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Getting stronger

To move forward in life it is critical to develop our personal vision for life, the ability to situate our ideas and ourselves into perspective, taking into account the world, its geographic and historical basis, and especially how it works locally, nationally and globally.

My personal vision for my life is not unprecedented, it is not different from the one of many of the social workers I know. I wish I was a visionary and have the great capacity of seeing what nobody can see, but actually, my vision is very common. But if I can point out something that make mine unique it is the fact the vision I have for my life, my community and the world in general changes from time to time. Actually, it does not change. I believe it expands itself. So, my vision of life has expanded continuously for two main reasons. The first one is because of information: books, internet, press, smart conversations, study, genuine curiosity and tireless reading habit. The second reason is the development of critical sense on everything I read. This makes me analyze facts as deeply as possible before giving my personal opinion about anything, not accepting or denying/rejecting something on the first sight.

Though, there is a type of vision that I would like to develop: the business vision. I do not think of business vision as something to make my work profitable, as part of a hard core capitalist system. It is the ability to add value to something, so as to acquire greater value to it. For example: make a few pieces of wood to be converted into a table.

I want to know how to carry out projects like this, no matter how simple they are. Put words into action, taking advantage for social causes. Few people have this view and even fewer are those who, faced with a great entrepreneurial spirit, have sufficient momentum to achieve it. I really need more than good example for achieving the social change I want. I need specific “transformational partnership”, and I am not afraid or embarrassed of admitting it.

I already found relevant help here at World Pulse, through comments on my posts, emails, or the material you have on the website. From the last reading, the “Seven Practices for Taking Back the Wisdom of the Feminine” particularly touched my heart. Those things all together has helped me to keep the lights on until I find ways to spread my word wisely, find where and how to communicate better, and also learn how to adapt the things I learn to the reality of my community, the Brazilian society in general, its cultures, values and traditions. And convert myself into a long vision person.

I believe throughout the editorial process of Voices of Our Future, others and I would receive critical feedback on our writing and learn how to develop ideas from initial queries and drafts into compelling, publishable long form pieces. There is a world of knowledge waiting, hoping us do not pass unnoticed by it.

One of the lessons I never forgot from college was about a strong concept: determinism. Determinism is a philosophical doctrine that holds that every physical event, including thought and human actions, are determined by the unbreakable chain of cause and consequence. I do not know if I truly believe in determinism. I’d rather believe in effort, strength, hard work, knowledge. But it makes sense if it is a mixed of everything put together, along with some faith. And somehow I worked all my way to be here at this point of my life.

Thank you all!



Stella Paul's picture

Best of luck!

Sometimes I come across women who need nothing, but a smile. You are one such woman who, I feel, has everything to make her vision come true. So here is a smile, and a bunch of good luck. Waiting to see you as a VOF!

Stella Paul
Twitter: @stellasglobe

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Love your post!

I truly enjoyed reading your post. I am a fellow social worker as well and share many of your thoughts and feelings. I completely agree that I also like to "know" as much as I can to make any decisions and I have often made decisions based on what is best for others in their situation and not necessarily what I would do. I have been through very difficult times and have needed the help of others to assist me get back on my feet. I think it is a continued learning process and I love what you said about believing in effort, strength, hard work, and knowledge and I sometimes feel that you have to be determined to do all of those as you stated it was a mixture. I wish you the very best and thank you so much for sharing!!!

Sally Smith

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Thank you!

Fantastic job Ana! Thanks for your contribution! Good luck!

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