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La Femme

My personal vision for my life is very bright and positive. I am working day after day to improve by learning more, grow better by doing more, develop and make a change by anyway I can whether in the way I look, the work I do no matter how it goes . To fail is hard to try to stand up after failure is harder. To me life is what you create, you can make it easy and beautiful or hard and cruel, not all woman can have same chance and same style of life for woman from one society is different than the other society and the fact is the environment where the woman is living in, some are born in very peaceful environment and some in chaos, there might be woman who has never suffered and never faced any feminine issue in society and some are drowning in social problems that even forgotten about themselves as women.
My community is traditional, closed, restricted and Muslim. Each woman should think of her family, reputation, honor, tradition, society as a whole, her religion and many other things before herself. To survive you shouldn’t fight because if you fight you definitely lose and silence of course is not the right thing, there must be a voice to make a challenge for change. So my vision is I hope everything gets better and I wish to see a bit change rather than working around this very old cycle. But sometimes I blame women themselves in my society for what they are in or problems they face for example in Week Four Learning Materials I read many beautiful things about women, innate female and wisdom of the feminine. Like practicing indoor activities as well as outdoor activities by listening to music, reading, and yoga, gardening or doing handcraft. I find them lazy for not doing any of them. My community is chaos and corrupted their mentality is very different and cannot accept changes easily it takes very long time to get it reformed. It is also true that women loses her feminine wisdom when losing someone or facing violence or insult or when she gets underestimated by others and I am in a community that faces these daily these makes women to think like men and behave like men lose feminine feeling just lives to survive protect herself in an environment but in this case she doesn’t only loses her wisdom and innate female but also loses her self-confidence. In my community the ideology of PATERNITY and MARNITY is dominant and it is not easy to change this fact it needs to be studied and followed daily. Paternity is when the father is in control of the family or the society and Maternity is when the mother is in control of the society and both go hard for daughters.
I believe world needs protection; we should all work to maintain it. Woman is woman from all parts of the world advocating for solving problems globally is best thing there are many woman who are suffering from violence and abuse and I don’t think they themselves can survive alone without outside and worldwide help, sticking up together for each other can make world safer and more peaceful. Giving a hand to those who are in need of help and survival is helping the world get better.
I want to be a Voices of Our Correspondent because a dream will come true, a writer will born and it is very encouraging especially for me as a Kurdish woman it will open doors for me in society for bigger events through being correspondent I can transfer what Kurdish woman suffers from and It is also an asset to make voices of Kurdish women be heard in the world.


joyacomeaux's picture

Exposure ...

Hello Lanja,

Yes, it is very impressive that you have had exposure to another way, and that you can pull yourself out of the daily routine of life.

So many women have not had exposure, and they stay stuck in their old belief systems, even though they may not work for them anymore.

It is great to have a voice of wisdom to hear and to understand more about the issues for women in Iraq.

Thank you so much for raising your voice, and I look forward to hearing more about your own progress.


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Thank you

Dear Joya,

Many thanks for your observation and paying attention to my writing it is appreciated.


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Dear Lanja, It can be

Dear Lanja,

It can be difficult to be an agent of change and break the cycles of conformity that can sometimes continue to oppress women. Fortunately, the world has women like you who are taking a proactive approach to addressing these issues. I hope that this experience with World Pulse has given you new motivation and has strengthened your voice.

Best wishes,


lanja's picture


Drea Alison,

Thank you so much for your comment it is apppreciated being an agent of change is responsibilty I think I just explained some facts in my writing but if you think I am spotlighting a point or if you see me an agent of change makes me happy I wish I can make a change why not?

Thank you

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Lanja, Thank you for your

Lanja, Thank you for your though-provoking post. Don't give up. I echo Alison's sentiments in saying that I hope this experience has reinvigorated your motivation and strengthened your voice.

All the best,


lanja's picture


Dear Jessica,

Thanks in advance, the writing is just a writing but if you learnt something new from it makes me happy!
about this experience I can say I enjoyed joining at least I gave it a try and I was motivated about it.


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