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Letter to the unborn girl child

For the unborn girl child,


I pray you are inspired, like I am, by women who have risen, like the phoenix, from ashes, from the dirt, from the fear. Take and learn from their strength and courage. Hold on to it, it is important you have and cherish role models that are brave and determined women making the world go round.

I hope you’re going to school is a given; uncontested and compulsory. I hope you finish school and that your education remains unmolested; that strangers, teachers, brothers and fathers let you receive that education until the end.
It is your right beloved.
I hope that you are taught to pursue your dreams; that you can create your dreams, that society will not impose on you a role that you do not wish or care for, that only you dictate your destiny. May your independent thought be encouraged. May you be allowed to speak your mind.

I hope that you never have to sell your body for rent or food. I hope you never have to engage in survival sex. I hope your first sexual experience is uncoerced- financially, physically and emotionally.
I hope you have the power to say no and can walk away when a man insists not to use a condom.
I pray you practice safe sex and have access to sexual and reproductive health care. I hope you receive such care without shame, without stigma, without so much as a stare, a loud whisper or an eyebrow lift that makes you feel less than human.
It is your right beloved.

I pray that your body remains free of scars and that you never have to suffer abuse. I pray that gender based violence is a crime and that it is treated as such; that you never have to suffer at the hands of a policeman, a judge or any person of authority that does not understand. I pray you do not have to endure repeat victimisation by the state and its agents.
You have rights. May you be allowed to claim and assert them.

By the time you read this, I imagine a society where gender, race, class and sexual orientation mean nothing. That there is no need for these labels and that people relate above them, beyond them.
You have layers, you are many things, and may you be the only who decides what, and when and where.

I pray that the system: social, judicial and health has evolved to care about you, protect you and lets you live a life of dignity and respect, free of fear, abuse and oppression.

The world is deeply fractured and messy right now but there are countless people at work, fighting for you. The fight is on. It is energy, determination and commitment. It is hoping that things can change, it is acting on the belief that they will. They, and I, will not stop fighting for gender equality and justice so that you my beloved girl-child can live the life you choose, with all your rights realised, with your dignity intact, with the respect you deserve.

You see, as part of this fight, I have applied to become a Voices of Our Future Correspondent (VOFC) on World Pulse. I want to learn how to use words, my love for you, to share the stories, the beauty of solutions, of survivorship, of going beyond.

Victory needs collective action. It needs mobilisation. Applying to become a VOFC is a leap in that direction, your direction. It is an intricate part of the fight. It is using the power of words, of pain, of strength, of bravery, to connect, to trigger, to sustain and to empower.
It is stoking the consciousness. It is reporting about the battles won, the ground gained. It is sharing the victories so that one day, you may live, and not just survive.

Beloved, there is so much I want for you, but this is a start of my vision unwrapped.

The fight is on.


Cali gal Michelle's picture


....such a strong, beautiful letter full of expectation and hope. Stay strong, sister!



Let us Hope together-
aka: Cali gal


NakhuloD's picture

Thanks Michelle. Power to you

Thanks Michelle. Power to you too!

Stella Paul's picture

A proud child

That child, when born, would be the luckiest and proudest daughter of a mom so full of wisdom, will and strength. Here is my good luck to the mom, who is already a VOF, at least for me, and a wonderful visionary.

Stella Paul
Twitter: @stellasglobe

NakhuloD's picture

Stella, thank you so much.

Stella, thank you so much. Your encouragement is much appreciated. ;-) And your writing and personal story is exceptional. I wish you only the best!

meena-megha's picture

Deeply moving

There is tremendous power in your words and your vision, and just so beautifully communicated.

NakhuloD's picture

That means a lot. Thank you

That means a lot. Thank you my dear!

Hiba's picture

Dear NakhuloD, This is a

Dear NakhuloD,

This is a master piece my friend! I read it three times and in every time there were words stopping me to shed a tear just feeling your pain through the words you used to portray your "story". Reading in between the lines made me connect to what seems to be some gigantic suffering. On the brighter side, you managed to draw a big smile on my face hearing happy voices of your "unborn daughter" and her fellow women scoring for a better future for all of us.

I wish you all the best,

NakhuloD's picture

Hiba, awwww am so touched by

Hiba, awwww am so touched by your words. Am glad you could smile, because there is plenty of hope for the future :)
Thanks for the positive energy.


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