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My vision for women

My vision for myself, my community and the world at large has always been to run a business where the employees are solely women. That is after my years of active service as a journalist.The reason for this is not far fetched. Aside from providing women a basic source of income in an environment free from sexual harrasssment, I also see it as an opportunity to mentor women and empower them financially, intellectually, spiritually aand otherwise.

In recent times, there has been an alarming increase in my country of sexual violence against women and all manner of sexually related crimes like defilement of minors and incest. Lots of women fall victim because they have not being empowered to free themselves from the bondage society has placed them in just because they are women.

There are young girls in my society who were forced to have sex with their fathers just so their fathers could pay their school fees; this is a daily occurrence happening in many homes. Now if those girls had a source of livelihood, would they have allowed themselves be subjected to such an indignity?

Others go the way of prostitution while in the Colleges to sponsor their education not because their fathers couldn't afford their fees, but because they chose not to pay their fees because they are women. Those girls who refused to toe the line are abused by their parents, verbally and physically. The sad thing is there is no support group to turn to for help. Even when some are courageous enough to take their problems to religious leaders, they meet a brick wall as their fathers are never cautioned or threatened.

The general concessus in my society is that a pretty woman never lacks. This mentality is drilled into our girls right from the home and they are taught by their mothers to become sexual objects and toys for entertainment either to their fathers or other men in the society. The end result is that we have a generation of abused women who have no minds of their own and no image but depend on their men for self esteem.

The Voices of Our Future will go a long way in helping my vision because even without starting my business, I can always direct women desirious of change to pulsewire to learn, equip themselves and most importantly, expose these evils to the world. Our men are not scared of committing any crime against women because most often than not, their victims would help cover up the same crime. No man is a fountain of knowledge and despite my exposure as a journalist, I believe the Voices of our Future will open up better means of self expression which I may never have considered which will be of great help in my quest for women empowerment.


mvmagellan's picture

Hi Comfy, I am glad that you

Hi Comfy,

I am glad that you are writing about the issue of GBV. It is a huge problem in every country and the issue of becoming a 'victim' instead of moving towards learning ones self-worth and gaining dignity is very interesting to me. Poverty is one of the main reasons that forces women to resort to compromising themselves and losing dignity. Also, it is very scary that there are now generations of women who are being raised to believe that their self-worth comes from being perceived as objects and sexual fantasies. Please keep writing about this issue and I hope that you are able to create or maybe you already have created female support groups that work to change the mindset that a woman is much more than a pretty face.


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Some important steps to take

Hello Comfy

there are surely some important steps to be taken to overcome the high incidences of violence against girls and women - and to empower women in the way you speak is one way to start the process. I think by exposing your thoughts here and connecting to others with passion and experience you can make your vision real. I wonder if you need to wait until after your journalism career? I think you have what it takes to do both - to make the building of the business part of the journalism career by working with others to see it come to fruition and writing the journey up as you go - use your journalist contacts to build your networks. Start small with, as Mary says, the creation of female support groups and let the momentum you inspire there carry the project forward. You can do it!! Find your inspiration here and don't be afraid to ask for guidance and help.
Good luck and be strong as you go.

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