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More Deep Inside, part of solution

I will use the rest of my life to be active, meaningful, not for only my self but for the two litters lives who growth everyday. Personally, I like to see myself as well as my family have financial secure, stay healthy be a good mother who will support my children education and build them to be a good person, helpful for society. Personal, I want to see myself as professional journalist, educator, psychologist, skillful author who have ability to create connection network and support the other by new way of education, interaction , creation, mean the way that empower women, help them to see their strength build their inner energy like world pulse has been doing so far.
I am a part of solution. I want to see the world where people live in dignity and peacefully, the world that free from violent, corruption and natural resource destruction. I would love to see new generation will create a better space for humanity, change the way of leading, build their confident, feel secure what they have expressed, talking freely about their concern... I want to see sustainable development for all. While the violent and corruption occupied the society, the poor will be the most vulnerable. The corrupt court system would bring profit for the rich and powerful person especially related to the sensitive issue like land issue, where the development take place like city and the big land for economic concession. I hope to see accountable leaders as well as followers, public service will be provided equally, people over profit.
In Cambodia was totally destructed by the turmoil regime and we develop the country by the out side aids and our own natural resource which lead to the huge forest destruction which benefit the powerful and rich people. In Cambodia we face with freedom of expression, we could not criticize the high ranking person in public, we will charge of defamation. The huge gape between the rich and the poor, create the crimes, jobless, cheating because low education. Only people in the city could access information and got high education.
Cambodia could not develop alone; we are among the other country around the world. Develop in the globalization, we face with high competition, we got double effect, positive side we are among the other in technology development, our life seem more comfortable with new creation and modern equipments. However, we also face with high challenging with our low capacity to adapt the negative effect. Before we only poor, but now we poor and also own the debt. The debt because we need to pay for our health care, for our child education and so on…, when the health care system was privatization. People need to struggle with their living and earn to pay debt.
Sure!! this program will bring back my inspiration to fight against my confusion. The common questions for me are, why am I exist here, what I am doing and what I am going to do for life, it is meaningful, what I am working here, do I satisfy with it, what is my real need? how many people got benefit from my work…?
Absolutely, I am among the person who lost innate female wisdom, I could not fulfill my dream, I sometimes argue with my self, I feel anxious , like I want to build a castle within one day. The more I become anxious, I become tired, I am not satisfy, something that I can not control. Sometime I am difficult to go to sleep, because a lot of things jumping to my brain. Because I fear I do not believe my self, think something that I going to do and make the conversation. I may repeat the bad experience. it seem I am so confusing. However, I have a dream, I want to be professional journalist who skill full of web 2.0, could create the blog and help other to create their own blog. So the voice of our future will be my best tools to make me achieve my goal. VOF help me to see my strength sharp my direction, find the potential in me. I could help my society; first I help my self to be strong and full of energy.


Dear Hin:

Thank you so much for sharing this vision of a different kind of future and how you can help to build it. I think it is normal for us to be confused and anxious sometimes about the future, because so many powerful forces seem to be shaping what happens to us. Globalization, inequity, strict laws, war, corruption can make us feel powerless to create change. What makes me hopeful is seeing that people are creating change, all over the world, even if the scale seems small in comparison to the problems - because I do believe, very strongly, that societies really change from the bottom up and not from the top down.

Often one hears people talking about what others should do to fix problems - there is sort of an idea that there is someone out there who is knowledgeable enough and powerful enough to fix all the problems. Realizing that we ourselves are the people we've been waiting for - that we have the power to create change - is very powerful. I first heard this phrase a decade ago at a facilitators conference in the US, and it has stayed with me ever since.

That doesn't mean pushing people to create change before they are ready, though. It was from someone in Cambodia that I first heard the phrase "accompaniment" as a description of how outsiders should work with people who have been deeply traumatized by their experiences. It meant, he said, sitting with people, listening to them talk, honouring their fears and worries, and then, as they gradually learned how to trust each other and to work together again, providing whatever support they needed to do so.

So maybe, in voicing your confusion and your fears as well as your courage and your strength, you are accompanying many people in your country as they experience the same journey. You are honouring what they feel, as well as what you feel, and I do believe it is a necessary part of creating change that we hear ourselves and each other as fully as we can.

Even castles start by clearing the ground, and then building a foundation :) People don't build a castle from the top down.

I wish you all the best in your journey.

Kind regards,

Hin Kunthea's picture

Thanks you,

Dear Rosemary

Thanks you for you comment. I thinks that I just start to go, which sometimes I feel cool inside. I got courage to pursue this because more people share similar concern, and those who really care about what their society and the world going on. I look for somewhere could build me confident, now I find it with world pulse. and i am really exited that I could do something which enjoy my life and hand to help other in my society.

All the best,


Mila's picture

Comments on Week 4

Hi Hin,

Thank you so much for sharing your writing. I love how you point that you are part of the solution--very positive and shows a lot of leadership potential. While you are only 9 words over the world limit, it is important to be able to express yourself in the space you are given. Also, I would suggest working on being more organized and focused in your have so many great goals that it gets a bit overwhelming.

Best and good luck!

Hin Kunthea's picture

Thank Mai,

Exactly, it is. while I have been writing I feel that there were many unorganized idea come out and I try to take some unrelated idea out, still I make it untidy. I feel that my writing is show what I am, I really difficult to be focus, I alway see thing in blur, I alway see thing in grey rather black and white. It happen to me that I could not make judgement clear , I alway said thing hesitate and jumble. It really ridiculous sometimes. Thanks for your comment I will make my writing better

Best Regard,


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