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The Solutionists

Where did this VISION, this INSPIRATION, this PASSION come from? It came from a place deeper than I am consciously aware. I don’t believe it is something I was born with but something that was formed within me. Something happened that changed my plight in life and that changed the world in which I was caste to live. I was afflicted with Polio as a toddler and from the moment of being injected with that infected needle, the course of my life was altered. A different lot was cast for my life. I was assigned to a different family, even a different world. I now lived among the invisible, in the world of the DIS-abled.

In much of the world I am told – and I can tell you that here, it’s true – the handicapped are an invisible nation within a Nation. They are a loathsome burden; a blight on an otherwise healthy society. 'They have nothing to contribute, nothing to give,' so in exchange for any favor whatsoever, EVERY dignity is stripped from them.

Fortunately for me, I was torn from the embrace of loving arms when society re-assigned me. There were already flames of love burning in the embers of my heart. And I believe it was this mélange that sparked the PASSION of my destiny, becoming an inextinguishable flame that burns in the inner-chambers and keeps me aflame. I can’t say exactly how it happened, or precisely when, but The Fire became My LIGHT – I know Its Source, and that’s enough – but I can tell you that now the burning are flames of HOPE, of PROMISE, and that of an ALTOGETHER OTHER FUTURE.

I still hear the untamed, unmanageable, almost deafening cries of my invisible sisterhood, but the Light of The Fire is leading me toward the SOLUTION. And what EXACTLY are the cries?!? They are to be Heard, to be Seen; TO BE IN THE HEART OF ANOTHER. Having lived with and grown up among this mostly invisible community has developed a passionate drive within me to become a Visible representation of their invisible existence, to be an amplification of the beat of their heart, that perhaps the result of my living and breathing may begin to revive The Pulse of theirs. And while that is my ‘come-from’, this heart has opened wide to embrace the Whole, joining the invisible to the visible, that as ONE we may create that ALTOGETHER OTHER beneficent World.

But how exactly? Well, I can tell you what’s begun. WE are banding together. There are so many who are wanting to be included and involved, so there are many initiatives underway. There are various Associations being formed, and all of these forming with a unity of heart and mind. There are business endeavors underway and political movements, all with the same unity of purpose.

And while one might think that the force of the power and building momentum is due to the numbers that are increasing, it actually has more to do with the direction we’re looking. Being focused on a point BEYOND any differences and into OUR future has created a unified expectation, putting a DEMAND on unity of mind and purpose.

A corporate change of mind is taking place and it’s caused a change in our approach. Instead of looking for a hand, for jobs, and for leadership, WE are taking the Lead and moving Ourselves into position; the position to GRANT favor, to CREATE jobs, to CHANGE THE TIDE of things. Instead of looking for someone else to provide solutions, we are positioning ourselves to become THE SOLUTIONISTS for the changes we envision.

And World Pulse? It catalyzed me, preaching solidarity and possibility and potentiality. And somehow, somewhere along the way I found I was no longer being preached to, but PREACHING! World Pulse has helped me find MY Voice, providing me the tools, encouragement, the leadership and opportunity to ‘PREACH ON’, Sister! To be the Visible representation and the amplification of The Pulse I was seeking to become, both for my invisible sisterhood and my Congolese sisterhood in general. And becoming a VOF Correspondent, who knows how far OUR reach may extend? But HERE, WE BEGIN!



YAOtieno's picture


Hi Neema,

With such fantastic articles, It is impossible for you to be invisible anymore!!!

Keep writing,


A candle looses nothing my lighting another

Neema's picture


Thank you for your wonderful encouragement. And I agree with your byline. In fact, lighting another candle makes our light seem that much brighter. And indeed, the more candles lit, the stronger the Light!

Cheers to you dear sister,


Maggs's picture

Preach on sister!

Neema I like your style. You pulled me in, you let me ride along, you let me watch from afar, you let me feel your passion for action.

You sure you not a Pastor or Reverend?


Neema's picture

Preach on sister!

Ha! For sure, we have a message don't we Maggs!

But in keeping with our hearts, may the words pale in the light of our accomplishments.

With regard for you Maggs,



You are a Gem!

Dear Neema, Your words exude action; driven from that "deeper place." You offer a clear passionate vision of where you came from and a future "Being focused on a point BEYOND any differences". Neema, you are a gem for the invisible sisterhood and your Congolese sisterhood too.



Neema's picture

You are a Gem!

Thank you so much DD. It feels good to be heard, and better to be understood, and it will be OUTSTANDING to be a contributor to the re-write of our history!

Thanks again for your contribution to who I am becoming.


Stella Paul's picture

But for that scarf

Huh! That name and that face - I could smuggle you in and pass off as my Indian cousin :) But the scarf over your head comes in between :(

Ok, that goofy comment apart, I am one who's waiting to see you as a VOF. But, and don't throw a stone at me for saying so, do I care if that doesn't happen? No!!! You already are something bigger for me - Voice of Africa. Will wait to hear it again and again!

Stella Paul
Twitter: @stellasglobe

Neema's picture

But for that scarf

Oh my, Stella! I appreciate sooo much your warm embrace. I am proud to be your Indian cousin :)

And thank you so much for encouraging me to continue to extend myself. And each of us ARE, by Posting our Voices on the Worldwide Web. And what we’re recognizing is that each one of us are strategically and perfectly placed – one here, one there, another over there – and through our connection to one another, the Worldwide Web of our unity is being woven in ever greater measures of solidarity, causing each one of us to be strengthened by the other.

And knowing that you are on your Post encourages and strengthens me on mine, sister. In fact, I feel another 'PREACH' coming on!

Thanks for THAT, Stella!

bouchmd's picture


Wow!! What a great article! You writing style is really amazing and this is a great article! Please continue to write and blog!! Very inspirational!

Neema's picture


Thank you for taking a moment to express your appreciation and giving such wonderful encouragement.

Much appreciated,


joyacomeaux's picture

Yes, you are visible~!

Great to hear your voice, feel your passion and know your commitment .. you are visible~!


Neema's picture

Yes, you are visible!

Thank you so much sister Joya!

CourtneyWilson's picture

To having a voice

Thank you for a great article. No one should ever be made to feel invisible. Well done for speaking up for those who can't or don't know how.

Kind regards,

Neema's picture

To having a voice

You know Courtney, the interesting thing is, I stand out. It's very hard for someone to forget me. People I haven't seen since Primary school will recognize me somewhere and come up and tell me how they remember me and so on. My handicap has in many ways made me, 'unforgettable'. I'm not just Marked, I'm HIGHLIGHTED! And because I'm Highlighted, people take note that I was only the SECOND Woman from my community of around 1,000,000 people to graduate from college, and the FIRST handicapped woman. These things stay with people. They find it remarkable that I've held the highest office in our nation of any woman from my community. The President himself knows me - he CAN'T forget me!

So is my handicap a handicap, or a PLATFORM? You are right Courtney; no one should be made to feel invisible. But for those that are, it is incumbent upon us who've been Highlighted to make a way for them to come out of the background, and INTO the FOREGROUND. There's plenty of room, eh?

Thank you Courtney for calling me out - I've got something to say about that. And you know what; it may just make a difference. In fact, it may be somehow, UNFORGETTABLE!

Celine's picture

Dear Sister Neema, Thank you

Dear Sister Neema,

Thank you for raising up your voice, you are never invisible. You speak for yourself and also for millions of the voiceless.


BlueSky's picture

Dear Sister Neema, Thank you

My Dear Sister Celine, I'm sorry I've been absent for a few days but thank you so much for your encouragement and support. You KNOW how much YOUR words mean to me! May WE TOGETHER my Sister, be a powerfully influential Voice for our Sisterhood!

May God by His Spirit empower YOU beyond your imagination by fulfilling through you His purpose for your Life. It is NOT small!


BlueSky's picture

Thank you for your message

Celine thank you so much.

Ruth Beedle's picture

Interestingly, the one thing

Interestingly, the one thing I am learning without a question..... all any of us want is to be seen and heard and to be happy. Even those of us who think they prefer invisibility. Our lights are meant to shine in this world.

Thank you for being a beacon for others.

NI NI AYE's picture

You are amazing!

Hi Neema

You are really amazing with full of strength and wonderful skills . I am very proud of you and inspired by your talent. It's a great opportunity for our community to have you leading in various supportive ways . Let's meet here for more talks .

Big hug


Congratulations on Very Happy Teachers Day through ten years journey!

AchiengNas's picture

Neema, I have no doubt, sky

Neema, I have no doubt, sky is your limit. You are a strong voice. It won't even take me by surprise if you made it to the final three. I have been watching you silently. I am telling you my mind today. Go on, preach your thing, you have the voice!

I believe everybody has the potential to live a better life. Given the Opportunity, Education and Motivation ANYONE can become someone admirable. Nobody is a NOBODY, everybody is SOMEBODY.

Neema's picture

Neema, I have no doubt...

Beatrice, Your encouragement has stayed with me through all the steps.

Thank you so much, my African sister,


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