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My life


Through this life we expect a lot of it despite what we face in a daily basis. My life is meant to outstanding with excellence to achieve and empower through a long term. My Life is a big word that I love to use and fulfill with all the rich meanings that includes.
My life is when my community realizes what women capacity is really are! My life is with the people who I belong to understand “it’s ok to have a life of your own as a women and you know it’s possible and it’s Your life.
My life is meant to be full of Joy and happiness and Unconditional love for all and what is important that our love as woman in my community become love without PAIN. Pain becomes the 1% that you rarely hit you.
My life is the life of all women of my community because we are whole not parts and what I desire is a respect and wisdom as a connection not the pain or abuse we face.
My life equal the world like the wave in the lake so small but still a change, I want us to see each other with the women eyes not the Man eyes which is the Male mentality that brought all women fight their own kinds.
My life contained an endless checklist of the things I want in my Life which is in my community in this world like and not only Respect, acknowledgment, equal rights, social justice, etc. and I’ll go on and on listing but I’ll prioritize with eliminating the superiority that men brag about with arguments.
My community needs to confront his own issues, hidden agenda that we know that its there but no one admit it, my community needs to become more Genuine with the women that give birth, let’s start with respect for the life of the women itself and just not threatening of killing her if she become different and in their own words” made a mistake” like the “Honor killing”, respect of being fair in raising her as a human not as servant, let’s give her the chance to know what she wants to be and not guide her through her life to finally arrive for her man Kitchen.
Let’s not be threatened of her beauty and not make it the only thing she will be treated or judged from. Let’s stop judging accusing forcing hitting abusing killing blackmailing rapping Victimizing women. Let’s not limit, paint, chain, boxing, crossing over the women in my community.
Lets speak out loud about the issues that is hidden and never talked about, lets dig and think about our own mind schemes that we use to do judgment, stereotype, label, etc.
Lets don’t use the women biology as an excuse for prison her or killing her, lets support her in the process of loving her body and just not hating it for what’s is coming because of it.
Let’s be supportive and not be destructive as we all humans after all and GAD puts both of women and men in this earth.
Religion, common culture, traditions that is motivating the destructive behavior toward women needs to be erased and faced.
I want MY LIFE to be as it is meant to be without limits and lines and borders and voices that send us for the unknown and uncertainty in daily basis.
I want an honest say from the men that they say things as they believe but they act the opposite with their own sisters and daughters. I don’t want actors in this process who are working to vandalize the small work.
I want all of us to be together in the love and no pain and no abuse with the name of love or sacrificing.
I want women to stop sacrificing their life when no man do that!, I want women to fight for their life and education and just living the life as it is offered for men in a golden plat.
A lot of things I want as it are a vision and a mission for me with the endless checklist I want to complete.
Am looking for Justice ….. Respect….
Becoming a Voices of Our Correspondent will be an honor, I am 24 years old looking to be part of change I want and to do that I need to learn how to give voice for whom they don’t with the sound of logic and emotion, a real feminist in my community will face a lot with the judgment of being straight forward with the thing you demands and being in this program will sharp my clues and teeth to fight and stand up and demand things and confront others with women issues they’ve been avoiding .



MaDube's picture

I am inspired by your

I am inspired by your statement when you say you want your life to be what it is meant to be and not to be restricted by limits that you do not understand. That is something definitely worth fighting for because if you can not be yourself then who are you expected to be?

akaneko's picture

Dear Hanan, What a powerful

Dear Hanan,

What a powerful entry - thank you for sharing your vision for your life and for women in general! I think that your motivation to create a world where women are free from stereotypes and boundaries is one that all women here at World Pulse share. It's inspiring to interact with women like you who have such strong voices - thank you!


DinaYazdani's picture

Dear Hanan, I wish more

Dear Hanan,

I wish more people could hear your vision for the future of women. I hope you will continue to be, a "real" feminist!


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