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My Vision of Alternative Media for Grassroots Women

My Vision of Alternative Media for Grassroots Women

My personal vision is women at grassroots level have access to alternative media to speak out against their oppression and marginalisation. Their views regarding matters that affect them can be better captured through the alternative media which resonates with their context and culturally appropriate to share their views, perspectives and circumstances which are rarely acknowledged in conventional media. The views of women will not be discriminated because they do not fall within the dominant hegemony in our society. Alternative media accept women as empowered citizens who dare express their opinions. Voices of women will bring the alternative to patriarchy.

My vision is entangled in GAMCOTRAP’s vision of empowering women with alternative media to promote grassroots activism. GAMCOTRAP is a space where women speak in their own languages the very personal and intimate experiences to express the challenges they face and share the coping strategies they have employed. Women take leadership to bring about change and the voices calling for change to empower women are connected through the media.
Women are confident and have the courage to share their opinion and a wider community listens and supports them. Women in difficult circumstances know that they are not alone; there are many others who understand their situation. Women realize the power in their voices.

My vision is GAMCOTRAP has the first women’s community radio in its true sense. The women’s radio effectively nurtures equality, diversity, and promotes democratic values amongst women and men in society. Women are empowered and they share their unique experiences and public institutions respond to such experiences.

Women’s wisdom is shared and expressed through singing, storytelling, and other forms of expressions on the radio to communicate, educate and inform society. Women over come fear of being castigated and they speak their minds. Radio listening groups are created to give support to the issues the women raise on air.

My vision is to have a women’s radio that provides alternative images that challenge the dominant gender stereotypes in place. Women in diversity is promoted in line with my personal vision of women in a global world who all share the desire to be listened to, be supported, respected and encouraged to share their stories.

Young women are mentored to know that silence is not an option and that a generation of activists have broken the biggest taboo about sexuality in our Gambian context. The taboo of talking about female genital mutilation, early marriage, and many others affecting female sexuality in the media has been broken.

My eyes are closed but my dream is shared on web 2.0. There are many more dreamers like me out there and by chance are connected through Pulsewire who will read this article and understand exactly my vision for my community and its global nature. Those of us who have access and control over resources, technical and financial will be connected and support my dream of having alternative media for grassroots women to be real.

There is so much determination, courage and possibility to transform my community and create an opportunity just like Janice Wong provided to Jensine to realize her dream and today women in diversity are availed the opportunity to share their stories, because they have space to speak out on Pulsewire. That was why I wrote in my assignment for week three on VOF application an article called “One Vision different Worlds” because my vision is that literate and non-literate women all have space to tell their stories.

If I am given the opportunity to be a Voice of the Future correspondence I will share my stories and that of the women I come across who want to be heard. They want the world to understand their situations and give them support. Being a Correspondent will avail me the opportunity to be part of the global voices documenting the lived realities of women and renew our hope in life, making us realize that in fact someone is listening. As a Voice of the Future correspondent, I hope articulate the voices of women as a matter of women’s human rights, and the space should be available for women to express themselves through alternative media.



Cali gal Michelle's picture

alternative communication


You know, you bring attention to such an important and vital point: that not all of us are able to read print, so that alternative forms of communication are needed! It's like a "why didn't I think of that" moment for me. I specialize in teaching very young children with physical and mental disorders or ailments how to communicate. Many times they are unable to use their physical voice, so I come up with other ways to communicate. I have systems that use little picture icons, either on paper or on a computer screen, so that anyone of any language can understand. If they are unable to see, then I will form 3D images and/or use audio words to help them. Anyway, I would love to help create ways for women to communicate in other ways than written word. Communication is my passion!

Grace and Peace-


Let us Hope together-
aka: Cali gal


amiesissoho's picture

Yes alternatives

Hi Michelle,

Most women in my context are not literate and alternative means of communicating is needed to speak out. Thanks for reading and commenting. It is encouraging.


Stella Paul's picture

A huge task

You know often women tend to get in a shell after they have been hurt. To help them to break that silence needs a lot of trust building. And I am guessing that you are a great builder of trust.For that alone, you deserve to be a VOF because a leader's identity, in my book, begins with trustworthiness.


Stella Paul
Twitter: @stellasglobe

Adepeju's picture

Absolutely beautiful story,

Absolutely beautiful story, admirable vision for women but please check out your tags dear. Can't view your story on the week four page. Cheers!

amiesissoho's picture


Thanks for the comment. I'll check it.


amiesissoho's picture

Trust is important

I'm humbled by your comment but I agree with you that trust is important in the work we do as women's rights activists for women to share their very intimate stories.


nasreenamina's picture

This is amazing

I like your idea. Maybe when is running we can connect each other. I am part of a women rights movement and we also use community radio and Word 2.0. We are part of a ner that include similar initiatives in latin américa and spain. Maybe is time to hear the voice of women in Africa! please stay in touch I would like to know more about. Warms Regards

One's life has value so long as one attributes value to the life of others, by means of love, friendship, indignation and compassion

Follow me @DivinaFeminista

amiesissoho's picture

Thanks, I'm ready to learn

Dear Nasreen,

Thanks for taking time to read my article. I will like to learn from the experience your organization. This is my vision and my organization is interested in learning from others. We are also looking for possiblities of taking the idea further and look for possible funding.

Best regards,


usha kc's picture

Amiemy dear sis,, Wow! how

Amiemy dear sis,,
Wow! how great vision that you have!! I loved your vision and my best wishes is with you dear.

love from my heart.

amiesissoho's picture

Thanks for the wishes

Usha dear,

It's something I really love to see happen, with support it is possible. Thanks for the best wishes.

much love,


Sahro's picture

This is uplifting. This is

This is uplifting. This is powerful. What a story!
Iron woman!

Founder of the We Are The Generation Of Possibilities Movement #WeAreTheGenerationOfPossibilities #Somalia
WorldPulse Community Advisory Board Member
Goodwill Ambassador Globcal at:

amiesissoho's picture


Dear Sahro,

It is great for you to read the power within the story. :)


MaDube's picture

And you know what I like

And you know what I like about radio, it crosses the barriers of literacy because all who can hear as long as the things you want to broadcast are presented in a language they understand will then hear about them. All the best with your project.

amiesissoho's picture

Yes they will hear

Radio empower everyone to speak in your own language and understand the message clearly. Thanks will do our best.


MaDube's picture

One more thing, please put a

One more thing, please put a comma between the 2011 VOF week 4 and Space for our stories in your tag bar because your story is not appearing in the thread of properly tagged articles.

amiesissoho's picture

I've tried again

Thanks for the observation I've posted it again taking your suggestion into account.

Much appreciation


joyacomeaux's picture



I too know that media is the way that we will shift the planet.

It is so important for us to not only utilize this tool, but to support each other in creating something expansive enough to actually get the attention of the world.

Keep it up!

Funding for all things comes when there are enough "eye balls" around the world to make a difference.

That is what we are all co-creating here on


amiesissoho's picture

Need Enough Eye balls

Joya dear,

Thanks for the comments and hope that there will be enough eyeballs to see the vision


Linda M. Ando's picture

RADIO AMIE reporting LIVE!!!

Dear Sista Amie,

I am tuning my radio and I can hear your voice and hundreds of women in your community over the air waves. YES, their voices are POWERFUL and unifying women and communities locally and globally to come together and create change - their voices silent no more!

BRAVO for your vision to create a community radio for women, it is empowering them and the impact is far reaching. In Seattle, we have a wonderful community radio, KBCS 91.3 featuring a syndicated show, Democracy, Democracy NOW by Amy Goodman and One World Report as well as many other shows. All run by community volunteers who learn to report, produce and host a live show. I also have a friend who was working on establishing wind up radio's in Cambodia for rural people to participate in the trial of the Khmer Rouge and for all Cambodian's including the illiterate or rural communities to have voice and representation during this historic trial.

I LOVE YOUR SPIRIT, COMPASSION IN ACTION, VISION, LEADERSHIP and VOICE! I have no doubt that you will achieve your goal to create a powerful radio program for women and taking VOF stories on the air from your town!!!
We will be cheering you on and the world will be listening to RADIO AMIE reporting live!

With Gratitude,

Linda M. Ando

mrbeckbeck's picture

Feeling your pulse!

Thank you so much Aime for sharing your personal vision with us.

I am confident that you will find your dream, and you will build a powerful network of truth speakers. Through radio, you will be able to inspire many women who are not able to read or access the internet right now.

I appreciate your hard work, and I look forward to seeing you rise, and your country along with you!
Keep up the great work!

Scott Beck
World Pulse Online Community Volunteer

amiesissoho's picture

Thanks for the encouragement!

Hi Scot,

Thanks for taking time to read through and sharing your thoughts. It is encouraging.



cassie_levy's picture

Great work! I love your radio

Great work! I love your radio idea! Keep up the great work!

amiesissoho's picture

Desire to contribute

Cassie dear,

Thanks for the encouragement. I really want to move it from an idea to reality.


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