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I Am Only 50, I Have 50 More

I proudly live in a community of nations where all people regardless of sex, ethnicity, age and abilities fulfill all their human rights; where children are nourished, educated and nurtured; where the women are free from all forms of discrimination, exploitation and violence; and the opportunities to fully develop one’s potentials are open and made accessible to everyone interested everywhere.

The Philippines is a caring nation whose dynamic leaders uphold the public interest above self; who genuinely value the huge contribution of highly skilled overseas and local workers in building the wealth of our country. Mothers, fathers, daughters and sons share parental and family responsibilities. Girls are safe everywhere and no woman die of childbirth. Both women and men freely practice their professions and vocations and lead happy and healthy lives. Everyone - women and men, young and old, rich and poor are committed to do their best to safeguard the integrity of creation and are mindful of the future.

I am a proactive, cheerful and loving woman catalyst of change in my family, my immediate community and the world. I am generously multiplying my God-given talent and skills by developing positive mindsets among groups of women most especially the grassroots and highlighting female potentials and indigenous knowledge in development endeavor. We tap into our innate feminine wisdom and seek counsel from our elders and the sisterhood at World Pulse to share and implement creative solutions to poverty and woundedness.

As a recognized social solopreneur, I have effectively linked women’s groups to resource institutions that provided them access to better financing and technology that helped them create more value to their products thereby increasing their incomes. I have witnessed hesitant women micro entrepreneurs blossom into successful small businesswomen that excellently produces products and services to a discerning global market. I have significantly contributed in the training of local government units to create an enabling environment for women empowerment. As my business and practice grew, the number of women who are becoming economically independent grew exponentially.

This is my personal vision and that is how I want my world and country to be in the future. I am just 50 years old and still has another 50 years more to act on my personal dreams and collective aspirations.

By being a Voice of our Future Correspondent, I will be able to share to the world the real situation in the villages. I will be able to showcase women’s talents and creations through the Resource Exchange. With my supportive sisters in the World Pulse community, I can link our groups with women’s organizations in other countries.

Let the women voices be heard in the villages, at the local centers of power, to the halls of Congress. Together, we will lift each other’s spirits, wipe each other’s tears, cheer at our small victories and sustain our gains in the family, work and community lives.

For we are young and many after all. With you my dear sisters, we can create the world we want our children to be. Long live my sisters. Long live the Pulse of the World.


claudiaperalta's picture

Long live all my sisters:)

I LOVE it! Thanks for sharing in such a positive voice of present realization rather than future possibility***
Let the women's voices be heard indeed, for we are young and many after all...YES!

Thanks for a beautiful write-up:)

Much love,

Paulina Lawsin's picture

You are welcome Claudia. A

You are welcome Claudia. A vision is vivid description of a positive future stated in the present tense. Feel it as if it's happening. Am claiming it. And if am young, you must be younger.



Paulina Lawsin's picture

You are welcome Claudia. A

You are welcome Claudia. A vision is vivid description of a positive future stated in the present tense. Feel it as if it's happening. Am claiming it. And if am young, you must be younger.



jap21's picture

Hi Paulina

I love your vision! This is the first step to making it real: dreaming about it.

Thank you for sharing.



Jacqueline Patiño FundActiva
Tarija - Bolivia
South America

Paulina Lawsin's picture

Yes, the vision serves as our

Yes, the vision serves as our guiding star. The next step is to make the goals. Am doing some of them already.
Glad to hear from you from far Bolivia. Oh, I wish to be there.

Let's keep in touch.

Much love from the Philippines


LauraB's picture

Vision and leadership


I can feel your are not waiting for a vision to come to you. There is no floaty, nebulous quality to your voice. It's clear you are in motion.

Best to you,


Paulina Lawsin's picture

Vision and Leadership

Thanks Laura for reading my post. Yes, I am a big believer in what I sell so I am using, sharing , living my vision. Have a great day and good luck in your business.


Marta Williams's picture

You are inspiring!

A wonderful piece of wisdom and generosity. I give a speech to Spanish executive women at the end of the month and would love to read them this article you have written. May I ? Best and warmest regards,

Paulina Lawsin's picture

Oh wow, really. I will be

Oh wow, really. I will be honored. Wish i can watch their reaction. Let's keep in touch.

Jocelynbrazil's picture

A call to action

Your words felt like a call to action! They roused my spirit and inspired my own visions for a collective sisterhood that encourages each individual's voice to flourish.
Thank you for your clear and succinct thoughts as well as your passion and wisdom. I so look forward to reading more!

Paulina Lawsin's picture

I was dilly -dallying when I

I was dilly -dallying when I got the email. Your comment prompted me to read my vision again. I felt it and got inspired. I could imagine you and other dancers..expressing their personal vision and collective dreams through dance. Let's keep on sharing .. at whatever form. I want to see the video on that.

Hugs from the Philippines.

betsydear's picture

Hi, Pauline...

beautifully written...insightful. write more, i'm a fan<3


Paulina Lawsin's picture

Hey, it is YOU Betsy. Welcome

Hey, it is YOU Betsy. Welcome to World Pulse. Thanks for encouraging this undisciplined 50 year old.

Kitakits FB,


betsydear's picture

Hi, Pauline!

Yes, it's me, BETSY. :)
Been following inspiring write-ups from here. Go.


busayo's picture

Oh yes My Sister

Dear Paulina,
Yes, the sky is the beginning, i was 44 when i joined WorldPulse in 2009 and i want to tell you that the tremedous things i have done in those two years are far more than that last 44 years. You are in the right community, just keep on raising your voices and changes will continue to happen. Your words is inspiring and gearing us all to action. LONG LIVE DEAR SISTER!


Busayo Obisakin
Women inspiration Development center
Ile-Ife, Nigeria

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