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Week Four Assignment
Having come from a rather shaky and uncertain background and having seen the difficulties my mother (who died ten years ago) and other relatives went through to lay a foundation for my brothers and I, I developed the desire to help other people in a small way I could. Life is not about complaining on how unfortunate someone is or how terrible their situation is but rather what you can do with your unfortunate situation to create change with which other people will get inspired. I used to feel the pain my mother used to go through after the death of my father at that time which contributed greatly to my decision not to allow a negative situation to bring me down as I believe that contributed to my mother’s ill health until she finally died.
My general desire and vision for my life is to continue being an agent of positive change in my family and my community/or the world. I want my community to become a better place for all to live in with equal access to essential commodities without discrimination regardless of their standing in society. Lack of proper education or poor family background should not be an excuse to deny anyone their right to having a decent livelihood as illustrated by one of AFRICAN PROVERBS which says: BEFORE YOU BEGIN TO TRADE IN BLAME, LOOK IN THE MIRROR, and indeed the mirror told me that am no different from any other human being.
I believe and feel duty bound to carry out this task whole heartedly, off course with active participation of my community, by so doing, they will become part and parcel of the process of change.
I want to be a Voices of Our Future Correspondent as I believe that I have the right attitude and zeal to become one and my participation on this platform will help in bringing the much needed change through sharing and exchange of information, and also by highlighting what I am doing for my community, others will learn and in the end be able to apply whatever they would have learnt, in their communities. Having put myself up as a community leader is not an easy task as it requires concerted efforts from all stake holders in this case efforts from other correspondents, my community and myself as a leader should blend well so as to achieve the intended goal. No contribution or effort is too little if it is done in a collective way.
Being a voices of our future correspondent will help me achieve my vision in so many ways, one being that ,the exposure earned on this platform will open doors even for other cooperating partners to come on board and render different forms of assistance be it capacity building depending on the need. The experience I will gain from this platform will translate in efficiency in both the management of the project and that of the beneficiaries. The resultant effect will build my community and would have empowered that woman who in most cases is at the centre of family upbringing but with little support. In the process of my being a voices of our future correspondent, I will groom other women in my community to become leaders so as to keep the chain growing by passing on the mantle to all corners of the community.


Stella Paul's picture

I support you

Dear Esnart

I express my full support to what you are doing,what you plan to do and what you want to become. I admire the fact that despite personal losses,you stood there for others. Best of luck!

Stella Paul
Twitter: @stellasglobe

Esnart Hamiyanda's picture

Hi Stella I hope you have

Hi Stella

I hope you have been fine and doing great. I also admire your encouraging attitude it goes a long way in keeping my dream alive. Keep it up. I will be uploading my picture soon.


MaDube's picture

I agree with you that you can

I agree with you that you can help people in the 'small' way that you can. It may appear small but i is better than doing nothing. And in the end your collection of small things will result in something so big even you will be surprised.

Esnart Hamiyanda's picture

Hi MaDube Thanks for your

Hi MaDube

Thanks for your post it really humbles me to realise that people appreciate the little contribution i make to my community.


RuthHartmann's picture

A better place.

Hi! I am so happy to know you and to hear your story. You have refused to be a victim and to lose your power in spite of much hardship in your life. I am adding your quote to my list of sayings/stories that I use to inspire me on difficult days and to challenge me to do more on easier ones:

"Life is not about complaining on how unfortunate someone is or how terrible their situation is but rather what you can do with your unfortunate situation to create change with which other people will get inspired."

Every small step really does make your community a better place for all.

Esnart Hamiyanda's picture

Hi Ruth Thanks for deciding

Hi Ruth

Thanks for deciding to add part of my posting to your collection of sayings, if it will inspire you and others who am i not get excited. Good luck.


joyacomeaux's picture

We Rise!

It is easy to blame, but it takes courage to rise above and look in the mirror.
You are very wise.
You will help other women to Rise above and together you will overcome!

Esnart Hamiyanda's picture

Dear Joy Thank you for the

Dear Joy

Thank you for the post, indeed blame should not be part of life.

I wish you luck.


Anne D.'s picture

Keep it going!

Hi Esnart,
We need more leaders like you. I agree with you that it’s especially important to help mentor other women to become leaders too and keep it going.

Esnart Hamiyanda's picture

Anne D Thanks for the

Anne D

Thanks for the positive post, yes indeed women need to be encouraged to become leaders.


ccontreras's picture

We can make a difference!

I really enjoyed reading your post because I feel so much that your experiences, despite them being hard, have made you into such a positive woman. I really feel inspired by your words and I think you are such a great leader and role model to other women.

"I embrace emerging experience. I am a butterfly. Not a butterfly collector." - Stafford

Dear Esnart:

Thanks for your thoughts and energy to make the world a better place one step at a time. And you are so right about the need to be accountable, to look in the mirror, and make sure one's actions are consistent with what one believes.

It is indeed unfortunate when one has resentments about pain or unfortunate things we feel are inflicted upon us by others, and you are so right that doing so is a waste of time and most important that it hurts our own selves, as you say you witnessed happening for your dear mother.

I am proud of you that you have a positive attitude and see the difference you can make in others' lives and that that inspires you to stay positive and keep working to make that difference.

Good luck and best wishes,


Speaking my Peace

Esnart Hamiyanda's picture

Dear Anna Thanks for the post

Dear Anna

Thanks for the post and ineed a positive mind creats a better world for all to live in.

Best regards


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