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The World From The Sight of a Butterfly

Cause we all have wings....

I have a butterfly tatoo in my shoulder. Is one if my favorite creature. Shows my idea about life and about my own life : Transformation. A learning towards transformation, from sadness and pain. A journey to go on and look back only to look at the past with compasion and forgiveness. A butterfly. A worm that wanted to be a butterfly.

I am a human being who was enclosed in a cocoon of pain but fought for coming out. And I got it. I got it everyday. Life is a brand new sheet of paper and we have to chose what we write on. I had to choose between silence and freedom, between net a cocoon around me or breaking it and learning to fly. It was not easy. Some days I still cry for this gift. Yes, is a gift, without abuse, there will be no Vanessa aware of my power. (by the way, Vanessa is a name of a specie of butterfly).

I learned to fly. With my wings quite broken in the beginning but with a lot of Faith : In my ability for transformation, to create my own flight plan.

Butterflies in the Storm. Women go around looking for joy, selfsteem, beauty (in all senses) ; challenges, doubts and pain, are storms we have to face. Life is a gift. A fullfilled life is an achievement. A woman achieving her dreams is a butterfly who learned how to fly in the storm.

Is not « just because » I am writer, communicator, activist. I write to re-create reality with my inspiration, to inspirate others. I communicate to connect around feelings, an objective. I am activist to change injustice and violence into equity and peace. Writing, Communication, Activism : Different names for Transformation.

Humans beings are my life goal, since I live among them. I want to write, communicate and be activist to make known our destiny as women is become butterflies, go out from cocoons. Cocoons called silence, abuse, violence, discrimination, iliteracy. Cocoons we dont choose the most of the times.

I want to make my voice a call for justice. I think I have what it takes. One of my articles, about child labor had 11.000 readings in one day. I know women in my district have what it takes. Yesterday in the meeting, I listened wonderful stories : A woman who turned off the kitchen cause her husband didn’t allow her to work out ; A woman organizing the first feminist political party of XXI century in Argentina. Butterflies came out from Cocoons. We are changing our world in the southern neighborhoods of this big Buenos Aires. I want the world know about us.

Be a VOF Correspondant is making visible what is happening with women in my district. Is a way to go higher, through learning, exchanging experiences and connecting. Is a new and better step, an open door, a brigde from our argentinian world 1.0 to all you in the world 2.0. Is time to make « global village » work for us. Be a VOF is a way for me to make it work for my women community, so all we can create sinergy to come out from our cocoons and move towards social change, feeding each other through communication and 2.0 environment to gain wisdom and power.

We have to support each other. All we women have the power to transform our lives and transform the others. I want all of women around me, « 1.0 and 2.0 version », know they I ‘ll stand by them to help them coming out from cocoons. I am here to listen, to comfort,to share my experience. I've got my own wings and I want every women find their own. We can open our wings, fly and see our bright colors. Life has beautiful colors and we women are always creating life, feeding it, caring of it. So, life must to be no more, but no less than a expression of our wisdom and essence, in all ways possible.



Adepeju's picture

Absolutely beautiful analogy

Absolutely beautiful analogy using a butterfly. Your story was insightful and i learnt a lot. Wishing you the very best sister.

Cali gal Michelle's picture

love it!

What beautiful writing, Nasreenamina! I can see clearly how your experiences have and will continue to inspire and encourage women to break out of their cocoons. It takes, courage, however, to face who we are and break through the dirt and crud to show the beauty of who we are. Thank you for having that courage. I look forward to flying with you....

Love and Peace,


Let us Hope together-
aka: Cali gal


Stella Paul's picture

Fly on

May you be the butterfly that fools the dangerous catchers, the storms that try to break its wings and the hot summer that saps energy out of it. May you keep flying, free and beautiful!!!

Stella Paul
Twitter: @stellasglobe

Carlotta's picture

Wow!! That's a lovely piece

Wow!! That's a lovely piece and i really like the analogy of the butterfly coming out of it's cocoon and learning to fly. It spoke to me, we all have issues that break our wings sometimes. thank you.

amiesissoho's picture

Look back only to...

A writer, activist and communicator, all are in the Butterfly, that is why you are able to get your wings back. stay strong no going back, a model for other butterflies with broken wings, get alternative ways to fly. Look back just to see how far you have flown. thanks for the beautiful writing.


Maria Jabeen's picture


now this is the real Philosophy of life of women in context of we should learn from our surroundings and nature...everything is around us and its us to explore what we can learn from it.

Diversity is our Strength towards Peace & Harmony :-)

gittlemana's picture

great analogy

You beautifully capture the transformation from the local to the global - I like how you draw upon the strength already present in your community to build something global.

Maggs's picture

Beautiful Butterfly!

I love the idea of a metamorphosis!


rozjean's picture

the joy of the butterfly

What a lovely metaphor for the emergence of women's voices.Your story of your own metamorphosis is a model for others. Your piece has given me insight into why the butterfly has always filled me with joy.
With warm wishes,
I think "butterfly" sounds better in Spanish - la mariposa.

AmyC's picture


As the others said, you offered a beautiful analogy and really offered a part of your soul to us. Thank you!


usha kc's picture

Nasreen you touched my heart

Nasreen you touched my heart dear . what a endering feeling!! what a great vision!! come on and have wings and keep yourself flying!!

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