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The Girl Child Campaign that was begun in the nineties has been regarded as an astounding success judging from the number of women leaders in our society. We respect them in their positions of power, mostly because of the power contained in those positions but most importantly we respect the women in our lives; Our mothers, aunts, grandmothers, nurses, teachers and friends because they have contributed large parts of their lives to ensure that the Human race is not extinct and is grounded as well.

Yes, there are still societies where the girl child is regarded as a burden or a property, but this scenarios are not as widespread as say, 20 years ago. The girl child has truly blossomed. The men in society, especially those in the twenty first century generation, have been taught the value of women and they are upholding this steadfastly.

It is very unfortunate that while the world was busy bringing the girl child up from the dark ages into the latest century, they left he boy child behind. Now we are back to square one. The girl child is secure in the knowledge that no matter what circumstances she faces in life, she can make it. She knows that the destiny of future generations lies with her, and she is trying to ensure that this future is bright and full and fun, in a way that only a women can understand.

Is the boy child secure in the same knowledge?

As concerns the latter, yes, by the virtue of being male. There is an inherent leadership quality in men that the religious can attribute to Adam being regarded as the leader of his family. Those who believe in the Darwinian theory attribute this to the fact that men were hunters and protectors while the women were protectors. Scientist would attribute these to our different genetic make up. However, we can all agree, both the religious and the not so, that the Man is the unmistakeable leader. As concerns the former, I would not be so quick to agree.

My opinion is that the girl child has been so elevated in status that the Boy child does not know how to regard her anymore. Yes, he will treat her with respect, but only because it is a learned science, one that gets him where he wants to be when it suits him. This then means that he is not thinking of the future generations, only of his present circumstances. This explains the increase in rates of divorces and crime, the increase of lack of morals ad the slow and steady demise of men in the society owing to dangerous behaviors. Simply put, the Boy child has not known how to grow up into a man, with all the responsibilities and privileges accorded to that status. The girl child, too secure in her position in society has stepped up into the void thus changing the course of nature and our future as we know it. It of course, doesn't help that She has decided that her half of the society is more important!

Who shall save the Boy Child?

The Girl Child. That is who. We must begin to bring our Boys up into men. The world is a shared home that loses value without one half of the equation. No matter how we look at it, the world needs Boys to stand up and be Men. They need the support that the girl child was accorded to enable them be at par with the with their contemporary halves.

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