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Creation of Change

Just this morning I received this man's quote and it got me thinking about the idea of what drives us to participate in the creation of change.

Neale Donald Walsch's quote
"When we see life as it really is, it all suddenly makes sense. Then the changes that are occurring are seen as gifts and not burdens. And then future changes will be demonstrations of creation, not tests of endurance. Life is intended to produce for you a direct experience of who you really are, and then, an opportunity to go to the next level in your expression of that."

My response
by Robin Farrin
I love this concept, however I wonder how a mother who is walking for miles, carrying all she can carry to a refugee camp in the next country, after witnessing her friends & family raped and murdered would see this statement. It's easy for us white privileged folks to grasp, however maybe that is the next level we are being directed to go; to assist in making life a bit easier for those who are truly burdened.
I believe that this is the idea behind "Occupy Wall Street", a "Demonstration of Creation" - To assist in making life a bit easier for those who are truly burdened. Now is the time for a "Creation of Change" and begin to lighten our burdens.

I see that participating in World Pulse is also a way to assist in lightening others burdens. It allows us to go to the next level to produce that direct experience of who we are.



Patricia Otuka-Karner's picture


thank you for sharing this quote and your thoughts...

I had to laugh to myself when I read the quote because I currently "struggle" with change myself... and to be honest, I handle it really really badly :)
I openly admit that I am afraid of change... and I am not even talking life chaning changes but simple every day decisions that CHANGE me or anything/anyone around me... and if I use this very personal reaction to change and apply it to the work I do... trying to assist a Ugandan women's rights organization ( in creation of attitude CHANGE towards sexualized violence I again and again ask myself not only how we can reach this change but moreover, how do "we" have the right to do that!? and, HOW LONG will it take!?

change is a really scary thing...... and I "envy" those who easily see change asa gift and not a burden...
if anyone has "tools" and "ways" in how to achieve that on a personal and professional level, for oneself and how to "teach" others - I am curious to learn more...

otherwise, I guess change can never be MANDATED from the outside but always comes from within... all that "we" working in such areas can do is to maybe give a small nudge in the "right" (or what we think as right) direction...

Robin Farrin's picture


Dear Patricia,

Thanks for your response and sharing your personal feelings about what I shared involving change. I often forget that many individuals don't take to change as freely as I do. I love to move to different homes, towns ext. I find I get board with jobs that require repetitive actions. I love variety and diversity, I literally crave it.

So how do we change? Should we offer friendly nudges to those who are "stuck in the muck" so to say?

Please don't take this as a judgement. I think your right, it shouldn't me mandated from the outside but a person must reach the comfortable desire to take the risk to change and realize it might just be for the better. Sometimes it's not, but that too can offer an opportunity to correct what's going on it and learn from the choice we make and hopefully the choice will offer us growth.

Thanks for sharing the Ugandan Women's Rights link. I plan to check it out right now.

All the Best to You in Creating Change.
Peace & Love,

p.s. Your English is fabulous!

Patricia Otuka-Karner's picture

dear Robin,

am offline in a second but still saw your reply so I also answer to end my (working) day with this few lines ;)

I always marvel at how different people actually are!!! some easily adapt to - or as you write - crave change! others - like me - are taking looong to accept it... (once I do am very much at home with the new ways... but reaching there... ;) )
... I guess that is one of the most important lessons to be learnt and yet one most often forgotten: people are just, plain and simply said, DIFFERENT ;)
and in our work, we need to keep that in mind and try to include the idea in our efforts...

thanks for having challenged me to think more about these issues!

all the best and have a good day!

PS: my mother tongue is German but having lived in Uganda for more than 6 years now I guess my mind frequently and quite comfortably jumps between "African English" and "Austrian German" these days :)

Robin Farrin's picture


When you have the time I would love to know what you did in Uganda. Now, that must have been a bit of a change from German living.

I spent just over a month in West Africa in 2000 with my son when he was ten and returned in 2004 just for a couple weeks. It was a great experience. I love Africa. My heart constantly aches for the people who are struggling there. So much has been taken for African and not enough has been given back. I want to see that CHANGE in my life time. It makes me ill to know how the Congo's women and land is being raped. So much more needs to be done to stop the horror of it all.

I would like to see a serious campaign launched to force cell phone, digital camera makers and computer companies to return a more reasonable share of funds for all those who are suffering in the Congo.

I literally just went to google the mineral used and found this site, - - wow I may have just discovered the group that has created the campaign I was looking to see launched, thanks to you I found it because you caused me to look up the minerals, which are all listed on the above site that I just found. Check it out if you get the chance. Maybe the Congo could be our next adventure to promote positive change, hey what do ya think?

I just happen to have today off from all responsibilities and its raining, other wise it is rare for me to go on like this. So don't worry I won't be bombarding you with all these intensities and request for change.

Take care and find time for pleasure,


Yes, I know Neale Donald Walsch personally, and I understand exactly where he is coming from....
When we rise above this reality into a more divine view of the world we see things much differently.

The dilemma of our mind is exactly as you state it. It is so hard to overcome the pain and suffering that
humans are inflicting on each other every day.

It is easy to watch from the sidelines and have great opinions of how others should react.

I was absolutely astonished when I read a very powerful experience of courage that one such woman had endured.

She was in Africa. The rebels came to her home and killed her husband and children right in front of her eyes. They had taken her baby from her breast, and literally cut off her breast and killed her child.

Unbelievable to think that anyone could ever endure such suffering.

In this book, she was a speaker at a global Women's Conference. She was there to express, not only her experience, but how she had overcome it. It was important for her in her life to reach beyond the pain and suffering to a higher place that allowed her into that place of forgiveness, for herself.

It was an amazing example for me to see someone really doing what others could only talk about.

But, on a deeper level, I understood that by doing that, she saved herself so much more pain. As we hold these seemingly unbelievably heart-breaking experiences and emotions in our minds, hearts and bodies, we become ill.

As we are able to rise above and heal ourselves, we learn so much about ourselves in the process.

Who is to say who or what is the driving force to the experiences in our lives? If we believe that all things are happening to us for a reason beyond our understanding, and we are willing to rise above and heal the wounds in our hearts and souls... we begin to see life through eyes that are not focused on the pain of this world, but on a higher consciousness.

I feel that this is what Neale meant, and I feel that he meant it to be an inspiration for those that are in the pain and suffering, and are looking for a way to rise above it.

But, I totally have seen it from all different perspectives myself, and when you are in the pain, it is so hard to see any way out of it.

Hopefully,. with the help of sharing each other success stories, we can help others to find their own way to rise above.

Thanks for inspiring me to share my own perspective, and I appreciate your willingness to bring up the topic for discussion.


Robin Farrin's picture

Rising above the pain

Dear Joya,

Thanks for sharing your perspective and faith in ones ability to rise above pain and horrific suffering. That is quite cool that you know Neal Donald Walsch personally and that you have seen his wisdom in action.

I wish that first of all the horrific suffering that is afflicted on women and children through rape would end. It is comforting to realize that we truly can rise above the pain with the support and compassion of others and have access to methods of wisdom to follow to that higher place that offers hope and a willingness to survive.

Pulse Wire is one such example to access the wisdom to assist us in finding that place of hope and comfort. I am so grateful that this great online support net work exists.

All the Best,

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