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Productive Me :)

Be Inspired

Writing this article helped me to articulate my vision. I have loads of plans, ideas and vision in this little head of mine but rarely did I sit and write it down.

My vision for this world is to see Justice Prevail and for me to be actively working to reach that goal. For every person in my community; from cities to villages to have - health care, education, peace and livelihood without compromising their values, family and communities. For women not to travel miles for access to a health center and have a safe child delivery; For children not to carry water for miles but have smiles and be in school; For men to have a decent livelihood to feed their families and be proud; For governments to be just, accountable and give services to their citizens and not rely on AID money. This vision is not only a dream but a possibility. It will take effort, time, hard work, innovation, consistency and money but it is achievable and I believe in that.

Small steps lead to bigger changes. My small step I see myself doing is “Educating, Awareness and Awakening” people. There is potential in all of us but to convert potential into action will take time. Digital Media is how I am going to go about that. My goal is to create short media movies/clips, photo stories that are of high quality addressing different issues and to create public forums were citizens get to discuss, address, challenge and take action on these issues. People have been in a situation for so long that they get used to it and think this is normal and part of life. I want to awaken people to thinking differently and in return to take individual action to bring about collective change. To do this and more I know I need help, learn more, be consistent, plan accordingly and above all have Patience.

When I was reading through the notes from this week I thought the words were talking to me. Most notable was “Act as a “vision keeper.” Having a consistent mentor who is encouraging, with advice, who in times of whatever the circumstances (procrastination, busyness, societal challenges, barriers,”you can’t do it”, etc) is there. It’s not that the mentor will solve my challenges and always show me a way out but an ear that is always there to hear is worthwhile. I will be able to set up concert action points to make my vision into action and seek advice from mentors and other women in the programme as I go on working step by step.

In the past weeks of being on World Pulse I read through stories from women all over the world. Through their stories I got strength – though I don’t know them I feel like I have a virtual sister in different parts of the world fighting for their communities. Being part of the VOF programme will force me even more to connect with other women and learn more from them. Way after the 5 months time I can establish long term relationships with individuals and create an online family of strong women all involved in trying to making a better future for their communities. Through VOF I can get connected to individuals/projects in other parts of the world that are involved in Media projects from which I can share experience, learn, and seek advice - by learning from their challenges, mistakes, success and strategies. Being part of the programme will also help me to stay more focused on what I want to do.

An opportunity to connect, learn, get inspired, practice and act is what VOF is for me.



Stella Paul's picture

Good luck!

Dear Zuhur
You have said it all! Now, I wish you lots of and lots of luck. May you become a VOF. My support will, however, continue to flow for you beyond and after VOF.

Stella Paul
Twitter: @stellasglobe

Ruun Abdi's picture

What a courageous lady! Keep

What a courageous lady! Keep up the good work my dear, sure your dreams will come true. Sending my love and support on your way.


YAOtieno's picture

Well said

Well written article and I we share the same vision.I totally relate with you when you say -

I want to awaken people to thinking differently and in return to take individual action to bring about collective change.

And yes it is possible.

Keep writing,


A candle looses nothing my lighting another

Joanna Krotz's picture

inspired and practical

How rare it is to have both vision and practicality in the effort to effect change. With your heart and your patience and your skills, there's no question you're moving on the path you've chosen. Also, what a wonderful profile photo -- not merely because it's a symbol of writing, but because the pencil point is so dramatically breaking -- so we know that powerful point will be sharpened again and again even when mistakes are made.
best of luck,

Sahro's picture

Inspired indeed!

What a beautiful vision you got there.
I so agree with you that there is potential in all of us but to convert potential into action will take time" will take time. It will take people like to get that message across with your digital project. I wish you all the success and goodness in the world. If you need any help let me know. I am not very far from you and often in Hergeisa.

Lots of luck and best wishes.


Founder of the We Are The Generation Of Possibilities Movement #WeAreTheGenerationOfPossibilities #Somalia
WorldPulse Community Advisory Board Member
Goodwill Ambassador Globcal at:

Zuhur's picture

Thank you all for the

Thank you all for the support, comments and encouragement. :)

Sahro - Sent you an email through World Pluse :)

Driven from Within

bouchmd's picture

Great Article!

Very uplifting and positive! Nice work!

Julie Tomlin's picture

Getting those ideas down

I think you have touched on some really important things in your piece about how to work out personal vision - writing things down can be such an important part of that, especially when you have so many ideas going on in your head.

And the role of mentor - or setting up a network of mentoring relationships - is also very important. I felt very inspired reading your work and think that is something that you could add to your vision list too - helping others to think about how they will implement their vision. I look forward to hearing more of what you are doing and wish you well.



Julie Tomlin's picture

Sorry I somehow posted this twice

Have removed one but don't know how to delete the post.. but your piece was good!!



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