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Waving flag!!!!!


I start this with the simplest way to introduce me; “my religion is ‘NATURE’ ” and “I’m a daughter of ‘UNIVERSE’ ”. I’m a vegetarian and an animal lover and stand for the right of the animals who do not have voices. Every day I do self consideration; “Did I say lies/evil words/empty words?” “Did I violate the right of living of animal or even a tree?” “Did I use alcohol or drugs?” “Did I steal something?” and I try to give away unconditional love and friendship for everyone thinking that they are my brothers/sister, parents or children. This is the way that I try to live, which I do not want to interpret as pious, but I’ll say that I want to decrease any harm to others that caused by me.

So my vision of life as a woman is, “a woman can stand by herself, and can overcome any barrier and can become highly successful in her life”, which I have my own experience. My parents are always standing beside me like sun and moon. I have a great freedom in my life that I always try to use in fruitful tasks.

My mission is to create sustainable media culture in my country with higher representation of women. And become a voice to voiceless. So for this we all have to get together throwing the mismatching and inequalities. Thus inner peace is the best way to combine the hearts of the people to reach such a huge goal. The inner peace when is given to others, the sustainable peace is established. That is the vision for my country and the wish for my country. As I always say we have enough experience of blood shedding in my country in Sri Lanka, and I’m trying to construct mutual understanding among all the groups , so that can lead sustainable peace in future.

Today the world is in a chaos, nature is signaling us that she can no longer bear. We should listen to her. We should heal her. Otherwise not only the human species, the whole earth will blast. Inner purification of people will change the way they treat nature. We are now struggling to make the others understand the disasters they are doing by seducing nature and earth. As I’m a thread of the web of nature, and one day after I die as I’ll dissolved into the soil I have to integrate with her. That mean I will integrate with all humans, animals, earth, water and trees. And my love towards them will make everyone interrelated one day. That means as a single person I share love, and then other one who gets it will share it with others and this will go as a cycle.

For this my VOICE is the most important. As a journalist I believe that I have a great responsibility for others, because the path I have selected is ‘speaking for others’. So pulse wire already has taught me lessons, by becoming a member and also engaged in the four week classroom. Here pulse wire with a group with same inters and same kind of positive goals I can easily and freely share and express myself. But the difficult part is beyond that. Because outside there is a world, that with people of different perspectives. Who are arrogant, who do not like to change for good. I have to address them, and convince them the reality and make use of them to heal the world.

So far I spoke about whole human nation. But women, whom in some places are under control, suppressed, should stand. Though there is a great rise of women still it should be fueled. It does not mean combating. But kind of fighting, without violence; but with perceptions and intuition. Pulse wire is the ideal platform for me for that. That will make me stronger, more confident and more equipped.

Changing world for good is not a simple thing. Throughout the history people were struggling to change the world and we are benefiting from those changes. Today my initiative is a tiny step. But tomorrow million will follow me, and I will take the flag of Pulse Wire.



Kadidia's picture

Waving Flag

Hello Madu,

There is no tiny step. A step is a walk towards a new adventure.

When you write that: "My mission is to create sustainable media culture in my country with higher representation of women. And become a voice to voiceless" you have already made the big step, you have taken ownership of what you have decided needs to be done and you will do it. Congratulations! This is what the PulseWire community is about. Women Leaders who know what they want and how they intend to do it for the sake of their community.

"As a journalist I believe that I have a great responsibility for others, because the path I have selected is ‘speaking for others’. So pulse wire already has taught me lessons, by becoming a member and also engaged in the four week classroom." May I say that you're ready to fight the right battle?

Kadidia Doumbia

Jessica Carmen's picture


I love your positive attitude and your concern for others! It sounds like you are a great role model. Each step, no matter how seemingly "tiny," is important. Keep up the good work!

MaduRathnayaka's picture

You made me proud of me

Dear Kadidia,

Thank you for your comment that makes me more encouraged. Yes I'm ready for the battle, Yes WE ALL are ready for it!!!


MaduRathnayaka's picture


Tnx Jessica for the worthy words. Love it


Kadidia's picture


Hello Madu,

I will be interested in watching your documentary film on "women's post war psychological trauma".
I believe that it may be a good work tool that NGOs may be interested in working with. Is there a site where I can watch it?

Kadidia Doumbia

MaduRathnayaka's picture


Kadidia I would like to share it with you all. But not yet I have uploaded in anywhere. But I promise soon I'll put it into my youtube channel so you can watch it
And tnx for the interest!


Emily Garcia's picture

Thank you!

Hello Madu!

Thank you for sharing! You bring great energy here to PulseWire and show us how big your heart is. Reading your post is like receiving a great big hug from you, so I send you a virtual hug right back! You are a woman of many passions and I'm so glad you have support systems in your life to help you pursue them. I loved your imagery describing your mother and father standing beside you always like the sun and the moon. When we have people and/or community that believe in us, we will be as strong as we can be!

Keep up the good work!

Best wishes,


Emily Garcia
World Pulse Online Community Lead

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