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The right to be

I used to believe in the usual sayings about life like I must search for a meaning for everything and I must look for my soulmate. Then I found that all I have to do is to collect pieces of my own puzzle through my entire life, and everything else will come along. Cherishing myself is the way to embrace my surroundings. I perceive my given life as chance for holding hands with others, to talk to, to walk with, to learn and teach, to seek a more clear and serene vision, to build bridges and cultivate respect. When I was young all I wanted is another choice, another way, one I am eager to follow, my own experience. I respected the experience of others and the elders, but this never replaced mine. What I hated the most is forcing others' dreams and experiences in my mind and life, I fought for the right of chasing my inner and real self and express me in every way possible, in work, study, write, art and communication.

I do not want my family to depend on me or anyone else, though I will always be there for them. A human being is the most valuable asset to himself and others, I prefer my family members acquire more knowledge about what they really want and can achieve. Once I asked my youngest brother: What do you feel enthusiastic about my dear? Would you like to study or master a profession? He answered: I like to use my hands. We were thinking about a certain vocational training so he would be able to use his hands, depend on himself and assess his skills. I always encourage my sisters to be fearless, it is never too late to stop the damage or accept change. I encouraged my older sister to go back to college and finish her study though she sometimes wine because she thinks that she is too old to do that! I always tell her that such thoughts are nonsense.

Like my family, I wish for my community many possibilities and opportunities. In my society many people believe that the only way to go somewhere is either to be a doctor or born rich, for some women marry a rich man. I want my community aware of other precious possibilities they have especially women, the infinite colors they can reflect. To focus on the talented poor or promising marginalized people, to poke the concealed aspirations, promoting new possibilities in any way possible and most important sharing. Mainly, encourage women to fly away from their cocoons and desert the pre-assumptions about their capabilities transformed and handed to them by men and society. Each and member in family and society has the right to alter their lives, to pursuit change. The right to ask why and what if, the right to accept the doubt and the right to be.
For the time being I really want the killing stop in Syria, I do see a free country in the future.

Why do I want to become a voices of the future correspondent, because I want to "power bestowed" me, loved the expression. I want for me what I want for my community, what possibilities I have, what can I achieve, how far my voice can reach, how to reach. It is another piece I want to collect and help others to collect theirs', a map to show me the way to move and act. All I need is to master the tools, being a Voices of Our Correspondent will urge me to get in touch and go deep in my surroundings, this will make me part of exchange cycle, empowerment exchange, encouragement exchange and knowledge exchange.


sahar's picture

Oh , dear . Your words are

Oh , dear . Your words are touched . Keep it up and I wish you best of all.


Sahar Nuraddin

follow me @snuraddin
"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing."
- Helen Keller

Hummingbird's picture

hey Sahar

hey dear, appreciate your sweet words. I tried to write my vision with all my power and after I posted the article I felt it was too passionate, but I did not deleted it because it was like a dialogue with my self.

Take care dear

A drop of rain can revive the earth, be the drop.


Emily Garcia's picture


Dear Nisan,

I loved this post! I feel like I can hear passion and enthusiasm in your voice through your words, and your words are incredibly motivating. You expressed "the right to be" beautifully and I wish you all the best as you continue to share your visions with those in your community.



Emily Garcia
World Pulse Online Community Lead

Hummingbird's picture

Thank you

Thank you dear for giving my article a time to read..glad you liked it

A drop of rain can revive the earth, be the drop.


meg.peterson's picture

Hello Nisan, Beautiful

Hello Nisan,

Beautiful writing and vision. It sounds as if you are a strong, motivating voice in your community and home. We all need that encouragement in our ear. I am sure many appreciate your enthusiasm. Keep up your positive vision!


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