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Star at the end of the tunnel

I see a huge star at the end of the tunnel, as i am walking through the tinnel the star is becoming bigger and bigger. I n this tunnel called Pulse wire i have mwet difernt women from all walks of life from across the globe in the past 4 weeks that i have traveled through the tunnel. As i entered the entrance of the tunnel i asked myself the question why this tunnel was called Pulse wire and i could not get the answer, but now only a month' voyage has given me the answer. As you know that any creature without a pulse is pronounced dead and any machine without a wire is said to be manual, that means it has no electric current passing through it.

In the Pulsewire community,as far as i have notice,any woman who enters this community without a pulse, leaves with a pulse of 72 beats per minute or more because there are a lot of caregivers within this comunity.Some give you courage, some self recognition and respect, some love, some advice and anything you may need to reclaim your womenwood again if you had lost it. This can be los through differnt aspects like rape, child abuse ,verbal abuse and any form of violence.

This is the best plce for me to aquire my vision. My vision is to Empower women and youth through Network marketing, by offering them trainning and wisdom..this will be achieve by having a n internetmarketing trainning center and offices with a conference room where we will be having weekly meeting to see how the trainees will be doing. Firstly i had the vision for Africa because we were very behind than the rest of the world, but now i see that even those beyond Africa can also become members and this is how we can ahieve nthe promotion of women and youth through network marketing. Most people ask me why i always concecntrate on Empowerment and my answer to that is that i realised that i have a calling for thisand unless i do it i will have achieved nothing in life.

The best thing is that i was called and i took the most direct and shortest route through the Pulsewire tunnel. By becoming the future Voices of Pulsewire, i can be able to achieve my goals and to deign the best Organisation with the help of my Mentor and my community members.Within the Pulsewire tunnel, nothing is impossible, if you can gain your pulse back that means you gain your Life back and if you get your wires connected back that means you gain your activity back, this means you become a complete woman. With Pulsewire i know i will make it, that is change my community, easpeacially the lives of women and the youth.


Claire Leland's picture

Powerful images

Hi Lady11,

I really like the images you describe here with the star and the movement and energy you've found in the past month through PulseWire. I'm glad that it's been such a motivating and supportive experience for you and that it's helped support your inspiration for a broader Network marketing/training project in -- and beyond -- your community in Africa.
It seems like it would be a wonderful collaboration -- keep following your vision!

Best wishes,

Lady11's picture

It will definately be a

It will definately be a wonderful collaboration, with people like you by my side, what could possibly go wrong

inspires to empower and change the lives of women and the youth

NatashaLeite's picture

You´re the star!

Hi Lady,

I´m glad the Pulsewire gave you hope to keep dreaming. Just remember you´re the Star! Pulsewire helps women find their voices or empower those that already have a clear vision, but the potential was in you all along! And by your words I think you have some greatness ahead! Keep writing and keep dreaming!

All the best,


Lady11's picture

We are in this together

Thank you very much for the wise words dear,you know what i had given up on it but when i joined Pulsewire met up with people like you, you became the driving force behind me and i want to thank you ladies

inspires to empower and change the lives of women and the youth

dbunton's picture

Hi Lady,Wow!, what a

Hi Lady,

Wow!, what a wonderful and realistic aspiration "to create millionaires in Africa". Blessings on your journey to empower others, while gaining a worth of riches in the form of spirit, and a sense of success. Your goal to establish a strong international foundation can be fostered in Pulse Wire, and the World Pulse community.

Kind regards in your journey, and I look forward to seeing you around!

Darren Bunton

Lady11's picture

Thank you Mr Bunton

Thank you for such a wonderful comment , you have really made my day. It really pays to know that there are people like you out there who care.Where are you based Darren, if you are in Africa you would have notice that the majority of our youth are very intelligent and they go nup to universty, only to graduate to sell airtime at street corners or to end up in alchohol and weed due to strss of unemployment. This is a serious situation on the continet right now although the African leaders want to shove it up their sleevs and pretend that everything is ok.

As you know that Internet Marketing is the billionaire business in the world and it has created millionares in developed countries, exactly the same can happen here in Africa. I have over 20 years experience in this industry. From my 20years i noticed that we could not make it here because very few people can afford to pay the joinning fees, which in most cases are more than most peoples' wages. During the past 2 yrs i have been creating a system which can allow people to jion for as little as US$40 instead ofUS$450 which is actually less than 10%. the only problem i am facing is funding to create a website with it's own Data base, trainning facilities and the launch of the program.

This is not a coincidende, that i am replying to your comment, right now , i know the Good Lord has a reason for this and i knw that my search for funding is over.

Once again, thank you very very much


inspires to empower and change the lives of women and the youth

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