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Pushed by my Vision, Poised to Transform my Community

I was born into the world without glamour or splendour!
I was born right there on a mat in my mother’s hut. There was no midwife, no nurse, no doctor!
My mother was a poor widow who could not afford hospital expenses. She told me there was neither ante-natal nor post-natal attention received. Because she did not encounter any complications on the process of my delivery, she named me ‘Omere-ebere Chukwu’ meaning ‘the mercy of God upon me’.

Reminiscence of situation at my birth, other developments and situations of my mother and other girl-children in my community, I get disturbed by issues and experiences that subject women to suffering and to untold hardships. I desire to make a difference. I desire for a change in my community. Yes, I believe I am a change agent, a unique person!

Because unique, I owe it to myself to facilitate and manage my unique powers. I always envision for myself a life of ever-evolving and growing self. I think in organic way, strive for upward movement. I visualize myself climbing upwards to accomplish my life goals, the goal of contributing in making changes happen in my community and the world. I vision for a community, where individuals be empowered to discover their growing edge, their point of power and use such to improve their living. I vision for a world where individuals will experience less of tumult, less of war or any form of violence.

While I meditate and draw my guide, an inner spirit asked me: “Is it possible for women to enjoy life without violence, tumult and war? What about the global war on women, the civil, political, economic and social denial? What about the girl-child whose genital organ is mutilated to reduce her level of sexual enjoyment? What about the rural women, the likes of my mother who till the land all through life, farming to get food sustenance for her family and yet she do not have access to own any land?

Just a look at this case I have on hand: Baby Blessing is a girl-child born in 2010. Two months after her birth, her father Mr. Onyebuchi Madujibe had a protracted illness. All resources meant to nurture baby Blessing were diverted to treating the sick father. For lack of proper attention, baby Blessing became sick. The father died five months after. Her mother Chidinma, a widow under 28 years is uneducated and living in fear. The family of the late husband subjected her to very harsh conditions on the reason that they are following traditions of treating a widow.

Chidinma and baby Blessing are presently homeless. They are denied access to the late Onyebuchi’s house, entitlement from his work place, bank account and any other estate of late Onyebuchi. Chidinma is a woman and has no right to claiming property. Baby Blessing is a girl-child and in Igboland, girl-children are culturally excluded from inheriting property.

Baby Blessing is about 14 months old. She looks pale and sick. She looks so malnourished. She has stunted growth. She never crawls nor walks. Baby Blessing is likely to develop a disability.

I have a vision where women are no longer discriminated against. My vision is for a world where women no longer face marginalization on the basis of ‘gender’, a world where the girl-children will have inheritance rights, a world where persons are no longer treated in discriminatory manner because they are women or because they are disabled, a world when my country Nigeria will make it compulsory that every couple, no matter the religion or culture, must go through court wedding, a world when my country will domesticate the signed and ratified UN Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women? Domestication of such a legal instrument is urgently needed to fight the case of baby Blessing and her widowed mother Chidinma.

Becoming a VOF Correspondence I believe will offer a whole lot of empowerment, motivations, exchange of skills for voiceless women, which I represent, to speak out in order to effect the desired change. I see World Pulse a burden sharer, a rallying point and VOF Correspondence field workers bringing in first-hand information and experience, finely woven together for a better world for women.

To my community, there will be increased awareness and sensitization for women to share stories, build relationships and connect with communities around the world. I strongly need a queue into the VOF processes – the mentoring, the nurturing, the courage to take back my feminine stance and the associated transforming powers. I need to squarely face the hurdles, squarely engage in the activities to assist in accomplishing my dreams.
The VOF is so appropriate to accomplish my dreams, the time is now!



MaDube's picture

And you can do it all Celine

And you can do it all Celine because your vision pushes your agenda. All the best sister.

Celine's picture

Thank you good sister. God's

Thank you good sister. God's blessings!


usha kc's picture

Celine sis,, I appriciate

Celine sis,, I appriciate and 100% agree with your vision. thank you so much for sharing your own feeling.
loved it.
:) hug

Celine's picture

Usha Dear

Usha dear, thank you for reading and comments.

Hug dear sister


susa's picture

hold on to your dreams

Dear Celine,

Thank you for such a powerful and personal essay. You express your experiences and dreams so clearly and evocatively. Nice writing!

I applaud you for the clarity of ideas and your convictions about how you can YES! answers to the questions you asked in your essay. I was also touched by your phrase, "I owe it to myself to...." Yes, we often forget that being all we can be is a service to ourselves as well as to others.

More power to you in everything you do!


Celine's picture

Holding on to my dreams

Dear Susa,

Thank you so much for spending time to read my essay and more especially for your words of encouragement.
Yes, I owe it to myself to work on my person overcoming fear and psychological issues emanating from my status. This provides me with confidence to address issues among my community members based on my experience and also as a living testimony.

Lots of love dear Sister Susa!


CindyColes's picture

Confidence is key

Hello Celine,

Your article is wonderfully inspiring - you have such confidence and conviction!

I trust you have the drive and motivation to make changes happen in your community.

Cindy Coles

Celine's picture

Hello Cindy

Hello Cindy,

Thank you Cindy for your nice comments.
It is interesting to know that you run a website business and that you give support to the community. I am happy for you.

Sure, I have the drive to make changes happen in my community but I tell you, most times I lack resources to run all programmes I plan. Last week-end I organized a skill empowerment workshop for 10 women and 2 men living with disabilities. The workshop was called LIVE YOUR LIFE THE WAY YOU WANT IT. It addressed health, psychological, family and other societal challenges facing women with particular emphasis on women living with disabilities. Participants were psychologically empowered to see themselves as individuals who has some contributions to make in the society other than being objects of charity. Reading the happiness on their faces gave me a lot of joy and satisfaction. It was successful as they were highly motivated by the contents, the sharing session was touching. I am doing a write-up with photos on that to share with sisters on pulsewire. I just pray I can do another round for blind women I met in August during a working visit to a rehabilitation center here in Lagos.

Thank you sister for your encouraging words.

Celine Osukwu
Divine Foundation for Disabled Persons

CindyColes's picture

Everyone contributes

Hello Celine

Cindy Coles

CindyColes's picture

Better if everyone contributes

Hello Celine

That's excellent to hear. Feeling empowered, and belonging to a community makes such a difference in our quality of life.

I used to live in Taiwan, and they don't have social assistance. They don't allow anyone to live off handouts or charity. Instead, there are options for those with disabilities for education and livelihood, according to their abilities. Also, those professions are protected, meaning that you must have a special training in order to receive a licence to practice.

For example, if you are sense-impaired to a certain degree, you could attend a special school that provides basic education and skills training. One vocational path is in music, and after graduation you would receive a licence that allows you to play in festivals and other cultural events. Not just anyone is allowed to do this job - only those with a licence. Or, you might choose professional training as a masseuse, which would also earn you a licence. In Taiwan, the licence to practice massage is given only to those who are graduates of this special program for disabled persons. It is a protected vocation.

Everyone wins under this kind of program: taxes remain low (there is no funding for welfare), everyone contributes real value, and no one is made to feel like a burden. And believe me, if you've ever heard music played by someone who has had one objective for their life's work, and who is grateful for that opportunity, and whose senses are honed to what they do, you know the difference. Those musicians are very, very good!

When people with disabilities are "seen" everyday, they are as involved in the community as anyone else and are accepted. It makes for a more cohesive community in general, and the feeling spreads.

I wish you genuine support in your efforts. If I can help, please let me know.

Cindy Coles

Celine's picture

You Enlightened me

Hello Cindy,

Thank you for the enlightenment on the situation in Taiwan. I wish Nigerian government can adopt any form of system whether direct or indirect to boost the integrity of persons with disabilities.

Here, the government hardly considers encouraging disabled persons. If one is educated, it is because the family can afford to send him/her to school and because the level of disability is such that he/she can learn in school. Then after graduating, the person faces discrimination in getting a job. No government considers any funding for welfare nor job opportunity for persons with disabilities. Instead of job, well-to-do persons who are highly placed and in positions of leadership prefers to give alms to disabled persons to giving jobs. It does not occur to leaders to involve disabled persons in the community and because of hunger and abject poverty, disabled persons see begging as only alternative to survival.
I tell you, it is very hard to bring back any disabled persons who have already taken to the streets for begging. They hardly agree to come back from the streets. It is so sad.

Thank you for your words of support. I will get back to you soon.


Your vision is a strong and compelling one, Celine! You have clearly defined goals for your commmunity and country, but your heart also reaches out beyond Nigeria to the entire world. For it is not just in Nigeria that women suffer.
God must have had a plan for you when you were born. Your mother gave you the perfect name: Omere-ebere Chukwu--"the mercy of God upon me". I believe in you and your work.

Never stop believing that your voice and your efforts have value. We need more Celine's in this world.
Many blessings for all good success, oh sister of Nigeria!


Celine's picture

Heart filled with Love and Joy

Dearest Ann,

My heart goes out to you in love and in joy. Your capture of my name 'Omere-ebere Chukwu' fills my heart with happiness, sense of protection, sincerity and genuine concern which motivate and push my vision.

I sincerely appreciate your words of encouragement.



bluepearl2001's picture

Sincerely back to you...

My 'spiritual name' is SUNITI which means "one of good character".
Like you, I honor that name and each day I try to live up to its meaning.
Not always easy, but one must try, yes?

One of good character has a responsibility to encourage other women of good character.
Just returning the favor.

Best to you,

Celine's picture


Suniti - ONE OF GOOD CHARACTER! Wonderful! That is exactly what you are. I read your profile and formed my opinion about you even before you wrote this back to me. There is something in names. It is worth honoring my dear.

Thank you thank you thank you Suniti. You made my day. I will always remember you.


revchristie's picture

The power of your word

Dear Celine,

I can feel the power behind your words. The power is love, love for justice and right treatment of all people. I have read that love is a thousand times more powerful than any of the lower/negative emotions or vibrations. Your steadfast focus on the world you are ready to live in, will contribute greatly to bringing it into the experience of all of us. Thank you for choosing your words carefuly and focusing on what you want and for describing clearly that which you want to see change.

As you continue to focus in on your key messages and working with your editorial midwife to find the most optimum ways to share your vision, I have no doubt that you are making a difference in the world right now!

Best always,

Rev Christie

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