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The reason ...and the answer

Hmmm….if any one asked you about your vision towards every thing around you starting YOU .. what would you say??!!! Seriously I’m confused cause to talk about such an issue ,to identify yourself ,to know who you are and the reason you were created for ,to make change and feel it ..ok, let’s make it a little bit simple, feel the power of nature and how it renews itself ,yes it takes some disasters for that change from earthquake, catastrophe or a volcano but eventually the nature restores its balance again ,so to tell about my vision I will say that it’s a mixture among many other visions which i interacted with, the way I raised up, the society I lived in, different situations ran into my life and also different people ,all of these I can say that it formed the person that I’m today and made my own vision in this life..
…from stage to another ,what made up my vision today ,took years of understanding me and the whole world around me ,I will have to concentrate that to widen your vision &knowledge you must listen and learn and to believe & abiding to your believes ..
We were created a thoughtful creatures that are free &equal in everything, no one has the right to judge you for what ever you do, I’m the master for my self and all of my deeds, opinions , notions..etc rising out from my own mind with the that I’m convinced with ,there is no longer need for “walking with the herd” policy ..this is my life ,I make my own choices ,responsible towards my self ,the society and the larger entity which is “community”
..when I found the adv in the” face book” about a chance for training on journalism tools , i was thrilled that I found a chance to prove my self in a field that I like to take it as my future career and surfed in the web about “” and saw this large community of women from all over the world want to make a change in the way which societies used &still treating them with ,figured out how they far away distance but every one is exist to hear you, to support you, and to stand by you ,just remembered when I first wrote my baby journal in the web (To be a broom , chandler or a ''WOMAN'' ) .. I found many girls &women encouraged me to write more , gave all the backing up I need ,shared ideas about how we can deal with our problems ,here where I found Nezed, Usha ,nasreen and other wonderful ladies who I was honored to talk with ..Ohhh yeah ,for all things I ‘ve been through ,for all great things I found and shared ,and for every women deserve a better chance in life , I will be grateful to be a voice between many voices that shout loudly waiting to hear its echo from the world..


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Hi Vicky, Thanks for your

Hi Vicky,

Thanks for your post and for sharing what a positive, connecting experience PulseWire has been for you so far. I really like what you share above about realizing you don't need to "walk with the herd" but that you do share in the responsibility of caring for your community, on your own terms.

Good luck to you and all that you create!


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Yes you have a voice!

I liked your post, as it speaks to many women who have a voice and want to share it honestly.
No more closing down..... nice to be in touch!

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So great to read your words.

So great to read your words. Every woman/person does deserve a good life. And I hope that reality will eventually come true. Keep up the good word and I hope you can realize your dreams through VoF!

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Not being part of the herd

Hi Vicky,
Exactly - visions shift as you move through different stages of life, and they become an intersection of previous idea, cultural upbringing, and future goals.
Any additional thoughts on how journalism can inspire other women not to be part of the herd? Which personal experience would you share with others, how would you encourage others to realize they deserve freedom, equality and a better life? I imagine from the enormous amount of change you are currently witnessing in Egypt that you many stories to share.

Keep up the good work.

"The secret of happiness is freedom,
and the secret of freedom, courage."
-Thucydides, ancient Greek historian & author

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