverly Rose's picture

freedom to choose

Dear Wendy,

I enjoyed reading your essay. I agree that it is critical for women to choose whether they want a career, family, or both, and their choice should be honored. It is a powerful vision, and I believe it can happen. I would be interested in hearing more detail of how you would help make this happen as a Voices correspondence..

Wishing you much success in your endeavors to create a more equitable world.

Wendy Xie's picture

thx, sister! I think as a

thx, sister! I think as a Voices correspondent could provide me with the valuable platfrom to speak,to connect,to act and to transform.

Let's work together to build women a better environment to live in!



Just wanted to share some experiences gained from personal experience:

When the voices all around you are negative, all you have is your inner voice to keep you positive about yourself.

It is so important to fill yourself with self-love and encouraging things that will lift you up mentally and physically.

If the voices outside are negative, please do not let them enter your heart.

Keep your mind a place for attracting positive thoughts about yourself, and your heart a place to realize the love of yourself as a special conduit for the divine.


Wendy Xie's picture

thx for sharing so inspiring

thx for sharing so inspiring message, sister! I quite agree with you that it is important to fill our hearts with strength and positive thoughts. Also, we can work together, give support and encourage sisters to make life more meanigful and colorful!

Love from Wendy

stephaniecubbon's picture

Hi Wendy, Thank you for

Hi Wendy,

Thank you for sharing your vision. As a woman who is still choosing her road, this piece really resonated with me. I completely agree that regardless of which path women choose, they should be respected and valued.

Keep up the great writing!

Wendy Xie's picture

Thx sister! Pls listen to the

Thx sister! Pls listen to the voices from your heart and believe in your intuition because they know exactly what you want to do! Igonre others who try to destruct your dream. And I will be very glad to support the path you decide to choose!O(∩_∩)O~

Love from Wendy

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