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The power of a woman

What would you do if as a child you found out that your dad is cheating on your mom? What would you do if you see your mama devastated with this? Yet again, your dad is not remorseful?

As a child and a last born in a family of six, I was so fond of my dad and believed he was so perfect. But when I was in my third year of college my dad married another woman. It was so devastating to my mother and us as children. My dad had suddenly become a stranger to me. He wouldn’t listen to advice. He was excommunicated from church.

All the while, I never saw mum crying. Yes she would complain but she would also be the one comforting us. We would pray together. In the middle of all this, mum would smile and enjoy chatting with her children.

Just in less than five years, my dad was back in my mum’s home, HIV positive. My mum, who is negative, welcomed him back and is taking care of him. The other woman is nowhere in the picture now.

I witnessed the power of a woman first hand. Very few men in the world possess the power and strength that women have and yet women are always underrated. Rarely will women be entrusted with decision making positions. Being a woman is viewed as being weak.

My vision in life is to help in existing efforts to tell the story of a woman and demonstrate to the world how strong a woman is. Show how, if given the opportunity, women can lead and change the world. This I know I can achieve by writing positive stories about women achievers.

This will also help change the mindset in my community that a woman should be considered a second option to men. In my country and I believe in other African nations today, we are told to consider men as heads of the families and this thinking spreads everywhere including the workplace. I want to change that.

I know what I write does not end in Malawi. The radio station I work for is listened to across the world through our website I also write on this website. Somehow, somewhere one would be able to listen to a story that will change their lives too.

I believe I am also the change itself since I hold quite an influential position in the Malawi media. I do hold career talks to encourage young girls to start thinking positively about themselves. Change is within them.

I believe I am slowly becoming a change leader. But am I empowered? To a larger extent, no. In unity there is power, so I know by connecting with other women change leaders from across the globe, I will be empowered. I know through PulseWire I will be able to tap knowledge and learn from other people’s experiences.

PulseWire holds the power to change women’s status in society. It is a forum that holds the key to open so many opportunities for women from one corner of the world to the other. I believe it can unlock the power of a woman as it is one thing to have the power and another to recognize it.

Testimonies from some previous Voices of our Future correspondents like Beatrice Achieng from Uganda (2010) who says “Thank you for giving us the confidence. The power of knowing our right is the key that unlocks our voices” sums it all up.

I believe by joining this community and becoming a correspondent, shall help me become more confident and unlock the voice in me and other women for ‘no one speaks for me, I speak for myself.’



Ify Onyegbule's picture

Touching story

Dear Teresa,

this is a heart touching story and im so happy to know that there is a radio personality like me, reaching out to people through the medium. WP is a place i know gives more...i wish you the best!



Teresa Temweka's picture

Glad to know


I am glad that we are doing similar work, radio can change things we never imagined. lets utilize it. Thanks for reading.



Carlotta's picture

That's a very sad story about

That's a very sad story about what you and your mother have had to endure. It's the story of the African woman who has so much to offer but receives so little. Bless your mom and others like her!

Carlotta's picture

That's a very sad story about

That's a very sad story about what you and your mother have had to endure. It's the story of the African woman who has so much to offer but receives so little. Bless your mom and others like her! Your image reminds me of Pink in Raise Your Glass, one of my favourite songs.

Teresa Temweka's picture

Sad indeed

It is a sad story indeed but my family emerged stronger than i had imagined. This is why apart from telling the story of women, we also need to join hands in prayer. Women are indeed offering so much but getting too little. I only believe this changes one day.


Gertrude Bvindi's picture

Hey women like your mum are

Hey women like your mum are an inspiration to us. This is the story of my best friend, Kim Karol Zambuko, and it has made her stronger. Well done and keep it up.

Gertrude Bvindi

Teresa Temweka's picture

Hi Getrude

I am glad someone is able to relate to this story. It is equally an inspiration to me, my mother is my idol. She is strong.


Maggs's picture

women are such givers and

women are such givers and they rarely get what they deserve. Your mom's story is one of great humility and care thats beyond comprehension. I don't if I could do that. Bless her heart.


Teresa Temweka's picture


I really wish i was this strong. My mom is now my mentor. I usually ask for her wisdom whenever in problems. Thanks for reading this.


Stella Paul's picture

You make her proud

Dear Teresa

I am still reading 4th posts of many friends as they all came almost at the same time and so this delay. I distinctly remember your earlier post on how you struggled in your career and proved to everyone your genius. Today I can say that you got it in your genes. And I am sure you make your mother proud. Isn't ti wonderful that a chain of fighting spirit is being grown right in your family? All you need is to take out and extend it to your colleagues and friends :) Love

Stella Paul
Twitter: @stellasglobe

Teresa Temweka's picture

Thanks Stella

It is encouraging to hear that from you, i never noticed but she thought i got the fighting spirit from from my dad. She has told me that she is proud of me, and to say the truth, i look up to her in whatever i do or say. She never went far with her education but i can see she is a fighter and wise. Thanks again Stella.


meena-megha's picture


your story moved me to tears. your mother is an inspiration and you certainly have imbibed everything she taught you as a role model. we need more people like you in the media as that allows voices to reach far and wide. may you continue to inspire and encourage everyone who crosses your path, and more.

Teresa Temweka's picture


Thanks for taking time to read the piece. I know my mum is one of the strong women in the world and certainly many more women in the world are going through a lot. It is encouraging to hear from you, thanks again.


Iffat Gill's picture


Dear Teresa,

You write beautifully and your story's integrity in really inspiring. I never understood it either but sometimes, women can be incredibly forgiving in the most challenging of circumstances.

Keep writing.


Iffat Gill

Teresa Temweka's picture

Hi Iffat

It is an honour to have you read and comment on the piece. It is just one of the many examples that demonstrate women's strength. Women have the power to conquer, it is therefore only right that the society should accept them and give them a chance.


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