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The suffering of women in Kashmir is symbolic of the suffering of women worldwide. Perhaps, the last two decades of conflict have deeply wounded and subjugated our minds.
Fortunately, my personal vision synchronizes all other voices in my community with an outlook for a safer and an empowered world at large.
Besides, the direct damage, collateral damage is being neglected as the trauma is so deep that people have somehow forgot to live the normal life as they end up in saying, “Can there be any life without any Conflict. Without any harassment, midnight knocks, killings, gunshots, mass graves, without impunity to military and without any disappearances, rapes and custodial killings.”
I believe there is an immediate need to acknowledge the role played by women in the society over the last 20 years of conflict and to address the marginalization of their rights. The fact is that there is a tendency among all Kashmiris, who all have suffered both directly as well as indirectly to connect every issue, howsoever different, with the conflict. So this ‘powerlessness of women’ needs to be addressed.
It is unfortunate that in our patriarchal society, woman has not been recognized as sovereign individual self as they are asked to confront men and imitate them in the matters in every matter. But, more than the conservative one, the problems faced by women has its political roots, as an economically weaker society is becoming a major impediment for the women empowerment.
I fail to understand why is there is a need to impersonate men as women have their own importance and role.
Recently a conference of Intra-Kashmir Women’s conference, titled, Women’s Roles in Society: Issues of Mutual Concern”, was held in Kashmir to sought an end to lingering conflict in the state. The solutions for peace, security, and economic stability to prevail throughout the region and an immediate end to the protracted conflict were discussed. Also, the inclusion of women in all peace-building and peace negotiations on Kashmir was given prime focus.
What interested me is that some of the core issues like “Women’s Roles in Peace-building, Policy-making and Socio-economic and Legal Issues in Women’s Empowerment were deliberated in the two-day long meet, organised by the Centre for Dialogue and Reconciliation (CDR), New Delhi, and the Women for Peace, Srinagar.
Women in Kashmir have suffered worst in their capacity as mothers, sisters, daughters and wives owing to the perpetual strife. No matter even if whatsoever ambitions are to be sacrificed, women in conservative valley have made up their minds to make “Empowerment as a powerful tool to withstand against all odds”.
I want that process should continue wherein more and more women should feel empowered and break all the shackles of marginalization to be a part of peace negotiations, political processes to resolve the long-pending Kashmir conflict which is the key of all problems.
In the political domain, I think the issues that matters to all the women stakeholders in Kashmir -Strengthening of the State Commission for Women, Implementation of the Domestic Violence Act and an end to the atrocities against women.
By becoming a voice of World-pulse, I want to write and spread the education on the various issues like gender budgeting, allocation of resources across sectors, women’s access to micro-financing schemes, effective implementation of wage policy for women, imparting of vocational and skills training for women and provision of marketing facilities for small entrepreneurs and more importantly attention to women’s health issues, especially maternal health, infant mortality and mental health.
Pulse wire can facilitate my access to explore the ways of empowering my people on a worldwide platform with discourses on issues like -33 per cent quota for women in the Assembly, Councils, and local bodies on both sides of the Line of Control, adequate women’s representation in departments dealing with gender issues, representation of women in strengthening of autonomous and independent State institutions to monitor and report gender-based issues.
By gathering input from worldwide, I want to work and chase my vision through various online activities for a discussion and solution-orientation, cutting all barriers with a live interactive powerful community to benefit my community by people with similar experiences with self-empowering and soul-healing tools.



usha kc's picture

Dear Aliya, very goo article

Dear Aliya, very good article dear I really loved. you have reflected almost all the scenario of community which going through long war. As I am from Nepal and know little bit about Kashmir war I can imagine the terrific situation of war's fear.
yes,, every where war badly affects mostly women and children and so as in Kashmir. Issues you raised are very crucial you did great job to raise your voice on these issues.
I totally with you and your vision my best wishes for you sis.

Aliya Bashir's picture

Thanx Usha

I have tried to encompass some of the major issues around which others issues revolve. But yes if the basic core issues and root cases are addressed then there is no need for small cosmetic treatments as we all yearn for long lasting peace and tranquility.
Stay Safe Udoka


zacyrus's picture

I like

I like your story. It is very, very interresting infomative. Thank you for sharing with us all these events. I wish you good luck for your VOF

Aliya Bashir's picture

So nice of you

Thanx Riana for all the appreciation and kind words.
Sta Blessed


amiesissoho's picture


Dear Aliya,

You have demonstrated the complexity of women's lives and the various issues that affect women. I'm sure with your desire to share their stories through online forums there will be very many voices to be listen to in each of the areas you have identified as topics of discussion. Good luck :)


Aliya Bashir's picture


Ya dear amie you have rightly understood all the solutions-oriented initiatives for a free and empowered world.
Thanx a ton


MaDube's picture

With a voice such as yours to

With a voice such as yours to fight for their recognition as equal human beings then women's powerlessness can be done away with.

Aliya Bashir's picture

Hope so

Well Dube
I am quite hopeful to chase all the dreams inshallah...........Need ur prayers.
Stay Safe dear


Nesima's picture

The conference you attended

The conference you attended sounds so fascinating! I think you have tremendous leadership potential based on your observations and understanding of the complex needs of women. Great post!

Aliya Bashir's picture


Dear Nesima,
Thankyou so much for the kind words and encouragement.
Moula Bless
Stay Safe


Stella Paul's picture

New Hope

Dear Aliya

Personally, I am very disappointed to see the little or no role of Kashmiri women in public sphere, especially in political leadership. Of course there is Mehbooba Mufti, but I don't think she has done much for Kashmiri women, at least not for bringing others into decision making level.

So, I am definitely one person eagerly waiting to see more women emerging as leaders. Knowing Nusrat and you have been a great pleasure and I really wish you lots of luck to reach higher!!!

Stella Paul
Twitter: @stellasglobe

Aliya Bashir's picture

A new dawn

Dear Stella,
I truly agree with you...But apart from blame game I guess it is a high time women in Kashmir should come out of cocoon for peace building and women representation in all spheres in a humble way...there work should speak and credits will follow then..we all are looking forward to the new dawn with every body contributing in small ways to make a huge sustainable difference...
Thank you for the encouragement.
Sta Blessed Stella


Potter's picture

I love how you advocate for

I love how you advocate for using online activities to discussion, building a community of peple with similar experiences in search of "soul-healing tools." You assert that empowerment can "break the shackles of marginalization." Clearly you see a critical need for Kashmiri women to raise their voices for peace and an end of atrocities against women. Thank you for your clear and insightful vision.

Aliya Bashir's picture

Dear Potter

All I can say is that thanks u made my day...) truely there is a serious dearth of sources to bring the plight into the we can't let the impossibility to dominate us...we are hopeful of our small small contributions which can do at times never knows...
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